Are you a model for success?

Are you a model for success? Do you display the qualities of a successful person in life? Have you stopped to look back to see how far you have come? One of the worst things an individual can do is to compare what they have done to what someone else has done. To do so would be unfair to you; making it very difficult for you to gauge whether you are having any real success or not. The reason is that when others come into play while you are measuring your success, you cannot possibly know what the other person’s pluses and minuses are. The assessment would be unfair because of the different assignments we all have in life. Therefore, your gauge should not be against another person, but against yourself. Scan your past, compute your distance, calculate your height, and then process your own results. High performers know how to consistently excel because they are continually monitoring and regulating their every act. Even the most talented people can fall into a habit of poor performance. Only with the right attitude and the willingness to pay the ultimate price for success in life and business will you guarantee your success. Being brutally honest about what you are doing wrong is the only true way to change. If you can face the truth about your past and present, excelling toward your accomplishment is only a matter of simple determination. God is the only true source of power that can be used to overcome dissuasion. The only thing that remains is learning how to use God’s power that He has made available to you.

Street Smart MBA for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs

Life comes at you fast, and everyday can be quite challenging. Developing goals and creating ways to fulfill them can be exciting; but if your goals are unrealistic and you are experiencing a major struggle, it may be because you are trying to jump from A to Z. Many have asked me how I predict the future. I don’t. I prepare for it. Productivity relies on the right attitude, attention to detail, and knowing how to produce a healthy environment that is conducive to living your dreams. You have to see yourself as the next doctor, entrepreneur, author, symphony conductor, pastor, manager, teacher…etc. If you want to see how far I have come, you have to understand where I was. I learned to build bridges in order to cross over trouble areas and maintain movement in the right direction while pursuing my goals. I had to accept that success is a systematic process and that cutting corners will simply cut holes to fall through. You can never reach your goals without a plan and having a strategic way to accomplish them. A new school is in operation called DREAM MAKERS 99. A business, Street Smart MBA for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs who are willing to adjust to on-the-job training and creative avenues to start, run, or reenergize any business. Does God want you to be successful in your business endeavors? You bet He does! And, more so. It is not just about where your dreams will take you; it is where you take your dreams. I can see where you are headed, and you are going to like it there. Whether your dream is to open a café or go back to school, the best place to start is with someone who believes in your dreams. That’s why more people attend Dream Makers 99 conclaves for motivation and business education. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could count on having reliable answers for those times when your financial future is a concern? If you always had the best information to help you fulfill all of your dream and goals? I think that would be wonderful, too. We, at Dream Makers 99, are working on ways to make it happen. Your success is God’s passion and Dream Makers 99 is God’s plan for you!

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Business is the Quintessence of Exchange and Transacting

Business is the quintessence of exchange and transacting. In the Greek, business means to gain by means of one’s activity or investment; specifically, it means to earn, gain, or make a profit.

Business is the quintessence of exchange and transacting. In the Greek, business means to gain by means of one’s activity or investment; specifically, it means to earn, gain, or make a profit. As he sought to make the message of God clear, the Apostle Paul drew from BUSINESS, government, warfare, athletics, and labor. Exchange and transaction in business includes such things as the issuance of a title deed, the credit and debit side of a ledger, the forfeiture of what was thought to be a gain, the earnest money paid down in the transference of property, a receipt marked “paid in full,” a last will and testament, or a broken contract. In warfare, business takes place as well; it is the soldier, his weapons, his armor, his shield, and his wages. The business of government involves the commonwealth, its citizens, and their responsibilities and privileges. All of these dealings (business) appear in the Apostle Paul’s writings. He used dichotomies such as the slave and the skilled artisan, the finished product and the possibility of that work being rejected by an employer because of its failure to meet specifications to make useful illustrations. For Paul, these illustrations were familiar to Roman citizenry, and were ideal mediums to preach the gospel. In the realm of athletics, he used symbols such as the racecourse, the runners speed, the crown of oak leaves that graces the brow of the winner, the desperate, agonizing efforts of two wrestlers, and the concerted team work of one group of athletes against another to epitomize the relentlessness of the exchange occurring in business. Paul was a scholar and a man of books who was trained in Greek schools; yet he spoke and wrote the language of the average person as he preached the Word of God. Paul understood that life is business.