Balance, faith, and patience are needed for Success

If balance is the key to life, then, faith is the power of life, and patience is the virtue of life. It is quite easy to talk about how one’s life needs balance; but how to achieve it has escaped the majority. Achieving balance is very difficult because it involves knowledge, wisdom, tenacity, and action. In your Bible, the book of James says that we must not be hearers of the word only, but also doers of the word. This is where the problem comes into the equation. Most Christians are good at hearing the word, but lousy at doing it. Balance, then, is formed out of the Word of God immediately made actionable. Faith is the power of life because it produces the ability to be tenacious. Power is power; and it has no alternative to its strength and supremacy. Faith rests in its own pool of authority, and it is the force behind every movement and action. Patience is the virtue of life. It is the quality of character and the strategy in winning. The Bible says that the trying of your faith produces patience. Patience is needed in order to qualify the balance in one’s life; or else everything will be done in life without forethought and purpose. Since most Christians are good at hearing the word of God (instructions) and terrible when it comes to obeying it, failure is frequently inevitable. Balance is not leveling every quality off to the same degree; it is placing the importance on each quality regardless of its magnitude. When balance is achieved, it looks like the display of an equalizer. Perfect harmony is realized because balance has been accomplished. This kind of action results not only in life becoming manageable, but also victorious.

You cannot change other people, but you …..

You cannot change other people, but you can change yourself. It is very easy to focus on the faults of others; but it is rather uncomfortable to confront your own. People are generally running from themselves, living in constant fear, and are apathetic about confronting the challenges that oppose their dreams. Most people would like to have a substantial pay raise, live in their dream home, or own their own business. In fact, this sounds more like the American dream. If this is a selfish, egotistical approach to living, then we are all going to hell. However, to the contrary, this is no more than a person who wants a better life for him or herself and their loved ones. To live a life that is pleasing to God and to yourself, you have to commit to change. If you do not like the kind of results you have been getting in your life lately, this is an indication that what you are doing isn’t working. Why continue to do what doesn’t produce results? You can have a better life, live in your dream home, and even drive the kind of car you really like. Life guarantees us nothing, but if you can change the way you think, act, and believe, you can extract whatever you desire out of this world. Jesus came to earth, died that we may have life, and have it more abundantly. It doesn’t hurt to change; but change can be a tedious process. Work through it, and it will work for you.

What is the quality of your work?

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was the son of a carpenter; and usually during the days of antiquity, sons would mirror the labor habits of their fathers. No doubt, Jesus mimicked the trade of His father, Joseph. Some scholars teach that Jesus’ carpentry skill was that He actually designed and made furniture. Whether He built furniture or homes is not relevant to my point. My aim is to point out the fact that His work had to be of the highest quality, which seems to be missing among contractors today. Since I have dealt with contractors and subcontractors for a number of years, I see a common thread that seems to lump at least ninety percent of the contractors in the same pile. A lack of quality and meticulousness goes into the products of many of these builders because somewhere along the line, many were taught to cut corners. Because Jesus was a man of ethics, everything He did was ethical and He was forthright in dealing with His customers. I have seen apparent flaws in the work of many builders at these construction sites and when asked about the flaw, they simply explain them away or say that the finishers will cover it up and you will never know the difference. But that is to the contrary. If I have seen the flaws in the framing of a house, then I am fully aware of what the sheetrock is covering up. Every builder can make a house look good on the outside, but it is what’s on the inside that determines the longevity of the house. The integrity of a house is not in how it looks on the outside, but rather how it is built on the inside. The Bible informs us that God said, “…man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Refuse to be a person who cuts corners and works fast, but rather a person who does something right the first time so that it does not have to be done again.