Tenacity is a developed attribute

Tenacity is a developed attribute that can be discovered in a successful athlete with a winning attitude, a businessperson with an undying devotion to succeed, and even in a child who seems to understand what he or she wants out of life.

The ability to keep your eyes on the goal is a rare distinction. I would love to say that everyone has developed this rare gift, but, unfortunately, most people have not.

I recently watched a fighting match where one fighter came into the ring with the meanest face you ever saw. He was grinding his teeth as though he was ready to eat his opponent. He screamed, yelled, and jumped around the ring, pressing the fight to start. He looked ferocious, to say the least. His opponent looked tough, but calm. When the bell rang, the ferocious looking fighter ran toward his opponent and jumped in the air to kick him; but landed on the mat from a kick from the smooth, calm fighter. The match was over in just a few seconds beyond a minute.

Tenacity cannot be faked.

It is a powerful component of the will that allows a person to endure the most difficult pressure, and yet, come out on the other end victorious. Acting the part does not mean that you are living the part.

  • Learn to press on regardless of the obstacles and struggles that usually accompany a person’s pursuit to accomplish a goal.
  • Stay with your program and see it through.
  • Do not become satisfied with doing a fairly good job when you know that it is not good enough.
  • See your creation until the end, when it looks just like you envisioned it.

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Creating Wealth?

I believe that most people do not believe that working a job is exercising their ability to create wealth. One of the reasons for this is that they do not love their jobs.

If your job is an occupation, it is simply there to occupy your time. If your job is a vocation, then it is fulfilling a calling.

What is the difference between a prostitute’s job and your job? Not one single thing! She is doing what she feels she has to do in order to survive; and you are doing what you feel you have to do in order to survive.

Neither of you like what you are doing, but you do not believe that you can do anything else and make money.

The most difficult bad habit to break is the one concerning you. People generally do not like themselves, nor do they believe in themselves. We are so accustomed to following our history of failure instead of focusing on our vision or dream ahead of us.

It does not matter what you do in order to make money, you are exercising your God-given talent to make money.

Though I do not agree with what the prostitute does, she is at least ensuring that she does not starve. The odd thing about your ability to create wealth is that you are not deliberate in your aim toward what you really would like to do.

You do not have to immediately quit your job to live your dreams. Achieving your objective to make more money to pay off bills or so that you can give more to your church is noble.

Moreover, unless your dream business is producing more income than your job, I advise you to hold on to your bread and butter. You will know when it is time to toss your regular 9 to 5 job.

Trust in God and believe in the God who resides in you, and you can accomplish the desire of your heart.

A Good Man Can Not Be Kept Down

Never judge a person because of their present station in life – believing that it will be their permanent residence.

Oftentimes, people conclude that a person’s mistake sentences them to failure for the rest of their lives. As a result, they become critics commentating on the severity of the person’s error and ultimate doom.

For example, people have already made a judgment call on Kobe Bryant based on negative media reports. Does it ever dawn on them that the majority of what they hear from others (or the media) is usually second, third, or even tenth generation information?

The simple truth is that you cannot rely on this kind of information to make a fair and reasonable assessment of a person’s character or future.

Nineteen years ago, I went through a divorce that devastated me both personally and financially. I looked as though I was down for the count and would never recover; but God had other things in mind.

I strongly believe that God was the key component that helped me recover. Not only did I recover – far exceeding my previous financial position – I gained a wonderful wife and a healthy God and personal esteem.

Those who watched on the sidelines, negatively commentating on my every move, can now conclude this: If a man gets up from his failures, he lives to fight another day.

Continue to fight your way through the negative debris of words aimed at your self-esteem.

Your critics would love nothing more than for you to stay down; so that their self-proclaimed prophecy will come to pass. Get up. But, do not aim at proving them wrong, they are not worth the time or energy.

Instead, prove to yourself that you can recover, and ask God to help you. With God, all things are possible.