Millionaire Businessman Teaches Success Principles “Sneak Peek”


I am dropping you a “peek” inside of a new project we are working on for you.

In order to archive real true success in your life, whether in business or in your personal life, there are principles that will help to shoot you to the top.

Each week I will release a video expounding on one of these power principles for success.

The above video is a sample of the principles.

This vid is an example of the principles that I will be talking about in upcoming vids. Let me know what you think about this brief example and ask any questions that you might have about anything contained in it. By commenting and asking questions so you are “voting” for the principle that you would like to hear more about.

Dreams provide the means

Most widely-used vehicle in human history
The Model T., brought out in 1908, had sales of:

  • $10,607 the first year
  • In four years, sales jumped to $168,304
  • and in four more, to $730,041

In 1919, Ford bought out the minority stockholders for nearly $106 million. They had invested $33,100.

During Model T’s lifetime (1908–1927) production added up to 15,458,781 cars – more than the total for all other cars for those years. It has been called the “most widely-used vehicle in human history.”

57 Varieties
When the will of Henry J. Heinz – wealthy distributor of the famous “57 Varieties” line – was read, it was found to contain the following confession:

“Looking forward to the time when my earthly career will end, I desire to set forth at the very beginning of this will, as the most important item in it, a confession of my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I also desire to bear witness to the fact that throughout my life, in which there were unusual joys and sorrows, I have been wonderfully sustained by my faith in God through Jesus Christ. This legacy was left me by my consecrated mother, a woman of strong faith, and to it I attribute any success I have attained.”

Success is living what God intended for you to be.
I strongly believe that God gives humankind the capacity to create wealth, but God is not the determining factor of how much of it you are to have. The individual is completely responsible for living his or her own dream. God provides the dream; when lived, the dream provides the means.

Both of these men made extraordinary achievements and were able to help thousands through their philanthropic giving. If you want to be a blessing to others, live the dream God gave you; and you will have treasures beyond riches.

Want More, Learn More

If you want to earn more, you have to learn more.

  • What do you do when your existing plan continues to fall short of producing any desired increase?
  • What if you were presented with a new plan that would guarantee reduced stress while maximizing the talents you already possess?

What every person needs to learn is how to change their strategy – which is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to change your results. The ingredients of greatness are having faith, and then merging faith with a plan.

Every person needs a plan in order to succeed.
The amount of detail that you put into your plan determines the extent of what you can produce. Having a plan means nothing without first having faith.

This is the test of faith—the kind that sees the fulfillment before it happens. Therefore, to believe in the power of your prayers allows you to tap into God’s power to accomplish the humanly impossible.

Jesus exhorted His disciples to believe that they have already received whatever they request in prayer. Faith accepts it as good as done even though the actual answer is still future.

What happens if there is a conflict between my conscious and subconscious mind?
What happens if my conscious mind refuses to accept the idea of wealth? The best solution is repetition. Repetition is the teacher and mother of all learning. Continue to say, “I know I can! I know I can!” Moreover, according to God’s word, you will.

One day, I woke up to the reality that God did not dictate how much wealth I would have. He left that for the individual to decide. God gave every man the ability to create wealth; what you learn about wealth and how you respect it can proportionately increase it. Learn more about wealth, money, and how they work and your money will work to make you wealthy.

Overcoming Opposition

I have been in many personal battles in my lifetime. From each skirmish I won or lost, I learned something from them. I believe that life is a series of lessons and tests. The contest that we encounter can work as a gauge to point out what you are doing wrong or right; and they can help pinpoint your weak and strong areas.

However, one thing must be understood regarding one’s struggles: each opposition must be approached from an entirely different standpoint. What I mean by this is that whatever it took to overcome one opponent, the same approach cannot be considered for the next one. Why? Because your individual strengths and weaknesses may be inadequate for your next challenge. Each battle is different and cannot be taken for granted or assumed that you can carry the momentum over from your previous victory into your next confrontation.

Some people do not generally do well under pressure; others might thrive in the face of it. Regardless of the grade achieved while under pressure, the ultimate prize is a victory.

Victories do not come without a price tag. Sometimes it takes blood and tears. Other times, it calls for blood, sweat and tears, and everything in between. In your marriage, in your personal life or business, in your finances or in your spiritual life, to achieve your expectations you will encounter some battles. Do not shy away from the test. After you successfully pass the test, you then have a testimony.