We have a Dilemma!

Vision is a necessity for leadership: trust is a requirement for followers; and teamwork is the result of cooperation. There are many leaders, but very little leadership. Quotes have been document and studies have been made of this human quality by some of the best minds of the last millennium. We are faced with a dilemma in our present culture — which has left the previous generation baffled as to who is qualified to lead. Very few people are interested in developing leadership skills, but they are so insistent on leading.

Voicing ones opinion does not qualify a person to lead. Being the loudest advocate for a legitimate cause is not a criterion in becoming a certifiable leader. To what degree can someone be a leader when no one wants to follow him or her? Self appointed or delegated leaders usually lack the necessary skills in order to properly lead. Being placed in charge does not mean that one knows how to take charge.

Good leaders do not go around flashing a leadership badge to demonstrate that they are the leader. Leaders are defined by how they lead others by influence, not with manipulation. Well-endowed leaders possess the vision and the skill to accomplish something with a (TEAM) that other so-called leaders cannot perform with an army. Informed leaders are more interested in making others better so that success can be realized from both a corporate and personal level.

My personal method for achieving such a task is my team philosophy (Training Each Ally Mentally). What and how you say something is equally as important as what you demonstrate. A good leader can become a great leader by adopting this principle.

  • T= Teach, inform, instruct and coach.
  • E= Individualize and train each person according to their temperament and gift.
  • A= View each person as an ally, not an indentured slave.
  • M= Mentally challenge them and flood them with affirmation.

This method will cause your Team to Work at its peak performance every time and you will never have to be present for the people to work as a team.

The most important element to a successful life

I believe that the single most important element to having a successful life, which is far more important than having success in business, is recognizing the key ingredient in self-development. Each person is responsible for creating his or her own world.

We were all created to be creative. People are not creatures of circumstances, they are creators of them. When this concept has been accepted and embraced, the individual will then realize that he or she is completely responsible for the outcome of their lives. This means that the individual will not shift the blame or responsibility for outcomes onto someone other than themselves.

Creativity is the key element in self-development. Imagine what your world can become, opposed to what it is. Creativity begins with imagination. How often have you heard or may have said yourself, “I never planned my life to turn out this way.”

However, in essence, whatever your life has become is exactly what you have planned. There is an old maxim that says, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” You decide what you want to become, not your circumstances.

If you do not like your life or the direction it is moving in, change your life by changing your course. Making a few decisions will help you move closer toward your goal of what you want your world to resemble. Once you accept the responsibility for your world, you will realize that you can always change it.

5 Major Distractions to Experiencing Success

You always pass failure on the way to success.
–Mickey Rooney

There are five major distractions to experiencing success. When a person capitulates to any of these five culprits, they will inevitably leave an indelible mark in the psyche of the individual. Once your mind changes its course, your actions will seek for ways to live out your new instructions.

  1. Loss of focus: Everyone who drives realizes how important it is to maintain focus. It is easy to be oscillated into a trance while driving and for this cause rivets have been placed on either side of the road so that when you run over them it makes a noise to shake you back into consciousness. Focus helps you to maintain a sense of purpose and direction.
  2. The challenges of stress: Stress for average people causes them to fall apart. Whereas, the focused entrepreneur uses pressures to bring out their best. Successful people are seemingly inured to pressures of life that seemingly slow the progress of ordinary individuals.
  3. Discouragement: Ups and downs are a part of the process for success. It is the material that goes into the making of the successful. Discouragement is simply the displacement of courage, not the absent of it.
  4. Failure: Some people look at failure as a signal to quit, while others see it as clue to seek out other ways to succeed. You cannot find STOP in failure.
  5. Fear: This is the number one distraction to success. Fear immobilizes a person. It distorts their view, while at the same time it creates false visuals. Change fear into the “FARE” and it becomes the price of perseverance and the cost of your journey of success.

God created you with the ability to overcome and to withstand the most horrific pressures and difficulties. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stand in your way of living out God’s determination for your life. If you can face it, you can conquer it!

Healthy Self Esteem Determines Your Wealth

Psychologists claim that the number one problem that people experience constant confrontation with is how they think of themselves.

Are people actually wrestling with the concept of understanding themselves? To say the least, generally people illustrate the level of their self-esteem by how much they attempt to change the outward appearance rather then focusing on their inner self. How you feel about yourself is 20% exterior and 80% interior.

A person’s house can look immaculate on the outside, but unfortunately, people do not live outside of their homes. Feeling good about yourself begins with how you feel internally. If you place all your stock on your exterior, your self-esteem is actually unhealthy. What if you:

  • gained 50 pounds
  • engaged an on-coming vehicle while driving your car and your face was severely scarred
  • your health quickly deteriorated leaving you physically incapacitated

Since how you feel about yourself is mainly based on your physical appearance, if any of these three things occurred it would drive your self-esteem in the basement.

Doing well in life and making the kind of money you would really like to make is directly linked to how you feel about yourself. You can improve your environment if you improve your self-esteem. Never underestimate the power of a healthy self-esteem.

Being positive about life, your future, and your potential is all the reason why you should feel good about yourself. Your past may be tainted, but your future is spotless!