Dreaming Success

I have lived through the loss of loved ones. I have lived through the struggles of the Civil Rights Era. I have also lived through the errors of my ways; but through it all, I have learned to live. I have not at anytime looked to blame the outcome of my life on the absence of my biological father or the color of my race.

I do not believe that my dreams have or can be hindered by the diabolical perceptions of people who may not want to see me do well. I have forced myself to avoid the naysayer, to remain focused and become consistent in the pursuit of my dreams. I am an advocate for “I Can” and believer in “I Will.” I believe that not only can I live my dreams, but also I will live my dreams.

Small thinkers face their past while big thinkers face their future. Stop thinking on the level of ninety percent of the American population who are confined to thinking in a box. Step out there and get a first hand look at what it feels like to be out of a box. Dig deep down inside and search for the treasures that you have hidden.

If you work for someone, avoid seeing yourself just as an employee who only does what you are told. Use some initiative and work smarter. Be creative. Perform what is not expected from your employer; because that will cause your boss to see how you are not confined to a job description. Your character and your work ethic should cause you to stand out, not fit in.

If people really had goals and employed their passion and persistence, they would face challenges head on. Make the decision that you will no longer allow the waves of life to take you where you do not want to go. Manufacture your own waves by moving decisively in the direction of your goals and dreams.

I Want More, but How Do I Get It!

People often read my writings as if I am writing for the sole purpose of debating. Taking action and getting results is the aim of my writings. I firmly believe that the bible substantiates the principle of business, wealth and of poverty.

You do not have to travel far to see the positive and negative effect that wealth or poverty has had on this country and its citizens. The United States of America is a capitalistic society that thrives on the principle of exchange. To question if this is right or not is absurd.

It never cease to amaze me how some people – Christians and Non-Christians can totally stand against wealthy or successful business owners. While they themselves are the very ones seeking promotions or an increase in salary.

If you have been successfully living on your current salary, why would you want more money? Is not any form of materialism or desire for financial increase greed? According to these critics, it is. The truth of the matter is that everyone wants some form of prosperity; whether in material things, money, or the size of their home. Sometimes, it is the lack of what you have that causes you to have mixed emotions toward those who do have.

If you knew how to get more, you would have more. Like most Americans, people are debt ridden and stuck in a job that they do not like. Moreover, if they could find another position paying more money, they too would put in their two-week notice.

It has been said that one sentence of wisdom can change a person’s life more than volumes of books. Imagine what hundreds of letters of wisdom could do. As you read my correspondence of wisdom, you will begin to master concepts in personal achievement; and at the same time, increase your odds of achieving success. Acknowledge your desire to increase your income, upgrade your lifestyle, and you could be on your way to doing so.

The Secret to Perseverance

One day, my wife and I had the privilege of meeting a woman who happens to be a best selling cookbook author and restaurant owner. Her restaurant is named Silvia’s, appropriately named after herself. Her story is remarkable and an encouragement to any person who has ever thought of living their dream.

She was 82 years old at the time we met her as she managed her businesses alone with her adult children on a part time basis. Mrs. Silvia Woods has all of her faculties in place and can tell her story like it was yesterday. She now owns an entire city block in Harlem, New York where her famous restaurant is now standing.

Mrs. Woods informed us of how she became the owner and operator of her own restaurant, markets her spices, and authored a bestselling cookbook. She makes a bold claim that it was all God and no one else. She praised God for every door that He opened for her, but she said that it was not easy.

In fact, she continued to repeat how difficult it was in the beginning, operating a black-owned restaurant in a drug and gang infested area during the 60’s. “Drug addicts were so prevalent that I just decided to feed them and they never gave me any problems”, said Mrs. Woods.

The challenges that are easy to accomplish will usually not yield forth the fruit necessary to produce consistency conducive to winning life’s battles. Just because God open doors, does not exempt you from having to persevere as though the challenge is erased.

I have learned that the bigger the challenge (giant), the greater the reward! If it were easy, then everyone would have accomplished it. When your contemporaries stopped at hard and difficult, you must move beyond it to “I did it!”

Through perseverance, you will gain the necessary knowledge to combat and conquer your fears and overcome your challenges. Life experiences have a greater impact when, despite challenges or stress, you are victorious. Do not stop in pursuit of accomplishing your dream because perseverance will qualify you as for victory.

Success: Is it your choice?

Are there ever any legitimate excuses? Do you find yourself constantly explaining away the reasons why you are unsuccessful or why your life is in disarray or the reasons why you are unhappy? It is a sure bet that your reasoning is actually a series of lies that you tell yourself to avoid facing painful truths.

The path of least resistance is to make an excuse and tolerate our situation rather than to face our fear of an unpleasant truth. Fear of punishment or the consequences of our actions also plays a part when we chose to avoid our own accountability. We are forever doomed as victims of circumstance until we make a conscious decision to deliberately create a new circumstance free of excuses and blame.

Honest self-examination is the most difficult and painful step in breaking down the barriers that confine us to a life of mediocrity or worse. Recognize your shortcomings and failures from the past and forgive yourself. Stop being a felon and turn yourself in. The system that you have chosen to live your life by is self-incriminating.

Excuses work like a pacifier. A pacifier does not confront the true problem; it simply addresses the issue of the crying. Stop the blame game, because to blame is lame. Be accountable and forthright in your actions.

Success cannot be realized as a result of the failure of others, so stop blaming them. I hope that I have helped you to identify and eliminate your top three excuses. You can now consider yourself on the road to recovery. If you do not like your circumstance, only you can chose to create a new one. Success is in YOUR Hands!

The One Mistake that Most People Make

What type of lifestyle are you really interested in living? What do you want to accomplish with your finances, marriage, or business? Do you desire to live the lifestyle you have only dreamt; or are you only looking to win the lottery, which is your shortcut to success? Have you ever heard the old maxim, “If you continue to do the thing you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.” How do you help someone who knows what they are doing wrong?

Many of these people can tell you all of their shortcomings and give reasons to why they are not successful; but if they are aware of their problems why is there no strategic action to correct it? Are they looking for solutions to fall out of the sky?

I have worked with many could-be-millionaires down through the years and have learned that these people cannot tell you how to do what is right because their reference point is only failure, not success. They can figure out what is right to do; but these people usually have a difficult time trying to figure out how to do what is right. My heart goes out for many people who think like this because I really want to see them do well.

The remedy for helping them is that they must be willing to listen to sound advice from a qualified mentor and refuse to say, “I know!” When a person continues to voice what they would like to do, they are actually pointing to the realization that they do not have a clue as to how to do it. A person’s situation can change for the better if they will only stop talking about their problem and ask a qualified source for help. Silence is the key when wisdom is speaking.