Is your life good?

Thanksgiving is upon us and this is a time for reflection and introspection. People often say that life is good; but life is what you make of it because of the opportunities that have been afforded to you by the One who created it. We must learn to focus our attention on the Creator and not on His creation.

When I stop to think about where God has brought me, I am left with only one conclusion: that God is good. I do not need to compare my life with anyone else, based on what they may or may not have. What God has done for me can only be fitted by me. Yes, I have had my share of problems but God helped me to solve them. I have been in trouble, but God brought me through them. I have felt weak, but God gave me strength. I have experienced hunger, but God provided food. I have felt lonely; only to realize that He was my comfort and companion. My list of adversities is inexhaustible; but so is God’s ability.

There has not been one occurrence that God was incapable of handling. There is nothing too hard for God. I may be enjoying the privileges of success, but it did not come without a price. God gave me every ounce of strength, knowledge and wisdom to be who He has determined my life to be. I simply submitted to His will and plan. So, if there is any praise for my life and my accomplishments, let it go to Jesus Christ. He is the Author and Finisher of my faith.


Take Control of Your Life!

Who is at the helm of your life? This is a serious question! Most people are always looking for someone to tell them what to do; how to do it; and when to do it. Initiative is the operative word for taking back the controls of your life. Just think about how much control has been lost over your money. What is the present state of your family? What is your debt structure like? Do you have a plan in place that will help your life get back on track?

Consumption has grown faster than income. The average American household has more than $10,000 in credit card debt. We assume that debt is part of our lifestyle. With the state of the today’s economy, debt is the last thing you want to pick up. Consider the increasing divorce epidemic sweeping across our nation, which contributes to the economic crisis. Gambling problems are derived from people’s perception of a win it all to fix it all. Then to only realize winning in the lottery or any form of gambling is a waste of time and money and is a contributing factor to the problems in our economy. If I were asked to say one thing to the American public, it would it be, “Take Control of Your Life!”

2009 is the year of taking back the controls of your life. If there are areas of your life that you recognize where you have little or no control and would like to get back into the captain chair, sign up for my “Taking Control of My Life Campaign” on December 1, 2008. This endeavor will provide the tools to getting out of debt, increasing your income, improving your marriage or singleness, and boosting your self-esteem by educating you as to why you are incredible. My “Get out of Debt” program is a weekly informative approach to giving practical advice and monitoring your progress.

Join me and hundreds of others from around the country as we take back our lives by securing a handle on our finances, marriage, parenting, self-esteem, etc. Watch for more information her on my blog. Joining is free, but getting out of debt will cost your ignorance. Which would you rather keep?


Repairing the Nation’s Economic Crisis

Do you have the answer to today’s economic problems? America is going through a major transition that seems to have her back on her heals. A new president has been elected which is common but this president is unlike any president in the history of our country. The newly elected president is African American; which convenes a major shifting in the American culture. The economy is in shambles and some of America’s greatest economic minds are seeking answers to how we can remedy this cancer.

Seemingly, all of our problems started long before the Bush Administration took office. The problems began when the government, banks, and other lending institutions softened the financial guidelines for the sake of the dollar. Bankruptcies have allowed companies and individuals to shift the responsibility onto consumers. Who do you think eats the cost of money mismanagement? America has a history of finding the easiest solution to solving its financial crises: increasing taxes. If the backbone of the American economy is the small business, then why pass legislation that does not benefit small businesses? Small businesses need more than just tax advantages; they need the same kind of stimulus packages that large companies have received in order to get their companies and the economy moving in the right direction.

I do not claim to be a genius on money issues; but I do have common sense when it comes to business. If I cannot repair the American economic system, I can at least start repairing and improving my own financial situation. There are ways you can improve your income by starting with your outgo. This may not fix the whole matter, but you will at least have more money to pay off more bills. If you manage what goes out and limit unnecessary expenses, you can keep more money for your charitable giving, bills, and investments. If you smoke, stop smoking; if you drink liquor, stop drinking; if you are wasting money on pornography, stop watching it. You may find yourself saving at least $500-$700 monthly.

You can start repairing the nation’s economic crisis by repairing your own financial situation. If you would like to hear more on how you can save more money by cutting back unnecessary expenditures, comment below.