Christmas Debt Relief

Christmas is only a few days away and seemingly, it is the last thing on the minds of at least a third of the American population. With millions on the verge of losing their jobs and millions that have already lost their jobs, how they are going to make it through to the next week carries more weight than the Christmas Season.

People have a lot on their minds these days and much of that deals with money concerns. Not everyone is struggling financially. Though, some struggles can be avoided if preventive measures can be taken at this time. Geographically, some areas may be hit harder with unemployment, while alternative financial opportunities may be more accessible in those hard hit cities.

My recent trip to Chicago exposed me to how some people may be struggling. While in Chicago, with just a few days away from Christmas, I was shocked by what I saw in several shopping malls I visited. The malls lacked 15 percent of the merchant stores. They were not full and at least eighty percent of the people in the malls were not carrying bags. That may seem like an exaggerated number, but I assure you that this would be more real than not. People were doing more window-shopping than buying. Is there another side to this atrocious economy, yes!

I have heard some people say, “I have done all I know to do.” However, many do not know what should be done. When you are stuck at “I tried,” then shift to “I do.” I learned that in life that I personally do not have all the answers. However, God has given all of us a small piece of the puzzle to life’s solutions. Moreover, if I can get information from people who are successful in a particular area of life, why try to reinvent the wheel. Let us learn the lesson of not repeating methods that do not work and learn the lesson of doing what does. Commit to a debt reduction and comprehensive money making plan that can improve your present financial condition, even if your financial health is not bad. What do you have to lose, but debt? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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What is Leasing Space in Your Brain?

If you do not like what you are watching on television, change the channel. If you hold the remote control in your hand, is it not in your power to change the channel to whatever you want to watch? Of course it is. The television station or programs you choose to view are the images that are leasing space in your brain. It is the same with reading periodicals, newspapers, books, etc. If you ever truly take an honest assessment of what kind of information you are putting in your head, I believe that you will be completely surprised.

Information is the rudder of life that steers it in the direction of its subject matter. People are routinely programmed by the information they choose to accept. There is doom and gloom about the American economy on just about every news channel, magazine, newspaper, and in just about every church. Little does the public realize how this news has influenced and changed the thinking patterns of most Americans. It has affected our homes, place of employment, leisure time, and universities. People are talking about it everywhere. Is there an upside to the American economy, and if there is, why are there not more people talking about it?

You hold the remote control to your life, so do something about it and change the channel. How is it that some people are making a fortune in a financially depleted economy and their lives seem to be bubbling over with joy and excitement? Simple. They decided to switch the channel from recession to progression. There are no less opportunities today as there were a year ago. Perhaps the information in your brain is not conducive to the discerning of those opportunities. Nevertheless, these opportunities are discovered daily. Tune in to my channel, which will give you the kind of information to help you get your whole life back on track. You have nothing to lose and a GREAT 2009 to gain.

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Starting Over Again

Taking Control of My Life in 2009 Banner

Starting over is not as bad as not starting at all. I am sure that during the course of 2008, you made decisions that you wish you had not made. Instead of gaining ground, you lost it. Instead of making up time, you lost more time. You wished that you could have started again at least in the middle; but your poor choices placed you back at square one.

This familiar position is not as bad as one may think. It is better to start over at square one than somewhere in the middle, and not know the origin of your problem. The New Year will mark the beginning of something fresh and exciting. Starting over will not be starting with the same old information which led to making such disastrous decisions. It will be new information that will trigger different ways to accomplish your goal and tackle your weaknesses.

The New Year is the beginning of Taking Charge of Your Life, which includes every area of life that has fallen short in 2008. Yes, you will resume the control again of your finances, marriage, weight, parenting, job, business, etc. Starting over has never been more exciting, because this time you have qualified help and support.

The New Year of 2009 convenes the start of Taking Back the Controls of Your Life. If there are areas of your life where you recognize that you have little or no control and would like to get back into the captain’s chair, sign up TODAY.

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