Are you concerned about our country?

I do not claim to know everything about most things, but I do know something about some things—and one thing I do know is that America is on a slippery slope into a deep immoral and character deficit society. I have never been more concerned about the state of affairs of a country I love so much as I am now. From politics to the lack of integrity, from money to taxes and from crime to same sex marriages, this nation is facing issues unlike that of any of our predecessors.

Primetime television is pushing the limits to what can be viewed and seen on television at a time when most children are watching. Pornography has exploded on the internet leaving eighty percent of the people between the ages of seven to seventy vulnerable. While our athletes are viewed as heroes, treated like gods, and overpaid like corporate CEOs, we continue to experience a decline in the quality of goods, embezzlement from top corporate giants, and reckless behavior from those who are supposed to be examples in the faith. I cannot help but think that somehow we are being left to our own stupidity and evilness.

  • Forty-two percent of all runaway youth confess to living a gay-lesbian lifestyle.
  • Among youth ages 16 to 24, Hispanics accounted for 41 percent of all current high school dropouts in 2005. However, they only made up 17 percent of the total youth population. Black and Hispanic youth are more likely than non-Hispanic whites to drop out of high school.
  • In 2005, 6 percent of non-Hispanic whites ages 16 to 24 were not enrolled in school and had not completed high school; compared with 11 percent of Blacks and 23 percent of Hispanics. The high rate for Hispanics is in part the result of the high proportion of immigrants in this age group who never attended school in the U.S.
  • Asian youth, with a dropout rate of 3 percent, had the lowest dropout rate among all racial and ethnic groups in 2005.

America’s pool of leaders will come from this pot of delinquents. Frightening to say the least that America’s political leaders cannot see that we created this entire mess by passing laws that encourages individuality and do what feels good even if it is at the expense of others. Our economy did not become this messy by itself, it took politicians lining their pockets and legislation designed to keep people struggling financially.

So, where is God in all this? We kicked God out; if there is such a thing. We do not want God involved in our government, our national policies, our commerce, our laws, our educational system, our marriages, etc. Historically, this nation was better off with God; and our present condition makes it obvious that our nation and world continues to get worse without Him.

Are Americans paying attention to our politicians?

Hello, hellooo! Is anybody out there? Are Americans paying attention to what our politicians are doing? Is the American public awake, or have we fallen asleep on the eve of destruction or an unlikely reconstruction? Our politicians recently passed a stimulus bill, which not one authorized voter in Congress confessed to have read.

If no one read the Stimulus Bill proposed by the President who himself has not read it, why did he sign this bill into law? The founding fathers of this nation would be appalled with today’s congressional leaders and would have argued their point of negligent leadership – who are ill equipped to vote on national policies concerning the American people.

The American public deserves better than quick fixes with duct tape and cover ups that shield the incompetence in our leadership. Most people in America have worked hard to better their lives, send their children to college, and retire with a nice nest egg. What did our politicians do—they rewarded the working class citizens with taxes, more taxes, and even more taxes while BIG government spent, increased spending, and spent even more. No one in Congress listens to the real solution.

If the United States can print more money, why can we not use the newly printed money to cover for the six months of taxes that Americans can defer? The United States currency is no longer backed by gold, but a weak economy. If the Stimulus Package is designed to put an additional twelve dollars a week in the pockets of working and unemployed Americans, this will not stimulate the economy and restore consumer confidence.

I believe that the answer to repairing our economy is right under the noses of the financial intelligentsia that are too smart to think simple. Robert Green Ingersoll said,

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

When you lack common sense, you will not create cents out of what is common. Henry Ford made millions using common sense. While other carmakers had high prices and low production, Mr. Ford developed an assembly line system to manufacture high volume automobiles and low prices. One system catered to the elite and limited the income of the stockholders, while Henry Ford’s structure catered to most Americans and produced unlimited residual income. Simple is usually better.

We have a long way to go and a short time to get there and it does not seem like we are moving any faster, nor working smarter. The philosophy of one generation should be the common sense of the next one.

What do you do when the economy is bad?

People have a natural propensity to do two things when times are bad: One, they panic and fear that the future is bleak, and two, they listen to others who panic and fear. These are the two worst things a person can do when things are shaky. During the mid seventies, when the economy was in a recession, two present day corporate giants – which at that time were in their infancy – started their companies, Microsoft and Apple. Starting a company at a time when corporate computer aged giants such as IBM can crush any competition was ingenious.

Doing nothing will only leave you with the same amount; nothing! Being idle during these recessionary or perhaps financial depressive times is not practical, nor is it wise. Americans cannot afford to wait and see what will happen with our economy. We must be diligent about the business of money. If you have half of a brain, use it to create money. Take your hobbies or skills and generate additional income besides your daily occupation. Plan, strategize, and pray to God to open your eyes to your gift and ability to create wealth.

Now is the time to be serious about your future and that of your children. When President Hoover was in office during the Great Depression, though he was blamed for doing too little too late, he gave speeches on how the government was starting a new initiative to turn the economy around.

These pep talks did nothing as Wall Street stocks crashed and banks failed and the effects of this ripped through the lives of Americans with the force of a Cat-5 hurricane. This generation can be smart and learn what many Americans did not do before the Depression ensued; or we can be just as they were, unsuspecting.

People, you still have time. How much time, I do not know. So, start with a small business, have garage sales, find odd jobs that other people would rather pay someone to do, sell your arts and crafts, become a consultant, sell your family recipes, etc. Making additional cash and stashing it away is important. Make sure your cash is in the safest place possible. That may not be the nearest bank or the biggest insurance company.

Short-term Treasury securities, despite their low yield, must be the primary vehicle as some financial experts suggest. Oh, and do not forget to keep some cash with you at all times because if the economy continues to experience a downward spiral, your money will be worth more. Find friends and family members with your same passion for securing their future as you have for securing your family’s future. Together, you can buy, buy and buy when practically everything is at bargain basement lows. So when the economy bounces back, your assets will have increased, and you and your family can perhaps live the rest of your days being a blessing to families and friends.

Friends, join me as we strategize together and move towards a more prosperous future despite the state of the economy. When people panic and fear, the mentality is “every man for himself.” But when people pray, listen and plan, their mentality is “every man helping man with God’s help.”

The U.S. economy and your family

What should the American people be focusing on for the next five years? I know that five years may be inconceivable at this time, especially with the present economic condition in our nation. However, this is all the reason why people you should be looking ahead.

The national unemployment rate is approaching the double digits and it is slotted to hit these figures by June 2009. Some of the major cities are already in the double digits with their unemployment rate and people are starting to panic.

President Obama is pushing his proposed stimulus package through Congress that can potentially reach 920 billion dollars; which Congress does not seem to be biting on. What financial genius initially thought of the stimulus package? Whoever he is, he ought to be slapped for insulting the American public. This nation can do without quick fixes that only result in patch jobs, but it defers the real issue.

Our government bailouts have only bailed out the large banks and large conglomerates. America has become more vulnerable to the world’s economy and with our present housing market plummeting, we have moved from a crisis to a catastrophe. What has happened to this nation is that it has become dependent upon debt.

For anyone to preach living debt free can easily become a target for ridicule because Congress is pushing people to spend and create more debt. American families should push to lower their debt structure as much as possible and this will help our economy. It may not do anything immediate for the large companies that depended on supply without demand and hired new workers and built new factories based on projections, but it will help your family. The American public should start focusing on three things:

  1. Sincerely pray for the nation and your family.
  2. Prioritize your needs vs. your desires.
  3. Pray for the strength and wisdom to get out of debt and stay out.

Large companies will be forced to realistically budget, just as the small businesses have done for years. The majority of small businesses know how to operate on a shoestring budget and still meet salaries. God has not abandoned America, but America must not abandon God. The United States has on its currency the phrase stamped, ” In God we trust.” America must Trust in God and not in money.