World Shaper or Moneymaker

Are you an asset or a liability? Allow me to rephrase the question. Do those who know you consider you an asset or a liability? Have you grown in the last five years to gain more knowledge and wisdom to aid your church in reaching the community in order to grow or to help guide those who may need assistance in life or your employer who desires for his or her company to grow? Can you answer these questions without automatically assuming that you are an asset without actually examining your output? What good is your life if you are not doing something to help someone to live a better life?

I can view the daily activities in people’s lives and tell if they are world shapers or simply moneymakers. In other words, the moneymaker is only interested in building a career and making as much money by avoiding any personal contact that may hinder their chances of making a dollar.

On the other hand, a world shaper is someone who looks to be a blessing in the lives of others by committing themselves to wisdom and knowledge so that they can be properly equipped for the challenges others may face as well as themselves. Paul in the Bible said, “If we live only to ourselves we are men most miserable.”

People have lost a sense of purpose as to why they should do things. Money should not be the number one culprit for why you work, have a business, and or want to meet people. This, my friend, only indicates how shallow your life actually is.

I have dedicated my life to a life of service without the promise of making a lot of money. In fact, the proof of my servitude is in the price I pay daily. I do not look for the pats on the back or the nice gestures of thank you, but simply how can I do a better job the next time in being a blessing in someone’s life. This is not an indication that I should not be wealthy.

On the contrary, my life attracts wealth because I am dedicated to the lives of others. I do not serve money; I serve God and people. I strongly believe that a life of servitude cannot be measured in dollars and cents. The number one cause for people refusing to live out God’s determination for their lives is how much money they think they will lose in order to obey God. Jesus said, “Man cannot serve both God and money…” If you cannot give it, you do not own it, it owns you. Live a life of service to God and man and God will ensure that your life is filled with the true treasures that only He can provide.

Maintaining Mental Toughness in Tough Times

How do you handle life’s little challenges? Little effort and intensity placed at the beginning stage of a project may be an indication that one may be egocentric and/or over-confident in his or her ability.

Usually when a person displays this kind of attitude is when they underestimate their opponent. I consider it a positive aspect when an individual believes in his or her ability, but it can prove to be a huge mistake to undermine the strength and the resolve of your opponent. Heart (the will to win) far exceeds skill and talent.

A sport demands the same intense effort during the course of a game that life demands during the course of a day, if a person is going to be successful. We should begin our day with a sense of urgency so that we can have a better chance of maintaining focus throughout the day.

We are living in tough economic and stressful times, which seem to wear down the best of us. These times require more than a melancholy effort. They require mental toughness to remain focused, and a perseverance that will outlast today’s challenges. Life’s every day trials are making greater demands on people’s time, money and energy. And, like sports, it is extremely wearisome to try to catch up when a lead was exponentially increased while you were indulging in your self-confidence. Perhaps you did not notice that people are in a real battle for their marriages, businesses, sanity, self-esteem, finances, nation, etc.

People must live life with a sense of purpose because the challenges in life will not stop. Just when you think that everything is going fine, you are blindsided by some unfortunate incident. How do you maintain your focus when your expectations are frustrated and your efforts are insufficient for the challenge ahead? Do not lose your cool!

Composure means everything in the midst of chaos. A cooler head will prevail; but a confused mind will further exasperate the problem. I recently had surgery to repair a hernia. While I was recuperating, a water line broke during the night and flooded two thirds of the first floor of my home. My wife was the first to wake up only to put her feet into a puddle of water.

When I heard my wife call my name with a sense of urgency, my adrenaline was flowing so heavily that I jumped up without the thought of the metal staples in my body and the pain I was experiencing through the night. I quickly discovered the cause of the flood, shut off the water valve, which stopped any further damage from occurring.

My mind immediately went into survival mode, protecting me from the pain until I could rectify the problem. Once everything was settled, my mind turned off survival mode and I immediately felt the pain.

I called for personal and professional help, called my insurance company, took a couple of pain pills and rested. I was disappointed, to say the least, because of the damage, but I was not disjointed. Life for me remains joyous despite the challenges because I stay in a mindset of readiness. Things are not always as bad as they seem if you can see them as fixable or trash. Repair what you can, and can what you cannot repair.

The Number One Excuse is….

What do you suppose is the number one excuse used by people who do not live out their dreams? Do you think that the answer is procrastination, lack of resources, a lack of knowledge or fear? Certainly, without a doubt these excuses will definitely compete for the top spot, but only one excuse can gain the number one top excuse of all times. If fear was your selection to earn the top spot for excuses used, you are correct. Although fear is the top excuse used for many avoided and failed attempts at accomplishments, it can never be viewed as a legitimate reason. Fear is a horrible monster that seeks to drain an individual of self-confidence and poise. It takes a systemic process to breakdown the psyche of a person leaving them helpless and victimized. Therefore, fear becomes an acceptable and justifiable cause for not moving forward. Stephen Graham said,

Excuses are tools of incompetents that build monuments to nothing and those that specialize in them are seldom good at anything else.

As a young kid, I use to climb trees and bridges and jump down without any fear of the height. As I grew older, I found myself playing more sports rather than jumping off things, which of course left me with only the memories of what was. At about the age of twenty I was helping a couple with some work on their roof, only to realize that I had developed a fear of heights. How could this have happen. I literally became fearful of coming down from the roof of the house. They continued to reassure me that I was only a few feet from the ground, but all I could think of was the view I had while standing on the roof. You see, I am six feet tall; okay 5’11” ¾ tall. Nonetheless, standing on top of something gave me the optical illusion that I was as least my height from the ground including the ten feet representing the height of the house. In actuality, my feet were about six feet closer to the ground. Unfortunately, fear had paralyzed me to the point that it took my friends about twenty minutes to talk me down coupled with them holding my legs for support. From that point on, I realized that I had to regain my since of composure and confidence in order to literally dismiss the fear that once gripped my heart and mind.

Once fear has been realized, it must be deliberately tackled like a brute linebacker going after the quarterback. Nothing should be left to chance or time once fear has been detected. You may not like what you have to do to overcome fear’s devastating hold, however, once you are free from it, you will be glad you regained your self-reliance and freedom so that you can with confidence pursue your dream.

Discover your Passion

Are you living your passion?

Have you committed to developing a winning strategy to cultivate greatness?

No person can reach his or her full capacity without being committed to achieving it. Success should not be measured by terms of perfection, which can hardly be sustained, but rather by progress.

When your endeavors fail to attain the status of flawlessness, progress should be the expected outcome. Improvement is insignificant gain when your goals are gargantuan. Therefore, settle on realistic goals based on your passion, which is fueled by your inspiration. Avoid setting goals that are easily achieved. Nor should you set your expectations so far out of reach that you would need wings to reach them.

Believable goals are far better than inconceivable ones. The evidence of commitment is what drives the athlete to perform at their personal best when they have to play extra endings of baseball, shoot one more basketball in overtime or fight one more round when it appears that they are losing the fight.

You should not be overly concern with winning by a landslide, than just winning. Being victorious in any area of life, whether by a large spread or an inch, is still winning. Let’s face it; there are no short cuts to success.

Oftentimes, people want to achieve success at basement bargain prices without investing their time, energy, and resources. My friend, you must discover what is so personally valuable to you that it unleashes the fight in you. It makes you lose yourself in the moment of someone’s audacity to try to take something from you. You growl at the challenges, as a female dog will growl when strangers are trying to take its pups.

Regardless of how you hear others talk about how dreadful the economy is, rising divorce rates and the humongous loss of jobs, do not allow these hopeless individuals to weaken your defenses. Continue to fight for your dream of a wonderful marriage, a successful business, and a powerful and fulfilling life. If you can discover your passion in life, it will begin to spill over into other areas of your life as well.