A Premier Life Principle

I have been tutored and have embraced many principles while on my journey in life, but one truth seems to stand out. It is far more difficult to finish something than to start it. This may be the premier reason for why we have so many great starters, but such lousy finishers.

One of the reasons for the high degree of difficulty to finish something is that during the early part after starting, the individual thinks that he or she will be able to maintain the great results of the offset throughout their working without giving that extra push. Whatever tenacity you use to start your project, it is going to take that amount and more to finish it.

The law of starting and finishing is an actual principle, which is no different from the law of sowing and reaping. They are both principles that govern the success of a person. The law of Starting and Finishing is simply that the closer you get to the finish line the more you have depleted your natural ability. Therefore, a person learns to pull from the innermost resources to gain the necessary strength to complete their task.

In the year 2000, I started with a newly constructed 42,000 square foot facility with only 26,000 square feet of it being finished. It seemed at times that we would never reach the completion of our facility, but I never stopped believing that it would be done, despite the challenges I endured for nine years.

Well, after nine years of pushing and rising construction cost, our facility is finally 100% completed. The level of difficulty that exists during your home stretch is why others never make it to the end. I had the resolve in me that regardless of how long it took, the principle is consummated at the finish line.

If a person can exercise perseverance, it will outlast their challenges. You are not penalized for the length of time it takes to complete your goal; you are penalized for not finishing it. It doesn’t matter when you finish, it matters that you finish.

How To Change Your Mentality

Change Your Mentality
Mentality is a habitual way of thinking or interpreting events peculiar to a person or type of person, especially with reference to the behaviors that it produces.

What kind of mentality would you say you have?

Do you have the kind of mentality that is conducive of a quitter or a winner?

Do you find yourself thinking like a poor victim or a rich achiever?

Are you one that will find an excuse for having an under achiever mentality or will you accept responsibility for your inadequateness?

Perhaps you sense these questions are coming at you too fast and at the present moment you are not in the right frame of mind to deliberate at this time. These questions are designed to make you think about yourself and your behavioral patterns.

I know that it is not always pleasant to look introspectively without criticizing yourself. I assure you that my intent is not to impair your psyche, but rather strengthen it, and if you continue to read these power points, the potential to yield fruit is astronomical. How does one move from having a mental framework of scarcity to one of abundance?

In my book Beyond Ordinary, I wrote that the most difficult thing to change is you. Changing ones mentality to accomplish a goal or to improve one’s marriage or increase your income is not an easy undertaking. People have gone under hypnosis, counseled with motivational gurus, and even tried religious meditation. Taking this path is more laborious than having to climb a huge mountain.

How did you get your present mentality? As you live life, daily examine your mental photo intakes, your environment, what kind of people you are around and the kind of words they use. Your answer to changing your mentality with ease is right under your nose. People, animals and things have a natural propensity to adapt to their environment. You are who and what you spend your time with daily.

What you spend the larger percentage of your time on is what you love. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” Well, it is true. However, it is also true that whatever information you take in from whatever source is what you become. YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF YOUR INFORMATION! Change your information source; change your life. Watch this blog for some upcoming nuggets that will help you learn more, so that you can earn more.

The Price for Success

What amount are you willing to pay for success in any given area? People want success in their marriage, finances, business, life, etc.; but most are unwilling to pay the price. They would rather have someone else pick up the tab while they enjoy the free ride.

In marriage, one person wants to assume none of the responsibility for making the marriage work, but enjoy all of its benefits. The same scenario occurs with finances and other situations. This is one reason why so many spouses are left holding an empty bag when a spouse has died.

Millions of dollars from potential insurance death benefits are never claimed because the surviving spouse never took the time to know about their spouse’s family business affairs. The spouse enjoyed spending the money but never had the time to learn how to protect it in case of loss.

Various prices have to be paid for any and everything. However, someone has to be willing to pay the price for it. How much are you willing to pay? How much you are willing to pay for something may not be the price others are willing to pay; but the price you are willing to pay determines the value of the reward. No one likes laboring for something while perfectly healthy people, who could have assisted, get to enjoy the results of their labor without having to pay any cost.

It should be understood that not all of us have the same amount of resources, but there should be an equal sacrifice. If you solicit the help of others, you should be willing to help them while they are helping you. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. paid the ultimate price of losing his life for the success of his generation, as did others. Others paid with lost wages, suffered beatings, and had homes burned to the ground. It may not equate to equal amounts paid, but it is equal sacrifice. Help others while others are helping you.

Vaulable Lessons for Success

One of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn is to remain teachable. Learning is essential for potential, and what you learn is critical for proper growth and balance. One of the main reasons for failed marriages, unsuccessful businesses, bankruptcy, or simply failing miserably as a human being is the lack of mentorship or the inability to maintain a wholesome relationship with a well-mature, informed Father figure.

Please do not misconstrue what was actually intended as to think that I am undermining the wisdom of a mother. I am simply pointing out the value of a father men-tutor. The wisdom of those you can pull from is priceless. When you have learned how to listen without judgment or interrupting the conversation before the person has completed their sentence, it is a sure sign that you have embraced the first principle of learning.

The second principle is follow-through: Being able to do what was suggested without making assumptions. After hearing the advice from a qualified source, most people over process the information or attempt to interpret the meaning of the message as though the person was speaking in secret code. This objectionable behavior leads to confusion, frustration, and anger.

I have truly only had three mentors during my lifetime who were responsible for helping mold and shape my character and to develop a sense of purpose. Their pouring wisdom instruction into me is forever with me although two of them have gone to be with the Lord. Each person came at certain periods of my life when it was necessary for me to grow; or I could have possibly withered on the vine and dropped off before my time.

However, God always has a plan and that plan comes in pieces and broken paragraphs. I know you may want to ask, what do you mean by pieces and broken paragraphs? Simply this, oftentimes the fragments are identified as parts of the puzzle for your future. The broken paragraphs are the words given to advise you on what to do and how to prepare for only the next stage of your life. The entire picture cannot be viewed in one huge frame. Life can only be viewed one frame at a time.

Mentorship helps to shorten your learning process. What it took your mentor to learn in 20 years, you can embrace it and perform it in 30 minutes. Learn to listen. Embrace a God-sent mentor!