I Planted Corn, but I Expected Wheat

I once heard a pregnant teenager say to her parents while crying and talking about her condition, “I didn’t think I would get pregnant. We only had sex once.” Scientists understand that the entire universe is established on laws that govern the present status, the outcome, and the potential modification of any particular thing. And, these laws are irrefutable and immutable; the law of Sowing and Reaping is one of those laws.

I once heard a pregnant teenager say to her parents while crying and talking about her condition, “I didn’t think I would get pregnant. We only had sex once.” Scientists understand that the entire universe is established on laws that govern the present status, the outcome, and the potential modification of any particular thing. And, these laws are irrefutable and immutable; the law of Sowing and Reaping is one of those laws.

A seed reproduces its self

Perhaps one of the most insidious mistakes is to believe that you do not reap what you sow, but what you think you sow, or what you say you sow, or what you wish you had sown, or what you want others to believe you have sown. Nevertheless, realize this: You reap what you have actually sown. How ridiculous it would be if a farmer planted a field full of wheat, thinking he was planting corn. Would he receive corn instead of wheat merely because he was innocently mistaken, or because he wished he had planted corn, or because he told his neighbors he had planted corn? Of course not! He would reap what he had sown. So it is with you and me. If we deceive ourselves, even innocently, or deceive others, perhaps intentionally, it makes no difference. Whether you believe this or not, your spiritual crop will be faithful to your acts.

It’s not Luck; it’s Reciprocity

People generally do not like to hear the truth about why they are in a financial mess, but the truth must be grasped if change for the better is going to occur. The final error of reasoning that leads us to believe we do not reap what we sow is the belief that we humans are mere victims of circumstances-that our lives are the result of mere luck. Not true. The young pregnant girl at the start of this chapter did not become pregnant because of some freak accident. She became pregnant because she had unprotected sex. The effect of this false belief can easily be seen in a problem experienced by millions of people worldwide being overweight. It seems incredible that only one cookie, one piece of cake, or one extra soft drink could make so much difference. So we go blindly on, adding cookies to cake to soft drinks until our waistlines reap the fruits of our illogical thinking process.

It’s Universal

The law of Sowing and Reaping applies to our financial status, marriage, how we raise our children or oftentimes how we are treated by others. Our status did not develop into what it is without someone first determining what it will be. If you waste your time complaining about never having enough money, your brain will never have the time to create new ways to increase your income. If money is time and time is money-then wasting time is wasting money.

Making it work for you

This particular law of sowing and reaping is not a law for Christians and entrepreneurs only; it is a universal law that affects every person and thing in the earth. The law of gravity does not affect one segment of the population; gravity affects everyone. If you jump from a twenty-story window onto concrete, there will be an expected end of self-destruction. If you have worked at something for three to five years and it has produced little or sporadic income then allow your creative juices to flow to attract money. When a person is interested in changing what his or her life produces, they will have to learn how to develop a mentality to attract the things they desire to adorn their life. Learn how to attract money instead of working for it. You are a magnet that attracts what you are and how you believe. In some cases, you may have mastered a strong belief, but you believe in the wrong things. Change what you believe and your results will be different. Make sowing and reaping work for you instead of against you.

I thought I was in Hawaii…

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What do you do when after you get up in the morning and the kids are yelling at one another, you are behind on a couple of bills, you’re running late for a business meeting, your spouse and teenagers don’t get along, your money is funny, the toddler’s hungry, you have a doctor’s appointment later that afternoon for your uncontrollable cough, your phone continues to ring, your parents are ill, your siblings are depending on you for moral support during their personal crisis and the list goes on? Well, what do you do?

  1. Do you scream I want out of here?
  2. Do you imagine yourself in Hawaii? Or
  3. Do you go through the Yellow Pages to find the nearest psychiatrist?

If your answer is all of the above, you are correct if you are like most people. However, you are not like everyone who whimpers under the daily pressures of life.

Functionally Depressed People

Most people in this case become functionally depressed. They are capable of functioning during the course of the day, but they are seriously facing depression that can move for the better or it can get worse. The one thing that needs to be understood is that everyone, at one time or another, experiences some form of depression. A slight case of depression is not the end of the world. In fact, it is the start of a new world that is drastically being altered by your present mental status.

It’s All in Your Head

You see, your mind controls your world. It is not the circumstances that one goes through that changes their world; it is how their mind perceives the situation that makes their world what it is. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to leave for Hawaii in the midst of turmoil. We have all wished that we were somewhere else when our circumstances seem to have gotten the better of us. However, if you mentally escape for hours in your make believe trip then I might say that you are leaning toward a nervous breakdown. Get help as quick as possible from a qualified source. Your mind is trying to find ways to cope with what it is experiencing because there may be little or no attempt on the part of the person to take control of their situation.

Coping with Life

Although there is no single cause for depression, we are aware that one factor is psychosocial. Psychosocial is relating to both the psychological and the social aspects of something, or relating to something that has both of these aspects. To put it plainly, it is how your mind copes with the problems one experiences. Life happens to everyone! During your days on God’s green earth, you are going to have problems-it is a part of life.

Commanding Your Mountains

Instead of allowing your circumstances to leave an impression of depression, turn them into an aggression of expression. Meaning this, control the outcome instead of allowing the chips to fall where they may. Napoleon Hill once said,

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

The problems we incur in life would not be considered hurdles or obstacles if there were no way over or around them. There are no hopeless situations; there are just people who have grown weary as a result of them. Make a conscious decision that you will not allow your once in a while problems to result in everyday feelings of depression. Give firm instructions to the disorder in your life and they will follow your command. When your molehills turn into mountains, do not look at the size of them and consider how you are going to climb them. Jesus once said to His followers,

“You can say to this mountain, be removed…and it will obey you.”

Therefore, command your mountains! It takes too much time to climb them.

Excuse me, can I order success here?

“Success pills sold here! Lady Swallowed Success Pill and Won the State Lottery!” see the details inside…

Imagine the headlines; “Success pills sold here! Lady Swallowed Success Pill and Won the State Lottery!” Unfortunately, success does not grow on trees, it cannot be purchased at your local supermarket, nor can one dig it up as though it were a lost treasure. This one, most searched out quality has never lost its appeal, and everyone seems to be chasing it – especially in America. How important is success to you? What price are you willing to pay for the kind of success you desire? For some people, success is so important that they are willing to exchange their dignity for it. What an exorbitant price to pay for something one can gain with just a little extra effort. Imagine the risk taken to obtain such a quality. It is not wrong to desire success. In fact, it is intertwined within your DNA to be successful and/or to work hard at accomplishing your goals. Why is success so important to so many people and why is it viewed as though it is a prerequisite to life? One reason can easily be given by determining what defines you as a person. If success is the ultimate defining essence of your being, then, this is why you will do anything for it. I believe that success is important because by it, a person gauges their final status and effort. To complete a particular task is an indication that one is successful. Success is the efficient accomplishment of a goal. To reach the expected end is an accomplishment; it is being successful.

Success at any cost?

Is success worth cheating on a test or lying to your supervisor about your tardiness or not exposing that you broke the equipment on your job, leaving it for someone else to be accused for breaking it. To gain the accolades of others for a job you received credit for, although you were not the one to do it, is simply robbing yourself of the kind of character that should be forged in integrity and self-respect. Instead of admitting the truth and giving credit to whom it is due, you rob the person who actually performed the work without giving it any consideration. Is this success or pretense?

The “Working Girl” Success Example

I am reminded of a movie called, “Working Girl.” This movie is about a secretary who had a knack for acquisitions, but she worked for a female boss who undermined her suggestions because she was a secretary. One day her boss went to Aspen, Colorado to ski and during one of her adventures, she broke her leg. She was advised by her doctor to remain in Aspen for several weeks until she was capable of air travel. Her secretary viewed this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to research a large company that could possibly purchase a number of failing radio stations. It ended with the owner of the large company loving the idea and so he wanted to go over the particulars. Meanwhile, her boss came back and discovered that her secretary was about to secure a deal that she herself was not only ill prepared to sell, but she had no concept of how her secretary came up with the figures. Yet, her boss somehow was able to convince the owner that she created the concept and that her secretary stole it from her. However, when she was unable to answer the questions asked by the owner, he figured out that she was lying. The truth prevailed and the wealthy owner hired the secretary as one of his assistants and gave her an office with a window and a secretary.

Success Achieved!

This secretary was successful even as a secretary-she simply wanted the opportunity to grow and use her ideas to do what was in her to do. The secretary was encumbered by a witchy, insecure boss that could not see that she was successful without stepping on people to achieve it. Be a success where you are and you will be successful at where you are going. Give credit to whom credit is due!

Living by Your Convictions

Conviction vs preference, which one are you? Are you a person who easily concedes or one who sticks to their guns? Discover the answer here.

There are times when preference has to take a back seat to conviction. These are the times when what you choose is not necessarily your preferred choice, but it is the best choice for you. A person cannot continue to live their life in the shadow of maturity or else their future will be crammed with ineffective decisions and vacant dreams. When you sleep at night, is it your heart or your brain renting space in your dreams? Are your dreams overflowing with personal desires because you lacked things as a child or are they inundated with the mandate in your heart to accomplish a purpose that involves others as well as yourself?

The Art of Conviction

Parents should learn to master the art of conviction. All too well, should parents know this principle because when a child is born, the child’s needs takes precedence over the parents wants. Unfortunately, many parents have yet to adopt this principle as a standard; therefore, their children are left in the hands of a cruel world.

Wisdom Vs Irresponsibility

There are things you want to do and things you have to do! This is the difference between wisdom and irresponsibility. Wisdom will balance out your choices instead of your efforts leaning more towards the choices you make. For instance, a man believes that working long hours to provide for his family is his passion and conviction. However, his conviction may be a matter of the heart, but it is without equilibrium. While his heart is to provide for his family, he misses quality time with his wife and children.

Resolving the Dilemma

Wisdom will cause a person to weigh the two options and resolve their dilemma. Both the need to fulfill purpose and raising your children are equally as important. How do you do both when you cannot be in two places at one time? This is a valid consideration. However, the solution is time management. Loving your family enough to provide for them is very noble because this is a quality missing in the American culture, but it is not to be considered as a substitute for being absent from them. Quality time is more important than the quantity of time.

Conviction Will Manifest Your Dreams

Conviction over preference drives a person to overcome their fears and inhibitions to extract the substance of their dream to fashion it in the reality of the present. You may not be intimate with knowing every detail on how your dream business, financial situation, or life circumstances is going to turn out, you just believe that they will materialized just as you envisioned. You are fully aware that the prelude to accomplishment will be marked by days when you go without your Starbucks coffee, you miss your favorite television program or you press harder to get through discouragement. Being convinced of what is in your heart to do is demonstrative of what is being done. Conviction will see your dreams through, but preference will keep them in a holding pattern.