The Power of NOW

“I got next!” is a phase used in a pick-up game of basketball. Discover how this is the wrong attitude to have when it comes to the game of life and how-to change it to “I am there”.

Are You Next, Last or Now? If you ever played pick-up basketball in the gym or at the neighborhood playground, you are very familiar with these words: “I got next!” You cannot say this phrase passively because during the course of a game, the noise could be intense and the focus of everyone around the basketball court is on the teams playing at that moment. Your tone had to be demanding and your presence without intimidation, or else someone will claim your spot and go next. The problem with being next is that “next” may never come.

Choose to be first

There are times when people have the option to be first but they choose to be last in hope that it would prove to be the best choice. I can recall a football game that went into overtime. When the referee tossed the coin, the team that won the toss chose to kick off to the opposing team. Now allow me to expound on how this overtime ordeal works in football. In simple English, the first to score, wins. Why would you reduce your chances of winning the football game by kicking off to the opposing team when you could be the receiving team and increase your chances of winning? What was going on in the mind of the coach that won the toss? Is last a great position? The result was that the team that won the coin toss lost the game because the opposing team scored first.

Forget Next; Think Now

There is another posture that should be taken into consideration, and that is the NOW mind-set. The word “now” means at the present moment, currently, at once or in that instants. The person that is in the game usually is better off than the ones who are waiting to be next or last. I do not believe that Bill Gates saw his company as the next IBM or Michael Dell saw his computers as the next Apple Computer. These men demonstrated a resilience to be proactive in their pursuit of providing a quality product. Who would want his or her company to be a carbon copy of someone else’s dream. If this is your desire to mimic something already in existence without improving on it, then your ideal is just a cheap copy of a great original. Are you the next big thing? See yourself as the BIG thing. Think Big! Think NOW!

Preparing Your Future

Inspiration is in the details. If you are meticulous about your future and you do not trust your future in the hands of others, then you have to take control of the helm and not let go. Your vision will succeed because of your strong and active attribute to seize the moment. Refuse to entertain thoughts of being next or last when you are there now. Define your unique vision of success and do not just be in the game of life and business, dominate it. Never stop learning, growing, building, and strengthening your forces. Experience the magic of bonding with dynamic, determined, well-seasoned people who will help expand your spirit and your resources. Prepare your future NOW by getting every tool you will need to accomplish every goal you have in order to custom-design your tomorrow, today!

See Yourself There

See yourself in the moment. You are not getting there, you are there. You are in the fast lane without the thought of getting out of it until your objective is accomplished. You represent your definition of excellence, not someone else’s. The game is not over as long as you are in the game.

Turning Stress into Strength

Depression, sometimes call “Blue Funk”, is a tremendous problem in our over-stressed world. However, there are small things that you can do to help you defeat this monster. Discover how in this post.

My life was on the brink of destruction and no one knew it but me. I experienced a near brush with a real-life mental meltdown and I hid so well-that I successfully hid it from myself. Over a One-hundred and fifty million people, suffer from one form of depression or another. People have a tendency to sometimes look at their leaders, parents, teachers, clergy, spouses and even politicians and assume that he or she is strong and will always be strong, despite the circumstances. Unfortunately, oftentimes this is not how it turns out.

The Commonality of “Blue Funk”

Depression is a common experience today. We have all felt ‘depressed’ about a misunderstanding in our marriage, altercations with teenage children, a cold shoulder from a friend and sometimes we feel ‘down’ for no reason at all. Depression does not always start as an illness; it usually begins as a depressive thought or mood. However, depression can become an illness when your mood state is severe; it interferes with your ability to function at home or work or that, your state of mind lasts for more than two to three weeks.

The Weight of My Fortieth Year

My personal clash with my depressive state started with a multi-million dollar building program. If I did not know the devil was real, I sure discovered how real he was during this ordeal. It was 1998 and I was just turning forty. Turning forty was not the problem; I could easily cope with this. It was when the first building contractor embezzled approximately $300,000 at the outset of our building project. Because of this action, the bank refused to continue funding the building project while waiting on the outcome of our litigation proceedings. At times, I would cry uncontrollably and for the life of me could figure out why. I ended up in the hospital being examined because of chest pains only to discover that I was experience chronic stress and depression. After my escape from the hospital, I had no other choice but to get back into the thick of things. Winston Churchill made frequent references to his depression, which he called his “black dog”. Churchill knew that during World War II, not only was his nation depending on his decision-making ability, but other nations as well.

Crying After Winning

In order for the bank to continue funding our new construction, we had to win our lawsuit. While in court, after the judge adjured, I found myself crying as everyone were leaving the courtroom. Surely, I was much stronger this, I thought to myself. After finally winning the court case, the bank continued to fund our project and we resumed with the building construction. Two weeks later, our constructed 130 X 55 feet high wall was twice blown down by a strong wind. It was at this point I realized I had simply resolved in my heart and mind that the things I cannot control, God can and what I can control, I will.

Stress Can Lead to Depression

My temporary depressive state was brought on by a high degree of stress, which I had to learn how to use to my advantage, not my demise. Stress is an unfortunate unpleasant fact. However, possessing a healthy sense of control-a confidence in your ability to influence the course and destiny of your life can help you influence stress by shortening its duration or avoiding it altogether. If stress is not controlled, it graduates into depression. The signs of being in a depressed mood is a lowered self-esteem, insomnia or broken sleep, less ability to control emotions from pessimism to anxiety, changes in weight, an absence or reduced sex drive, etc.

Real People Overcoming Real Problems

Having one or other of these features, by themselves, is unlikely to indicate depression. However, there could be other causes that may warrant medical assessment. I do not claim to be a licensed clinical psychiatrist; I am just a real person whose experienced real problems, and have discovered how to combat them and win. Reduce Stress and you will lengthen your life.

Two Types of Stress

There are some things you can do to help reduce stress in your life regardless of the situation. First, I believe that you should understand stress to some degree. There are two sides to stress, one is when confronted by a threat to its physical well-being, the body undergoes what is known as the stress response. It temporarily abandons its long term “building projects”-growth, tissue repair, immune function, ets. Instead, it floods the bloodstream with glucose, protein and fat from reserves in the liver and fat cells. Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate skyrocket. These physiological changes can save your life by giving you extra speed, strength or a more focused mind. The other side is that the stress response occurs not only when we are confronted by physical danger, but also in situations that simply make us feel anxious-from getting stuck in traffic to an argument with your spouse or coworker.

Small Things That Lead to Victory

I discovered little things that helped me to turn stress into strengths and here are a few considerations. Reports say that people who have a connection with God and involvement in church have a health advantage. Determine that you are a person who acts, and does not always react. Calmly do these things:

  • Be proactive
  • Develop a positive interaction with your family
  • Take advantage of certain outlets
  • Talk positive
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Stretch your facial muscles with laughter. (Humor extends life)
  • Diversify your life
  • Receive periodic massages
  • Stop assuming the worst
  • Leave your work at the job
  • Read Dr. Mikel Brown’s books (Smile)
  • Relax and focus your thoughts

Research discovered that ‘attitude’ toward oneself and their environment is the key to managing stress. Therefore, enjoy the “now”, remain in the moment, and release your mind from built up concerns and tensions. DON’T WORRY! BE HAPPY!

This is a chapter from Dr. Brown’s new book, “Treasures in Unexpected Places

They Said Walt Disney Had No Imagination

Who could say that Walt Disney had no imagination? It was once said about him. No matter what others may say or think you can still achieve great success! Discover how you too can overcome others opinion of you.

Walt Disney and Mickey
Walt Disney and Mickey
Have you ever wondered what comprises the crucial difference in the way people respond to life’s challenges? A major segment of the world’s population has been bathed in frail attempts that are inundated with half-hearted efforts. No one ever truly succeeds by trying. Somehow, the word ‘try’ gives me a vivid picture of a rope attached to it, leading back to the comfort zone of mediocrity. To try something is an uncommitted or reluctant approach to accomplish one’s objective. If a person is committed to their dream or family or business pursuits, they will cut themselves off from all sources of retreat—leaving them with one option, to win. When a person has an unwavering devotion to a belief in their heart, even if they fail time after time, they will continue to get up and resume their unwavering devotion to their belief.


Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because the editor felt “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Several times, he went through bankruptcy before he built Disneyland. In fact, the proposed park was initially rejected by the city of Anaheim because they felt that it would only attract people of low social status.

They told Sidney Poitier to wash dishes

The first African American Academy Award Winner for Best Actor, Sidney Poitier was told after his first audition by the casting director, “Why don’t you stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher or something?” It was at that moment, recalls Poitier, that he decided to devote his life to acting.

A world of difference

There is all the difference in the world between the expectations of the person who has committed him or herself to their life’s purpose without reservation and no matter the sacrifice and has vowed to see his or her aspiration to the end, and the person that goes about his or her objective halfheartedly. Apathy is the enemy of achievement and the antagonist of pursuit.

The challenge of failure

Failure usually affects people in one of two ways: It serves as a challenge to greater effort, or it subdues and discourages a person from trying again. How a person reacts to circumstances reveals both the brilliance and intensity of their drive or the lack thereof. Obstacles and challenges are not what relegates a person to poverty; their mindset is what places them in the prison of hopelessness. Many people accept their lot as inescapable and go through life wearing dispossession as a shackle.

Rising above the hardships

I realize that in times past, African Americans, American Indians and Hispanics have been systematically excluded and/or allowed limited participation in the American Dream. Yet there are many who have risen to a wealth and educational status despite the efforts of some Americans to prevent these accomplishments from happening. Obstacles and opposition are a part of life; and millions of Americans had better get used to it. I am convinced that the chains of mental slavery and the segregation from the success of living ones dreams is arguably the most horrendous transgression any person can confer on oneself. Fortunately, since this mental incarceration is self-induced, the solution to these barriers lies within our power to free ourselves.


God gave you the power to create the framework of your life by the way you think and believe; but He also gave you the power to change it.

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