The Time Machine

There is a point where your dream world and your real world share a moment. Discover how you can marry your reality with your dreams.

There is a point where your dream world and your real world share a moment. All of us have moments when we can imagine how we would like our lives to be or vacationing on a private yacht in the Pacific or having a successful business and helping underprivileged children attend college. Imagine having your dreams come true and doing everything you ever thought of doing and achieving.

Is Time Travel Possible?

I can recall once speaking to a small audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and dreamers concerning my time travel. When they heard me mention “time travel,” they looked at me as though I was out of my mind. As I made sure that I looked everyone of them in their eyes to watch their expression, some would give me a skeptical slight smile, knowing something was coming next. Of course, none of them expected me to mention anything remotely close a “Time Machine,” but they could figure out something was up.

Know Your Past; Create Your Future

Knowing that I had their undivided attention, I said, “I already know what is in my past because I created it and lived it, but I was interested in seeing how my future and how it would pan out a couple of years from now, and what I saw was something phenomenal.” Then I lowered the boom and said, “I saw a point where my dream world and my real world shared a moment and then, my future was created.”

Expectations Without Preparation

Oftentimes; people have unsubstantiated expectations because they have no plan in place to bring those expectations into realization. Whenever imagination kisses preparation, what you then have is realization. The fundamental principle behind “time travel” is a strategic goal planning process that allows a person to view presently what their future can possibly become. It is like an architect building a prototype of a building that is stored in his memory bank. Visualizing his future building project inspires him to create a blueprint to construct his thoughts, thus, he establishes his future. Although, his body never moved an inch into tomorrow, his faith and vision traveled to the building site and built the building without ever leaving where he stood.

Creativity Proceeds Actions

I believe that the God of the universe created nothing first, stepped onto it like vast canvass and begin to form and sketch out His vision of the sun, stars, planets and all the celestial bodies and spoke their purpose and plan of operation into their framework so that light and day and dark and night can be formed. He personally screwed the stars into their sockets and commanded them to sparkle and be exposed only during the darkness. As God was creating the planets, He paid particular attention to Earth; because this would be the place where His prized possession would live-His children. God formed the clouds from the dust of His feet. The clouds appeared as a dense mist and He caused them to cry to pour water on the Earth. He dug deep and shallow crevasses in the soil of the Earth and allowed the waters to be stored in them. Then He commanded the waters to remain in their pockets so that it would not overtake the land. He filled the Earth with about two thirds of water and with the combination of dust and water; He formed the body of the Man. Moreover, just to think of this, God placed all of this creative ability in you.

Plan For Today by Exploring Your Tomorrow

Your future does not have to be an unexpected surprise; but if you do nothing today, your tomorrow will unquestionably be a surprise. Go ahead, take a few moments and travel two to five years into your future and sketch out how you want your life to be two to five years from now. Your future is like an immense bright white canvass waiting for you to determine what it will be like when you arrive there. You have a chance to draw the plans for your future now. Do not wait for fate to determine unpleasant surprises, use your creative ability and do today what creates your tomorrow. Your past is tainted and full of failure, frustrations and disappointments, but your future is bright and spotless. You can make your tomorrow exactly how you want it to be. You are the Michelangelo of your future. Draw it out, plan it and then live it. Nothing will be in your future that you have not already done today.

The Moral Fiber

Plato asked, “Can Virtue or Character Be Taught?” in serveral of his dialogues. However the question should be, can a person be taught right from wrong. Discover the answer in this blog post.

In several dialogues of Plato, he asks, “Can Virtue or Character Be Taught?” This age-old question has been debated since the Athenian philosophers came on the scene. The question should be if one could be taught right from wrong, and the answer to this question is, yes. However, character should be illustrated by what you do with knowing right from wrong. Children have certainly been taught what is considered right and wrong behavior portrayals in society. Nevertheless, oftentimes, they fail to live up to the standard of true character, as do we adults.

Are There Chronic Liars?

There are people you can trust and there are those who would lie through their teeth in order to escape from exposing their true motives or actions. The people I am speaking of can be classified as friends, relatives, spouses, bosses, law enforcement officers, Christians, politicians, etc. Are you wondering why I placed Christians on this list of people who can possibly be void of moral fiber? This list can easily trickle over into every group in life. People that are position oriented or status conscious are those most likely to exhibit character flaws.

Research on Lying

A not-so surprising result of a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert S. Feldman and published in the most recent Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology discovered that most people lie in everyday conversation when they are trying to appear likable and competent or if they are trying to convince someone of their ability or character. The study also revealed that 60 percent of the people who agreed to the study lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation and told an average of two to three lies.

Establishing Character

Character cannot be taught, but it can be established and built. On the other hand, integrity can only be established and practiced. Let us take a moment and find out what exactly is character? Character is an attribute or a quality that defines a person. A person is defined by a certain set of habits, qualities or attitudes and these form the basis upon which your character is judged.

What Builds Character

There are also positive or negative associations of character. When a person is considered a person of character, the unsaid adjective is a positive or negative. If it is positive, it is an indication that he is ethically and morally upright and can be trusted. When someone is said to be a character, it could mean the negative-that he could be funny, awkward, or boisterous. Without exception, every attribute of you goes into the building of your character. If someone were to describe YOU as a character, they would take into consideration all aspects of your personality, including your physical appearance, your social habits, your psychological reactions and other people’s perception of your strengths. In reality, people’s perception of your character is what goes into giving you a reputation, whether positive or negative.


Your associations and what you listen to daily can help others to define you and the direction your life is going. People do not like to admit this, but your friends tell us a lot about you and your character. A person may say that they are nothing like their friends, but in truth, the fact that you listen and associate with such unscrupulous personalities at times, informs us of your potential. If you do not believe what I am saying, think hard about times when you left your friends presence-do you find yourself rehearsing the words you heard from your friend in someone’s ear. How about reviewing the price of the homes all your friends have or the income level of your friends. Your income is an average of your ten closest friends, so what does that say about your earning potential.


Criminals hang out with criminals, gossipers love the company of other gossipers, and wise people love talking with people with great wisdom. You attract after your own kind. In truth, your character is the attraction that lures people with similar qualities. Therefore, do not be surprise with those people you cannot seem to shake away.

Is Your Past Your Future?

How you think reveals who you are. Are you a previewer or a reviewer? Discover you answer in the post.

I remember some time ago, a well-groomed young man in his early thirties came to me and asked for a minute of my time, and I said, “Sure, what can I do for you?” I was slightly skeptical, but also curious as to what he had to say. “I used to dream big until my business failed. I made too many mistakes and bad financial decisions to think that I could ever own a business again,” he said. My reply was, “Reflecting isn’t bad until you live there.”

Two Patterns of Thought

People have two basic forms of thinking patterns, one is constructive and the other is destructive. Melancholy people often live their life in review, too afraid to attempt new things because of their past failures. This form of thought pattern is destructive in nature because it demolishes hope. You will find this to be true with those who have been hurt in relationships, experienced divorce, or been disappointed with a business associate. Whenever a melancholy person initially becomes excited over a new business idea, they will put their life in review and recall the difficulties of starting and not succeeding in business. Therefore, after careful examination of their past failures, they will conclude that their ideas will never work. This person is often sad and depressed because the things they would love to do are reduced to his or her historical blunders.

The other form of thought pattern is constructive because it helps to build a healthy outlook on one’s life and personal future endeavors. These people often see things in preview. They would rather focus on tomorrow whether than presently live the regret of the disappointments of yesterday.

“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”
–John M. Richardson, Jr.

Where is Your Focus?

People who often succeed in living their life’s perspectives are those who learn from their past, focus on their present to develop for their future. This kind of person loves to get up in the morning because they look forward to doing something they have never attempted before. They do not live their entire lives trying not to rehearse the past, but rather preparing for the future. They are not familiar with living in the safety zone. In fact, the safety zone is very uncomfortable for them because it suppresses their creativity and locks them in a cavity of routines.

Are you the kind of person who often focuses on “what use to be” or one who loves to channel his or her life in the direction of “what ought to be?” Are you one who has to squeeze the worth out of living or value living because of its worth? Make your choice and decide today!
Charles F. Kettering once said,

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”

If you are not concerned with your future, you are someone who has no clue where you are going. Allow your future perspective to be previewed instead of your past being constantly reviewed.

Sweet Little Lies

Are you the kind of person who would rather hear the truth or would you preferred hearing a lie? You might be surprised at how many people have a built-in mechanism that discourages them from hearing the truth.

Are you the kind of person who would rather hear the truth or would you preferred hearing a lie? You might be surprised at how many people have a built-in mechanism that discourages them from hearing the truth. From celebrities to orphans, we have all at one time or another been opposed to hearing the truth when it relates to us personally. We have all heard the phrase, “The truth hurts!” before, but how many of us actually believe it. A good number of people have come to believe this and therefore when the truth is told to them, it actually hurts. If something hurts in your body, a person usually tries to pinpoint the pain and its source. For instance, if my right arm were hurting I would immediately attempt to determine if my pain was from my shoulder, elbow, back or waist. However, what could be hurting me when I am told the truth?

Hiding Behind Pride

Oftentimes, we go through life avoiding our personal issues and shortcomings by hiding behind a false sense of pride. That pride or ego becomes the protector of our feelings, shielding us from any truth that can cause us to surrender to the acknowledgment of our inadequacies. What happens when you hear the truth about something you have been avoiding…is that your ego or pride is damaged. This can actually be a good thing, if the individual no longer continues to lie to him or herself, but allows the truth to become therapeutic.

Truth is a Healing Balm

Because of the negative connotation we have heard about the truth all of our lives, it has made us mentally disabled and incapable of accepting the real value of “Truth.” The truth is actually a healing balm when properly used; it repositions the personality, reestablishes pride to its rightful posture, and makes one transparent and self-assured. Avoiding the truth damages the self-exalted, egotistical character leaving it exposed to feelings of being victimized and injured. This is not good for people who continue to misappropriate blame and channel it in a direction opposite of them. Needlessly to say, this kind of personality is deprived of the kind of relationships that build character and forge strength into integrity because they will attract people that lack character and have a propensity to surrender to their need of adulation-despite how artificial it is.

Pain is a Sign

If the truth hurts, it is because it wants to heal. Pain is actually a sign that the healing process is about to flow. It is also a sign that something is wrong internally and needs immediate attention. Something is terribly wrong when a person believes him or herself to be one way when to others they are not remotely close to their perceived self.

“Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you.”

-Wayne Dyer

Whenever you believe yourself to be better than others because of your appearance, your wealth, and family heritage or celebrity statue – remember that you are just like everyone else on God’s green Earth…dirt.