Failure is Filled with Good Efforts

Wasted talent and ability is the humiliation of humanity. The worst thing a person can do is have such great potential but so little confidence. The lack of confidence is a by-product of how a person sees him or herself, especially during times of extreme pressure and difficulty. Pressure exposes the faults, cracks or weaknesses in the armor (façade) people wear to appear strong. It is extremely easy to hide behind the thin paper veneer of words, but words without history are simply empty vessels.

The Invaluable Commodity

What makes a person great and his personality standout? Is it because he or she is funny or because they are smart? I would love to say these are important qualities of a self-assured person, but this is not the case. Many smart and funny people are undisciplined and irresponsible when it comes to performing on the grand stage of life. Life produces challenges that reveal our inability to handle timidity. What is actually missing in the majority of people with great potential is the absence of personal leadership or mentorship. Avoiding a person who can possibly help channel your strengths and diminish their weaknesses, is an invaluable commodity.

Simple Efforts

Millions never reach their full potential because they choose not to maintain their posture of discipline. While few people are realizing their dreams, many people have settled on their good efforts. In other words, they liquidate or reduce their God-given ability to simple efforts that only deal with frail attempts. Potential is that intrinsic ability one might have, but for some reason they have not come to realize their ability. I am convinced that most of us are content with just trying to live better instead of living better lives.

Forced Habits

To reach your full potential or to get close to fulfilling it, you must unlearn many of your forced habits. Your chief deterrent, inhibitor or a restraint is “effort.” Effort is simply a measured attempt to perform what one does not believe can be achieved. Potential is the full capacity of one’s ability to attain it.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Most people have been tutored and motivated to give their best effort in school, sports and other activities. However, many of us lack the encouragement that we are more than capable of consummating our goal or task. Therefore, our ability is not limited, but our knowledge is. Effort points to trying your best to do something, but never being able to reach your capacity. Humanly, we rest on the premise of efforts, only to secure the feeling that we gave it our best shot. Unfortunately, your best shot usually proves to be inadequate for the task. People who do not realize their potential will be satisfied with their efforts and promote their efforts over their potential. The people who usually acclaim they are never able to get over the hump, are the ones who are simply afraid to push themselves to experience what they can really do. In other words, the time, energy, and resources needed to push hard to realize or to reach their goals, is too much of a price to pay.

Predetermined Limitations

Your car is capable of going more than 120 miles per hour, but your learned restrictions of 55 miles per hour has caused you not to exceed speeds faster than 55. Consequently, fear attempts to set in when you exceed the speed limit to speeds of 90 and over. The reason for the dominance of fear is due to the restrictions taught. Efforts are learned limits, while potential is unlimited.

Never Settle

I fully believe potential can only be realized if God is placed in the equation. When you accept God’s divine image in your life, you will never settle for reaching a goal line you can simply crossover.

Good Ideas Does Not Equate To Success

I have learned that ideas are a dime a dozen, and that it takes more than a dime to develop just one of your ideas. Within this next phrase rests a key principle—Success is guaranteed to the person who is willing to do what others only talk about doing. With some people, it either costs too much, takes up too much time, too much red tape to cut through or that they do not have enough money to tackle their ideas. In essence, what they have is too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right stuff. These excuses will fly with the people who say them, but they will never work with those who have laid their careers, savings, and time on the line to secure their dream.

Awaken Your Attributes

People rarely want to hear the truth, especially when it comes to acknowledging that their sad state of affairs is their own fault and that they have no one to blame. These people do not want to aim too high because this can help them avoid disappointment and failure. How will you ever identify the genius within you if you only choose to attempt feats that are too small and very easy to accomplish that a five year-old can easily perform. When you take on a challenge that is bigger than you are, it will inspire you to awaken your dormant attributes to discover ways to accomplish your goals which otherwise may have still been invisible to you.

Success Cannot Be Denied

No one can build a secure fence around opportunities and wealth. No one person can monopolize success and keep you from experiencing it. However, you can lock yourself out from all the possibilities of succeeding and become completely oblivious to the doors that are waiting to be open by you. Many people sabotage their own efforts to become millionaires or financially secured by choosing to believe things that are completely antagonistic against establishing wealth and experiencing success. Their present system of belief has caused them to place the blame on God for their lack of success because they believe that God is saying that they are not ready for it. Let us not put words in God’s mouth that He did not say. Commit your actions to the level of your mental energy (enthusiasm) and watch how you will become a magnet and attract the things you believe.

Self Imposed Obstacles

People inadvertently create their own obstacles and wonder why there is a roadblock ahead while travelling on a path to fulfillment and success. What you come to believe about money determines how much or how little you will acquire during your lifetime. Your money is the sum total of your efforts, life, energy, breath, strength and knowledge. All of these applications are what you use every day to make money. You are actually giving your energy, time, knowledge and experience in exchange for money. Essentially, you are exchanging portions of your life for wages. If you do not manage what money you receive, you are not managing your life because your money helps you to manage your lifestyle.

Start Where You Are

You are not so far behind that it is too late to improve your life, marriage, income, etc. Just about any place is a good place to start again. You will always be a distance away from where you want to be, so start where you are. Realign yourself with your passion; reacquaint yourself with your purpose; and manage the characteristics of your life with faith. If you do not fully trust yourself, trust God. Trust the gift He has placed in you because it is one of a kind. Generate your own energy and do not depend on others to motivate you. Speak words to manufacture a dynamo of drive and passion to stay in a constant state of mobility.

Harmonize Your Words

One of the key components to be successful, not becoming successful, is maintaining a defensive posture to combat falsehood and develop an offensive strategy to defeat the small foxes that destroy the vine as well as the giants that try to intimidate. Guard your mouth and become selective with your choice of words. Make sure your words harmonize with your true aspirations. Join these elements with your faith and you will have an unbeatable combination. Faith is the quintessential to all accomplishment. Remember that faith does not make things easy; it makes all things possible.