How to Pull Yourself Out…

How do you pull yourself out of the dumps financially, spiritually, and emotionally when you feel you are so down in it that there seems to be no possible way out of it? I understand how one can feel when it seems that every door you have knocked on has had no response to the urgency of your need. Time does not stand still and neither do people; while life is being slowly siphoned out of you daily as you look for ways to escape the vicious cycle of one disappointment after another. As you attempt to avoid the symptoms of an internal virus, the virus continues to eat away at what progress you may have made. However, the struggle is apparent and the questions you have are still unanswered. You are tempted to capitulate and join the ‘woe is me’ association in hope that you can bury your head and never resurface again.

When you are in a dark hole financially, spiritually, and emotionally, it is easy to feel discombobulated by the frustration and anxiety that comes with feelings of displacement. In times like these, it is important to know that not all who wander in the maze of frustration and disappointment are lost in it. Take advantage of your present situation and think with sobriety and not with anxiety. As calmness settles in, so will clarity concerning what to do. Your life will begin to adapt and reflect the status of your mind. A person who thinks that their life is not a reflection of their thoughts is one who believes they had nothing to do with the unpleasant consequences that resulted from bad choices. Situations are usually not favorable because instead of being active in searching for ways out of them, we sit inactively waiting for someone to rescue us out of our apathy. The degree of responsibility you take for your life determines how much change you can create in it. The actions of a man help to determine his value. Little action results in little value. If a person doubles their action, they will double their value.

As long as you are alive, no situation is truly hopeless. Having a passion for life and a desire to live it to its fullness will ensure that your attitude about it will remain fresh and vibrant. Refuse to waddle in the puddle of discontent, when you can swim in the ocean of vast opportunities. Despite how doom and gloom you feel about your life’s condition or the collision course you feel that you are on with failure, remember, failure is only failure when you have made it your permanent residence. The obvious is that you are not satisfied with where your life is right at this moment, and most people are not. However, rather than waste time and energy complaining and worrying, use that time and energy to wisely and constructively deal with whatever is causing your anxiety.

Many years ago, a young Midwestern lawyer suffered such deep depression that his friends thought it wise to keep all knives and razors from him. During this time he wrote, “I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell. I awfully forebode I shall not.” He was wrong. He did recover and went up to become one of America’s most-loved presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” –Viktor Frankl

I know at times you wish you could change your circumstances and how they affect your life and your loved ones, but here is some good news…you can. Everything and every occurrence is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Change things mentally, and mentally things will change. Speak to the things you want to change in your life, and your life will change into the things you speak. Jesus said, “…you shall have whatever you say.”

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A Simple Twist to Upgrade Your Money Potential

This is an excerpt from “A Simple Twist to Upgrade Your Money Potential” from my book UNEXPECTED TREASURES, which I believe will help you improve and increase your potential to make more money. Money may not buy you love, but that does not diminish the importance of its necessity.

“It is extremely difficult to remain motivated to work for a paycheck you have already spent, especially when the money is going towards something you do not even need. Money may not bring you happiness, but it certainly enables you to look for it in plenty of places. Moreover, the feeling we get from the things money provides bears a close resemblance to happiness. Do not misunderstand me! I do not love money; I simply like it a lot. People who claim not to like money will often lie about many other things, as well. I merely like the time-saving convenience and numerous opportunities that money affords me.

You may be wondering why the subject of money is so important to me. The truth is…I realize that I have an important mandate on my life to help as many people as I can succeed financially before I depart this Earth. Part of my purpose in life is to impart my wisdom on financial increase into the lives of those who will receive it. I am truly more interested in your success than your adoration.

Managing and keeping money requires more skill than earning it. It behooves each and every one of us to become a good money manager because you have the highest vested interest in how well your money performs in the marketplace. The wealthy have many concerns, but theirs look very different than those of the poor and middle-class. With the poor, obtaining money is a hounding thought; with the middle-class, getting it to stretch is a consuming notion; but with the wealthy, getting it to travel farther is an exciting occupation of energy and thought. Wealthy individuals play the money game to win while others simply play not to lose.

People with a poor perspective of money matters tend to always be in survival mode when it comes to living life. Their primary goal is to have enough money to pay their bills on time and stash away ample funds to afford a vacation. On the other hand, a healthy approach to money management causes individuals to amass wealth, not just an income. These individuals are committed to wealth accumulation – not debt accumulation. While poor and middle-class people may want to enjoy financial prosperity, it is the wealthy individuals who consistently demonstrate their commitment to producing it. If you are totally committed to creating wealth, chances are you will not. Most Americans know exactly how it feels when their money is funny, but there is nothing funny when your money does not meet your basic needs.”

In order to change your potential to make more money, you have to change what you believe about it. Everyone wants to make more money, even the ones that make billions. The truth of matter is that without adequate money, existing in this life is about all one does!

Unveil Yourself

There is one thing all human beings have in common, besides being human beings: We are all good at hiding who we really are inside. As children, we had no clue that our parents or caretakers taught us the fundamentals in concealing our true identity. Moreover, we had next to no opportunity to disagree with the cultural and societal arrangements made for our lives. We are constantly bombarded with messages to remind us to bathe, brush our teeth, perfume, feed, rest, and decorate our bodies with fashionable clothing so we can feel happy and successful. We live in a culture that reinforces this belief. A great number of people living in this present era are subjected to this philosophy and as a result, we treat ourselves as primarily a package whose contents are insignificant.

It would appear easier to define ourselves by the external packaging rather than by the inner qualities, which we are unable to perceive with our five senses. When everyone else is perceived as defining him or herself this way, it seems easier to conform rather than be different. Being different is not bad, unless you have been raised in a dominate culture that teaches it is. No two people on planet earth are the same. Therefore, it is good to celebrate yourself-for you are a unique creation of God with not only inalienable rights, but also unlimited potential.

One question I often hear from others is, “How do I get better at what I feel I am so lousy at performing?” Everyone wants to be better at what they do, especially when it involves others. Married men want to learn how to be better husbands and fathers to their children. Women want to be better wives and mothers to their children. People want to do their jobs better. Students want to learn how to get better grades. Musicians want to be better musicians and the list goes on and on. I have never met a person who did not want to get better at anything, even if it was just life. Everyone has this intrinsic desire to get more, to improve or to learn more than what they presently know. How to tap into the strength to perform on a higher level eludes most people. However, what needs to be understood is that the ability is present, but the inhibitors are concealed.

Performance inhibitors are things that stop us from reaching our personal best and living the kind of life we would like to live. Nevertheless, I have learned that being capable of performing your personal best does not make you able. Many intelligent and skillful people are capable of doing many things that would rival the best of them in their fields. However, having the intellect and the talent to perform at your best is not a license to do so without the inner belief you should have in yourself and your abilities. Most people are unaware of the inhibitors that slow their progress to a crawl.

I understand that you want more out of life. In addition, I realize how you want to improve your relationship with your significant other, but you cannot do it on your old system of belief. You can never go higher than your present information level. The data you have heard and what you have come to believe has generated enough faith and belief to get you where you are today. Your present information cannot generate enough faith to stretch your abilities no more than what they are already stretched. Moreover, where you are on the spectrum does not mean that you cannot go further. Nevertheless, once you are able to identify your inhibitors, follow these three simple steps to move from ground zero.

  1. Pump yourself with information using energy words such as faith, self-confidence, commitment, and conviction, which are conducive to catapulting you to reach peak levels.
  2. Force yourself to speak words that are constructive and productive. Speak words that will reconstruct your belief system and your words will become self-perpetual-producing a dynamo of internal energy that will push you to new levels.
  3. Read. Reading is an investment into the most progressive component of your intellectual apparatus…your brain. Never underestimate the potential of your brain. If God blessed you with a brain, use it. Your mind expands with information. Books are a seed. What you do with its information, is your harvest.

Make this information a daily rehearsal, and it will be like winning an Academy Award every day.

Are You Ready to Think On Your Own?

Be careful to qualify the information you acquire from others because it just might set you up for failure. You will be surprised how easily influenced people are by information that they accept without ever validating or substantiating its authenticity. And, even if the information is true, your question should be, “Does this information apply to me?” The problem with this world is that too many people think alike. Far too many people are coerced into thinking like the other fellow. Moreover, it does not take much for this to happen. People involuntarily inject their thoughts into those they have gained influence over. Generally, people do not think about this until it is brought to their attention. Nevertheless, this happens too many times.

Countless companies today profess to seek employees who think “outside the box,” which is an expression that has become popular over the last fifteen years or more. However, there are mitigating circumstances about this popular cliché and not too many people who can find conformity as to what it is. The closest way of defining or describing this phrase is by saying that it is at its core, creativity. Creativity in this case could simply be finding new ways to solve old problems. However, companies want more than solution-oriented techniques; they want growth analysis that is perpetuated with proven methods that is ever adjusting in an ever changing economy. The survival of businesses today is going to take breaking ordinariness or routine and stretching beyond its industry. Experts in the same field are simply people married to methods. Experts are usually stuck in the mud and are unwilling to move beyond old standards.

I was recently talking to a young college student that mentioned his apprehension about a test that other students had informed him was so difficult to pass, that even the professor boasted of his test stats. There is nothing more discomforting than to receive information from your college professor on how seventy percent of his students flunked his first test. Most likely, seventy percent of the students that took this test were influenced by someone who most likely had failed. Yet, the other thirty percent paid no attention to the erroneous information and rose to the occasion, challenged the professor’s failure stats, and passed with excellence. The people who gave into the information about how difficult the test was, most likely came out of the test classroom demoralized, thus, validating their story.

Someone’s bad news doesn’t have to become yours. People seek to influence others, especially when it comes to someone attempting something they have failed at. When someone communicates to you their experience about a particular occurrence…good, bad, or indifferent, you are left with the mental stains of their failures or accomplishments, thus limiting your mental visual to their experience. Some things are better left unsaid. Don’t allow someone to volunteer information unsolicited because they may not tell you what you need to hear and may set you up for failure.