Resiliency in the Time of Unbearable Conditions

When a situation occurs that can ultimately affect the way your life can possibly turn out for the worst, there is one of three possible choices you can make to react to this condition. You can decide to panic, do nothing and adapt, or become innovative.

Considering the economic conditions we are facing in this country with unemployment in the double digits, the increasing home foreclosure rate and diminishing property value, and healthcare prices through the roof, people are wondering how is it possible to save even a dollar; especially with taxes increasing every time a politician sneezes. With the constant negative fluctuation of U.S. currency, upheaval with our political officials, the threat of nuclear warfare, and white-collar crime increasing, whom do we trust with our future earnings—whom do we trust with our lives? Our military men and women are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Three quarters into the year 2010, the military experienced twice the number of suicides from the previous year. Americans are angry and fed up with our government sending government civilian personnel and troops over to defend and help build the economies of other nations as they perform such a task under volatile conditions, while the U.S home front is collapsing under the weight of social programs, wasteful spending, excessive taxes and a bureaucracy that apparently does not care about its own citizens.

Already, some people are surmising that the American ship is going down and have decided to check out of this life by committing suicide. Panic appears to be the choice of some people. However, when a person panics, all self-control is lost and the ability to think clearly is cluttered with ‘what ifs’ that have nothing to do with what is. Let me suggest to you that this is not a time for panic, but sober contemplation. We cannot assume the phrase, “We will not go down without a fight.” We must only consider the phrase, “We will not go down!” With this attitude, fortitude is established and focus intensity is applied. Therefore, when politicians fail, pandemonium is served, and conditions are other than favorable. Who do you trust…trust God!

There are people who do nothing in this country but complain and adapt to environments without any attempt to create change. “What can one man do” they exclaim while conditions worsen around them. They are wielded into the declining conditions as a permanent fixture, never to rise above it. There is still another choice that should be considered, and yes, it is the best choice of all.

It was Plato who said that necessity is the mother of invention, and believe me, innovation is the prevailing thought. There are a people who have displayed resilience under severe and sometimes unbearable circumstances and have come out even more determined to live on. Jewish people, whom I have had the wonderful privilege of engaging and hearing their stories, have encouraged me in more ways than one could possibly imagine.

If Jewish people were forbidden in one direction, they would excel in another. When Jews were prohibited to deal in new clothes, they sold old clothes—that was the beginning of the organized traffic in secondhand clothing. When they were not allowed to deal in merchandise, they dealt in waste—the Jew is the originator of the waste product business of the world; they were the originators of the salvage system and found wealth in the rubbish of civilization. America and the world have the history of the commercial descendants of those earlier Jews who turned adversity into success…not by becoming bitter, but better.

Beloved, despite the economic woes of this nation, if we, the people can believe, decide not to panic and begin to eradicate our personal debt by taking a strategic approach to doing so, we will succeed. Despite what the nation is experiencing…do not panic nor adapt to the conditions of your surroundings. Become resilient and learn to work within the system until the system works for you.

Avoiding the Debt Trap

People everywhere are talking about their expectations for 2011. In fact, much of it sounds like a broken record that keeps skipping on the same lyric. James Brown called it out in one of his sounds when he said, “…like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.” This may or may not mean anything to you. However, when people have been saying the same thing year after year without any improvement they are like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.

This year is going to be different than any other year before. You have to believe and become proactive in ensuring that the challenges of 2011 does not overcome you. Most people are chased by their 2010 problems into 2011. In fact, the challenges many of us may have avoided did not disappear, but stalked us and will reappear in this New Year. You may find yourself experiencing old stuff trying to come back into your life. Such as old toxic relationships that you personally never ended, it just faded off the scene, old debt that you assumed the company forgot about them, extra pounds that come in the form of cookies, ice cream, Mc Donald’s, etc. What are you going to do when your New Year’s resolution is challenged by old unfulfilled promises? Are you going to go into hiding or are you going to face them?

Do yourself a favor, this year, make no promises, no talk, just take action! Be proactive instead of reactive. Develop a plan. Whether that plan is to get out of debt or lose pounds and inches, make a plan and follow it to completion. Forget about convincing others; convince yourself. Your self-improvement is predicated on how you disapproved of your miserable failing of last year’s target. Take a different approach and attack your goals from a different angle. Good fighters are wise fighters who understand that you are not to always attack your opponent head on. The New Year is going to require more focus and tenacity to get better. You can do this! I know you can! Challenge your weaknesses, challenge yourself. Don’t settle for moving an inch when you are capable of moving a mile. Accomplishing a mile of progress may not come in one big leap. It may come in inches, but remember that a mile can be broken down into inches.

Say goodbye to debt. Say goodbye to pounds and inches. Say hello to success! Celebrate every small accomplishment you make. Do not undermine “small.” The Bible says, “…despise not the day of small beginning.”

Overcoming Deficit Financing

Understanding the why you are in debt is more powerful than understanding the how you got into debt. Discover how you begin your journey to get out of debt and on the road to becoming financially free.

defici-financing-postGetting out of debt sounds like a viable option, but is debt reduction a better one? I believe that one should not put the cart before the horse. When it comes to getting out of debt, I believe the process should begin with debt reduction. The pressure to totally eradicate one’s debt may seem a little beyond one’s reach. However, using the term ‘debt reduction’ may sound a lot less threatening, troublesome, and a little bit more realistic. If you practice the law of first things, you will discover that you tried at one time to manage your debt when the first thing that was done was that you got into debt. Study why you went further into debt and you will be able to destroy the root cause to your debt problem. How you got into debt will only cause you to focus on the symptoms, not the actual problem. Intention will not remedy the problem, but being proactive will. It is not feasible to have a mental debt reduction plan because mental plans do not work. In your mind, you are working on a plan to reduce the amount of debt without understanding how you got so deep into it in the first place. Understanding the why is more powerful than understanding the how.

What I would like you to do this week to self-help your problem is write down your bills, what you owe, and your monthly payment. Put them in order so that it is easy for you to track them. Reminisce on when and why you entered the debt agreement and the circumstances surrounding it. For example-were you going through a divorce and needed the extra cash or something similar? Think of all your bills in light of the situation. This may help you to understand to some degree the habits or patterns you may have followed for years without giving it any serious thought. This can be the start of how to stop getting by and start getting ahead. Do not be intimidated by my information. I am friendly fire coming to destroy the enemy of your life. Poverty is stolen wealth and it is about time we catch this thief for the last time.

Learning to manage your time will help you better manage your life. Learning to manage your money will help you to manage your lifestyle. People do not make decisions about their lives and the things they can and cannot do. Money is the one tool that governs most people’s decisions concerning what can and cannot be done. Little money gives few opportunities for what things people can enjoy. Money is simply a tool used to extend opportunities to those who have enough of it and the privileges to enjoy just about anything their money can afford. The things money cannot finance are integrity and character. If these could be purchased and bartered for, it would not be real integrity and character. It is a counterfeit of the true value of life.

Most people give too much credit to doctors, lawyers and business owners as if these careers are the epitome of an emblem of wealth. If a doctor drives a new Mercedes, most people think his career fits the car. If a professional actor drives a Bentley, we without fail, would say the career fits the car. The truth of the matter is that there are many financially broke doctors, lawyers and actors that are broke because the career does not guarantee the skills to manage their money. Many wealthy janitors, teachers, and truck drivers gained their wealth status by making smart choices with their money. If you personally knew a janitor who was driving a new Mercedes Benz, you would probably think that he won the state lotto or something similar. Your chosen profession is not necessarily the key to your wealth, but your knowledge is.

For every one of us that succeeds, it is because there is somebody there to show you the way out.
~Oprah Winfrey

Accept the help from others who happen to know a little more than you. As a smart man or woman, it can save you a lot of grief and further embarrassment. Get connected to the real power to change and you will make a determination that life just got easier.