What Do You Do When You’re Between Jobs?

Idleness between jobs
Idleness is as dangerously reckless as driving a car at 120 miles per hour down a bumpy dirt road. If the speed does not cause serious injury or possibly death, hitting one of the bumps will.

In retrospect, if you consider the cause or reason for some of your troubles, you will discover idleness at the root of most of them. The mind is a unique mechanism and it requires deliberate actions or else it will conjure up its own actions. You might think that when you take a vacation, your mind should do the same. Continue reading “What Do You Do When You’re Between Jobs?”

How To Reach Your Potential

Reach Your Potential
Learning how to do something is not a mystery to solve; it is learning why you do something that is the key to discovering the secret that empowers you.

Have you ever stumbled into doing something by accident and later you could not figure out how you did it? People rarely ever stumble on why things are done because learning why takes a direct approach to determining a thing. If you discover the why, the how will come easily.

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