Follow Instructions

Following InstructionsOne of the most difficult things for people to do is follow instructions or directions, especially when it appears as though the instructions or directions are incorrect.

Have you ever had anyone give you directions to a particular place and their directions led you down a dark road that appeared to go nowhere? Or, you received instructions on how to do something and half way through the process you were more confused than when you initially started? These scenarios caused you to question if the instructions or directions were correct. Therefore, as a result you decided not to complete the full set of instructions and you did not follow through. Following through with the proper directions or instructions without seeing any preconceived markers along the process will have you second guessing yourself, even though you have not completed the process.

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The Power of Reach

reaching-200Where would you like to go? …Seriously!

What would you like to do? …No, really!

How much money would you like to make? …No kidding!

There is an element of your human physiology that is hidden deep within the crevasses of your capacity to think; to intellectually reason, to envision, and dream that cannot be touched with hands. And yet, it has the ability to reach far beyond all of your physical capabilities. It is the part of our limited human make-up, which only seems to hide our spiritual essence and creativeness. In fact, it is more real than the tangible or visible. It’s your imagination.

Your imagination is just as much a part of your thought process as the brain in your skull. It is a major key to success. It is the treasure of your psyche and consciousness that can shift you from mental slavery to unlimited mental freedom. Somewhere along the route of growing up, many of us were influenced to turn our thoughts to academics — squelching imagination to follow a more linear route to achievement. Imagination isn’t limited to inventors, artists or performing artists. All of us have this powerful creative ability stored in the fibers of our imaginations. Your imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images, or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. It is unequivocally the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

Connecting imagination and creativity causes innovation to produce a unique twist to things already manufactured, to expand its potential, and also to cleverly come up with original ideas that have not been thought of. There are many things yet undiscovered only because imagination has not been unleashed to its full possibilities. Learn to listen not just with your ears, but with your entire being. People rarely ever go where they have not already been in their mind. The power of the imagination to reach further than you can go and do greater things you are capable of, will only happen as you feed your mind with positive capabilities.

There are so many factors that are used by individuals to be excuses for why they can’t dream, invent, or recreate. Fear, discouragement, negative talk, limited thinking, unbelief, and self-pity are all weapons that people turn on themselves to impede their own ability to appropriately use their imaginations. Our imagination enables us to break free from the slavery of limits and from the necessity to conform to natural forces.

Although the imagination has some limitations because it cannot control people and/or all circumstances, it is still quite powerful. The human race, absent of the imagination would not have been able to make the great leaps that it has over the last one hundred years; from sending a probe to Mars and landing it, to inventing 3D Copy Machines, open heart surgery…and so much more.. This realization further reinforces the belief that humans are the only species with enhanced imagination, as no other species has had similar advances.

The power of the imagination is one of the components given to humanity to mentally create what one might desire, so they can reach and stretch out there, into the void of space…by faith, to pull that created image into reality. The power of imagination impacts our lives in a multiplicity of ways. Imagination is specifically a human gift. To imagine is to simply have images in your head progressing in a sequence that is perhaps from memory or an unknown future. It can be us merely making out what we want to happen in our own future.

Release your imagination. Create your future world. You have the resource to do it, so why not go for it. Reach! Stretch! Make contact with what’s out there in your created world. Don’t be concerned about the “how,” and don’t make excuses for the lack of understanding about the why, because you do indeed possess imagination. Imagination doesn’t have to be understood, just believed. If you are not having the kind of success you want in your life, your imagination is in all probability at work with fear, doubt, anxiety and limited beliefs.

Through your imagination you learn to manage your environment. Your life is adorned with the thoughts in your head. Imagine dressing in your ideal way and watch how you will subconsciously gain a strength and tenacity to lose weight so you will look the way you imagine yourself to be. Remember, a star is born when a person realizes their interior strength, talent, and ability and uses them to benefit humanity.

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