World Shaper or Moneymaker

Are you an asset or a liability? Allow me to rephrase the question. Do those who know you consider you an asset or a liability? Have you grown in the last five years to gain more knowledge and wisdom to aid your church in reaching the community in order to grow or to help guide those who may need assistance in life or your employer who desires for his or her company to grow? Can you answer these questions without automatically assuming that you are an asset without actually examining your output? What good is your life if you are not doing something to help someone to live a better life?

I can view the daily activities in people’s lives and tell if they are world shapers or simply moneymakers. In other words, the moneymaker is only interested in building a career and making as much money by avoiding any personal contact that may hinder their chances of making a dollar.

On the other hand, a world shaper is someone who looks to be a blessing in the lives of others by committing themselves to wisdom and knowledge so that they can be properly equipped for the challenges others may face as well as themselves. Paul in the Bible said, “If we live only to ourselves we are men most miserable.”

People have lost a sense of purpose as to why they should do things. Money should not be the number one culprit for why you work, have a business, and or want to meet people. This, my friend, only indicates how shallow your life actually is.

I have dedicated my life to a life of service without the promise of making a lot of money. In fact, the proof of my servitude is in the price I pay daily. I do not look for the pats on the back or the nice gestures of thank you, but simply how can I do a better job the next time in being a blessing in someone’s life. This is not an indication that I should not be wealthy.

On the contrary, my life attracts wealth because I am dedicated to the lives of others. I do not serve money; I serve God and people. I strongly believe that a life of servitude cannot be measured in dollars and cents. The number one cause for people refusing to live out God’s determination for their lives is how much money they think they will lose in order to obey God. Jesus said, “Man cannot serve both God and money…” If you cannot give it, you do not own it, it owns you. Live a life of service to God and man and God will ensure that your life is filled with the true treasures that only He can provide.

Divorce statistics and what they mean to you

Most reasons given for divorce are simply byproducts of a deeper interpersonal deficiency – hypersensitivity to trivial matters. Most people are aware that divorce has become a common occurrence both in the United States and abroad. We are also aware that an estimated 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the United States.
According to statistics, second marriages fail at a rate of 60-67 percent; and third marriages fail at a rate of 73-74 percent.

Divorce statistics show that there are a number of reasons why marriages fail. On the other side of these reasons are a good number of reasons why marriages succeed. However, why do we love to narrow our sights in on the negative aspects, as though couples should spend the majority of their energy trying to prevent these reasons from affecting their marriage? When this happens, the debris of our struggles slowly eats away at all the good reasons for enjoying a successful marriage.

According to divorced couples, the number one reason that marriage fails is due to either a lack of communication or poor communication. There is a positive side to this negative scenario. Couples who are happily married report that they enjoy communicating with one another.

I do not claim to have all the answers for enjoying marital bliss; but I just happen to be the author of a book about marriage entitled, “msHow to Fix Your Marriage without using a Hammer.” I am also a clinical counselor certified by the State of California. This may mean absolutely nothing to you, but for what it’s worth, having over twenty years of experience helping people from rocky marriages to rocketing careers should account for something. In my previously mentioned book, I wrote about the solutions more than the problems. I figure this way, if you are busy doing what is required to have a good marriage, you will not have time to be concerned with what can destroy it. The dos will far outweigh the don’ts. People must be honest with themselves and with their spouses. Working on yourself is far easier than trying to fix your spouse. However, without exaggeration, most people are external when it comes to problems and finding solutions to those problems.

Scenario: Have you ever lost something and instinctively blamed someone else for it because the item was not where you thought you left it? If couples will look introspectively at themselves, they will not point the finger of blame at their spouses. Marriage can work, if you learn how to work it.

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Millionaire Businessman Teaches Success Principles “Sneak Peek”


I am dropping you a “peek” inside of a new project we are working on for you.

In order to archive real true success in your life, whether in business or in your personal life, there are principles that will help to shoot you to the top.

Each week I will release a video expounding on one of these power principles for success.

The above video is a sample of the principles.

This vid is an example of the principles that I will be talking about in upcoming vids. Let me know what you think about this brief example and ask any questions that you might have about anything contained in it. By commenting and asking questions so you are “voting” for the principle that you would like to hear more about.