The Challenge In Making Your New Year Your Best Year Yet


I was once asked by a married couple how they can make their New Year the best New Year ever. I asked, “Would it be insensitive for me to suggest that you learn how to exit the old year in the manner you intend for your New Year, without it sounding too vague? They both answered, “Of course not!” “Then, intentionally do daily everything [cause] you want your marriage to be [effect], and the results will continue to blossom for the entire 365 days”, I replied.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve come to the close of another year, and many of us hope to leave behind the results of sad and unfortunate experiences we think will try to track us into the New Year. Some people hope that somehow they can drag with them the great and wonderful times they’ve experienced in meeting new acquaintances along with other successes they had this year. However good, bad, or indifferent your experiences have been in 2014, the New Year is waiting to be shaped by the decisions you make today.

Sometimes I wonder if people honestly believe the New Year already has a schedule of events filled out for them, as though they are helpless to decide the outcome—at least in some matters. To believe this notion is preposterous. This counterfeit reality only gives a person the false comfort of being let off the hook from their responsibilities, as if destiny is not a matter of choice. If life is what you make it, then as long as you are alive and cognizant of your being; the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years are simply an empty cavity of which the contents you are to shape.

We know each day is filled with activity; but isn’t it better for you decide which activities you want to experience instead of allowing fate to decide for you? If a person does not have an organized system of belief for their life, then the natural function or pattern of being indecisive will select one for you. In other words, it’s like the old adage that says, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!”

This New Year doesn’t have to present the challenges you may have experienced from the previous year. Oftentimes, people make empty promises to themselves with no real intentions of fulfilling them. Perhaps, the reason for this is they believe that verbal expressions can somehow replace the expression of the physical components needed to fulfill them. However, it takes more than just an open mouth; it takes physical strength to correspond with your words to make things happen.

So, let’s talk about the real stuff needed to shape your New Year into the best year yet. If, by the grace of God, you are given the next 365 days to live, your days will exist before you as empty pages in a book or Hollywood movie script. However, you have to make the choice to be a willing participant. You must be the author, narrator, illustrator and publisher of your life by setting goals, and applying the energy to write your story for the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

Your life is not a journal. A journal is usually full of events that you record concerning the episodes for a particular day, for which you took no active part in predetermining. However, a script is what you decide to write into your day before you ever act it out. Therefore, write your script so you will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and write in it the details of how daily you will make it so.

Happy New Year!

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