Facing the Challenges

never-give-up200x150I have encountered many obstacles during my lifetime and undoubtedly, I will experience more. Nevertheless, there is one principle I have learned which has been the catalyst for my fighting through these obstacles… and this principle in simple form is to never give up!

Quitting is so easy to do for so many people, but not for me. I have an interpersonal conviction that even if I did capitulate because of the pressure; I do not think I could maintain a quitter’s mentality. I would feel so bad about quitting that I would convince myself to get up and go back at it. To walk away from something, knowing I could have done better is not an option.

Oftentimes, when a person wants to quit school, sports or during a game, or at life itself, they conjure up excuses as legitimate reasons for throwing in the towel. I love what Benjamin Franklin said, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for making anything else.” If you are going to quit in life or anything else, please do not make excuses because they insult the intelligence of those who have fought through the obstacles of life in order to win.

Every time I see a young person, or any person for that matter, give up, I see a person wasting their gift. Quitting in one area of life will spill over into just about every area until you make a decision to stop quitting. The fun part of persistence is fighting not to give up, instead of desperately searching to find reasons to resign your position. Fighting through your mental obstacles will inspire you both spiritually and mentally. Just in case you are not aware of this truth, I believe quitting goes through every persons mind at one point or another. However, the most important thing is how we deal with those thoughts of quitting that separates the quitters from the ones that drive on and ignore such thoughts.

If you find yourself facing discouragement because of a disappointment in life, do not turn from it; face it with courage and purpose. Normally, when you face discouragement, it is the last obstacle blocking you from succeeding.

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