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Following InstructionsOne of the most difficult things for people to do is follow instructions or directions, especially when it appears as though the instructions or directions are incorrect.

Have you ever had anyone give you directions to a particular place and their directions led you down a dark road that appeared to go nowhere? Or, you received instructions on how to do something and half way through the process you were more confused than when you initially started? These scenarios caused you to question if the instructions or directions were correct. Therefore, as a result you decided not to complete the full set of instructions and you did not follow through. Following through with the proper directions or instructions without seeing any preconceived markers along the process will have you second guessing yourself, even though you have not completed the process.

There are several reasons why people are constantly moving from place to place and from job to job or they are great starters, but lousy finishers. Normally, there is one immense reason, apart from the other small reasons for why people find it quite difficult to understand the importance of following instructions. Oftentimes, time and impatience takes precedence over importance. If you do not have time to do something right the first time, how will you have time to do it twice?

It is very important to follow directions and/or instructions in life, because not having directions and the ability to obey the given instructions, will ultimately lead to many unnecessary or unwarranted consequences. This is a basic tenant of not only professional and school life, but everyday life as well. The funny thing about instructions is that people will ask for advice when they have no intentions on heeding the advice given. I can’t count how many times I was asked about a certain scenario, and when I gave my answer, the individuals wore the look of, “Do you honestly believe I am going to do what you suggested?”

Imagine how many careers have been put on hold because college professors were not heeded to by college students, who wasted time playing around thinking they could do their school work at a later time. They paid no attention in class for the first six to eight weeks of the semester with the thought that they could catch up on the work. They soon discovered that when they didn’t follow the first set of instructions given, they became completely confused because they couldn’t understand the latter set of instructions. Instructions are always in place for a reason. Learning to follow instructions will help you succeed in your career, in school, driving a vehicle, in home projects and in almost all areas of life.

There are a myriad of situations in life where we can’t do things our own way but instead, must follow directions given by others. Following a teacher’s instructions at school, the recipe directions for baking a cake, or the Department of Motor Vehicle’s directions for getting a car licensed—all of these are times when we must follow directions and not invent our own way of doing things.

Learning the importance of instructions and developing the skill of following instructions and/or directions of how to do something exactly, will help both adults and children become more successful in their relationships and in their life achievements.

Learn to listen. Ask questions if you do not fully understand the instructions. Be patient and follow the instructions—line by line and precept upon precept. If you do this, God’s word will surely work out all the kinks in your life.

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