Instinct of A Premonition

TransitionCan you feel something is shifting in the atmosphere? Can you sense something is stirring beneath everything going on in society? What is it and what can it be? This is not a spooky Twilight Zone episode or some paranormal activity to open you to clairvoyant ability. However, these feelings or this sensing is the infrastructure of your human make-up placed in you by God. It is just as natural as it is spiritual—it is similar to your innate ability to sense danger.

There are times when a person can have an intuitive inclination about something they know nothing about, times when a person can actually sense something is coming whereby the agent of preparation is being pushed by the challenges a person is facing.

When you feel a push in your spirit or you have a premonition or suspicion that your life is about to shift from one direction to another, it is because it is. Sometimes, you start gearing up for something big, when in fact it could be something small but extremely impactful to your future. In fact, when this transition actually occurs you will probably not notice it until you see the new levels of opportunities clearly standing before you.

Allow me to explain what I mean by this. When there is a convergence occurring in your life, it is as if you can feel the winds of circumstances shifting, but you are not quite sure what change to expect. What is happening is situations in life, small or big, are pushing you to the brink of destruction or construction. The company you are employed by just layoff laid your best friend off but they promised you are not on the upcoming list of layoffs. You, however, wanting to feel a sense of comfort, were not totally confident with their statement. Sure enough, two weeks down the road you got the pink slip and you packed your things and left the company.

The oddest thing happened when you received the initial notice that the company would keep you…you had this push in you to prepare like never before for your next level. So that uncomfortable feeling was a clock ticking inside you warning you of a shift. Therefore, when the pink slip came, you were not discouraged; you were actually encouraged because the pink slip was the final confirmation of a shift; convergence. Out of this convergence came the birth of a multi-million dollar company which would never have been birthed if you had stayed in the comfort of a nine to five job.

Now don’t move so fast because there is another side to this narrative. When a person senses these intangible and unidentifiable intuitions and ignores them, the results will be an internalization of despondency. They will not only be left without a job, but the ball will continues to roll downhill to negatively affect their marriage, savings, and living conditions.

This unwarranted stress is a measured indicator notifying you that you have to expand. So, the pressure makes you feel you’re not ready; but in fact, you are ready. To you the pressure is a problem, but in actuality the pressure is a signal that it’s time to expand. If you continue to ignore the signal to expand, you will eventually become expendable. I don’t like saying this, but some people will live their entire lives in a small cavity because they don’t want to face the challenges which will open their sights, enlarge their living capacities and introduce them to a whole new world; which for them, only exists on the big screen.

While you are having moments of despair, God is expanding your capacity to occupy your destiny.

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