Mastering The Human Psyche

I consider myself to be a student of life, and because of that, I have studied different principles that exist in this earthly realm that have propelled people to succeed in life. One amazing truth that I have realized is that people who seem to be the most talented and intelligent don’t necessarily outperform those who are less talented. Rather, it is the people with the greatest desire to follow-through with their dream that excel the most.

We all have sat back and tried to figure out why certain people, who seem to have all the right stuff, never excel beyond mediocre. People who want to be great don’t always have the deep-seated compelling drive to qualify for greatness. Why is this? The reason is quite simple. The greatest attack on the human psyche is the lack of ability to believe in oneself. It is not more important for others to believe in you than for you to believe in yourself.

If I were to ask you, “Who are you?”, and all you can give me is your name, this may indicate that you struggle with knowing who you really are. Every person has three self images to deal with: the person he or she thinks others see, the person he or she thinks they are, and the person he or she really is. You can’t truly believe in all three images when you cannot identify which is the real you. Until you can make this all important determination, you will continue to struggle with completing any task of significance, because your value of self-awareness is nebulous.

People are not great by virtue of their wealth, but by the wealth of their virtue. Character is far more important than talent. Talent and appearance may get you on a professional sports team, it may get you one of the most desirable fiancées, or it may even get you noticed and hired by a large conglomerate, but character will cause you to succeed as a person in any of these areas.

“He does not believe who does not live according to his belief.”

~ Brian Tracy

You may not have all the educational qualifications of an Ivy League University Graduate; you may not have the history of an employee who has been working for an employer for over twenty years; you may not have the best skills of a craftsman; however, you have something more than all of these. While others believe in their education, or in their longevity with their employer, or in their talent; you, believe in yourself! The greatest sailing structure ever placed on water was not the Titanic, built by the greatest engineering minds of that day, but rather the Ark, that was built by an old man who believed in a plan that God placed in his heart.

Have faith in God, love yourself, and believe in yourself. If that is not enough for someone else, then they are not enough for you!

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