The Power to Make Decisions

“If the right choices are made, then the appropriate rewards must be given.”
~Dr. Mikel Brown


There was a Doctor who was at his wit’s end about making decisions and seeing all the patients he had in the waiting room. His nurse came into his office and said, “There’s a patient in the waiting room who claims to be invisible.” The Doctor replied, “Tell him I can’t see him!” (LOL)

Most of us would love to be invisible when it comes to making very important decisions, especially when they can adversely affect someone we know and love. There are so many decisions to be made during the course of a week that many people avoid making them. Their hope is that their much needed decisions can be made without their assistance or postponed for eternity. There are decisions that are not as important as other decisions, life threatening decisions, and decisions that must be made now rather than later. Although we would love to escape this process, it does not eliminate the fact that decisions must be made.

I firmly believe that whatever you decide today will determine your tomorrow. An old maxim says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I say, if you fail to make a decision today, one will be made for you tomorrow. Decisiveness is one of the keys to a successful life. Some people will never achieve their dream because they are waiting for the right opportunity to decide if the price is worth the prize. In truth, the worth should have been predetermined before any consideration.

Some years back, I owned an insurance agency and would have to train my sales force on how to get appointments and make sales. One particular note of information I would often tell my sales agents is that having a license to sell insurance and commodities is not the same as knowing how to sell them. People generally want to prepare financially for their future, but they also need help in making the right decision. Sometimes, it is not the product holding them up from making a decision; it is that they need the extra push to make a decision. This is when knowledge supersedes having a license to sell. Therefore, asking the right questions can help people make a decision.

Most people have not been trained mentally to make decisions habitually. Due to the lack of training, these people procrastinate or waver in their decision making process. Choices, decisions, and/or determinations are all a part of your human make-up. No one enjoys being forced to do something. Ask any of the tens of thousands of men and women living out their years incarcerated. I am sure they will tell you how it feels to be told when to wake-up, when to eat, when to bathe, and when to sleep. It is literally being stripped of one’s basic right to make one’s own decisions. Everyone soon learns that with the power of choice comes responsibility and repercussion. When wrong choices are made, eventually a price has to be paid.

Making a choice is better than making no choice at all. At least, by making a choice, you exercised your right to choose.

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