The Secret To Discovering Solutions

solutions-post-630 Are you overlooking the solution by only focusing on the problem? Understanding the origin of life’s situations holds the key to discovering solutions to every problem.

The sphere of life is filled with the succession of time, energy, and quintessence of all material. Life is like one big space of nothing waiting to be developed. These spaces are our individual environments, which exist all around us, and we live our entire lives within this cavity called ‘life’. The spaces which circumscribe our lives have within them the potential to produce whatever we decide to place within our personal vicinity. Inside this cavity holds everything life has to offer, and one can only access it if they have the ability to envision it and make it happen.

Problems and solutions are both neutral within our orb of existence and are only engendered when choices are made. However, if life seems to be problematic, then it must have had a creator to instigate its reality. The problem and the solution are one in the same because they are both created from the same substance. A problem originates as a result of the bad decisions or choices made which ignited the problem to materialize. Oftentimes, critical thinking must be applied in order to see the solution which hides in the crevasses of the problem.

“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

When an individual creates their own difficulty and tries to get others to repair it, it only exacerbates the problems. Solutions can be so easily discovered if a person would only go backwards to the place before the problem began, to reconsider the choices which were made. Allowing others to come into the middle of your situation, to help bring a resolution to your concerns without understanding the origin of it, will be of no real significance to you. It’s so much easier to suggest solutions when you don’t know too much about the problem. Think about it, when the government tries to fix problems with private corporations, the government’s solution to their problems are usually as bad as the problems themselves; because the symptoms gets the attention, not the problems.

True visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces. The only difference with the visionary is rather than becoming paralyzed by the problem; they immediately commit themselves to finding a solution by investigating the mechanics of that particular problem. Although, some level of stress may exist within them, especially when there are time restraints to consider, they refuse to seek relief from the stress because they realize their focus will be misdirected away from finding the solution.

Let me quickly define the word ‘problem’ because from its definition, it may clear up some misconceptions you may have about a problem. A problem is something which is difficult to deal with or it is difficulty understanding something or a source of trouble with the potential to result in anxiety. However, a ‘solution’ is defined as something used or done to deal with and end a problem; something which solves a problem or the condition of being solved.

Not everything or everyone you consider a problem, actually exists as one. Some occurrences or people are only problems because this is the way a person may see them. A solution is like connecting the dots, which points to the answer. Some solutions may seem difficult, but not impossible to implement.

For instance; eating is not the problem for people who are overweight, however, what you eat and how much of it can be the problem to obesity. Changing what is eaten and how much is consumed is the solution to one’s overweight condition. So, within the same context of eating as a problem, eating is also the solution—considering one governs their intake.

What if a person has money concerns? Like the problem with overindulgence of food, losing the excess weight is going to be a process. The only solution to money problems is money. The solution is not in having more money; the solution is in managing the money you have. You see, the solution is hidden in the problem itself. Finding a job paying twice the amount you are currently making will not answer your money concerns. When a person thinks this way, it is because they have no clue the extra money will only mask the problem and immediately deal with the symptom. But, when the extra money ointment wears off, they will be left with the same age-old problem.

There is no happiness in ignorance. Find your solutions before your problems start a serious revolution.

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