Think and Speak Out Loud

MBBlog_inside I believe the right talk is the key to produce the right results. But, I also believe the wrong talk is one of the main components that will produce the wrong results in your life. Based on the Good Book, you shall have whatever you say.

One of the greatest formulas you can discover in life is how to renew your mind by transitioning your thoughts from one form to another—thought to material; learning how to shift your mindset to your heart thoughts. There is no condition that is irreversible. All that can be broken is fixable. The reality of your world is not what you experience first, but what you envision first. Thoughts are the core substance that precedes the reality of its creation. Speaking the word is vital, but speaking out of your heart gives the word tangibility.

I have said often that you are a spirit, which has a soul and lives in a body—and this is the proper sequence. Your mouth is a release valve for what is overstuffed in your heart. Therefore, you have no other choice but to speak when the things in you are tipping over your lips. Believing is the start, but what you believe has the potential for life. However, life doesn’t occur until the stuff in your heart comes out of your mouth; good, bad or indifferent. Trying to convince you is not the same as being convinced.

You see, what you believe in your heart about your life, the world you live in, and your environment is evident by what you see around you and experience on a daily basis. The things that adorn your life are the things you have spoken from your heart life, or else those things would not be present.

Boldly speak out your words while targeting your expectations. It is important not to think into the atmosphere, but rather to speak into the atmosphere by discharging your words. No matter how people may struggle with particular situations, people rarely detect their condition as something reparable. An individual can fix a lot of things that are wrong in their life without having the pay a psychiatrist to help them if they will value their own importance. If you don’t believe in you, than who does? If you are negative about manners of your life, you are gushing out of your mouth the words from your heart to express or convey what you want to happen for your environment.

Your fortune begins in you, as you, and with you. Most people do not realize the force that change makes in one’s life by making a decision and speaking that decision out of your heart. Making a decision cannot be like a wish list stating your preferences. I would like to make more money, etc. The reason nothing happens is because instead of speaking a definitive word into the atmosphere, we speak our wishes.

Making a decision means cutting off any other possibility. In fact, ‘decision’ in the Greek understanding is to “cut off.” There are important basic decisions you have to pay attention to because they shape every moment of your life and control your destiny. Most of us make decisions by default, meaning we leave them up to circumstances. Because we delay in making a decision, we wait for circumstances to force us in a direction that we hope would eventually lead to our benefit.

You will pay a major price for not taking control and consciously and definitively making a decision. However, you can take control of these decisions and actually start to form your experiences so that you are living your life on purpose and not by experimentation. When decisions are definitively made, it places you in the flow of the intended choice. When you don’t make a decision, you get caught up in the current events, current circumstances, and current culture.

People are usually quick to accept horoscope writings to lead their daily activities and Christians accept salvation, but they aptly neglect the full council of the Bible. Thus, making them saved to the bone and broke as a bum.


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