Beyond Standard

I have never met a person whose endeavor was to be average or standard. Average is not a goal because it takes no extraordinary ability to achieve it.

Beyond Standard
Beyond Standard
I have never met a person whose endeavor was to be average. Average is not a goal because it takes no extraordinary ability to achieve it.

Standard or minimum requirement is the new ‘average’ which is the usual, the ordinary kind, or the least acceptable quality. It is the ‘typical’ accepted by the general public. It’s like the old maxim, “It can’t be wrong if everybody is doing it.” Why accept what everyone else does? Is it because it is safe? Do you feel that if you are like everyone else, you can then avoid being negatively discussed by others? Why do you want to fit into the mode of those that are negative? The words “standard or average” can be interpreted to mean median or norm, which indicates something that represents a middle point.

“The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity…”
~Andrew Carnegie

Imagine doing your job at an intensity level of 100%. What will the world consider you as then? You have to challenge yourself to be something more than average. You possess the power to transform your life instead of conforming to the mundane status that circumferences your life. The average person doesn’t know what to do with his or her life, so they leave it in the hands of chance or fate, hoping that someone will come and inform them on what to do with their life. People do not like to rock their ‘minimum standard boat’ because they like how safe it makes them feel. Living in the middle of the road is not safe, but rather dangerous. This is where most fatalities occur. These people believe that living on the edge has a greater potential for failure or it increases the risk factor.

To the contrary, the people who live on the edge are the people who abandoned fear, kicked excuses completely out of their life and raised the standard of mediocrity to excellence. If you do not have a plan for your life, you will simply help someone to live his or her life at your expense. Today, you to have to decide that you are going to do more than exist; you are going to live and live the rest of your life on purpose. Do more than talk, communicate. Do more than grow, bloom. Do more than work, excel. Do more than wish, believe.

Average people live in the shadow of excellence, always admiring the achievements of others that are not as gifted, but apparently more daring. You don’t have to be the smartest person to achieve greatness. Have you noticed that the cleverest people in school are usually not those who make it in life? If you want to be better than what you presently are, you must do things differently or better than others whose standard is ‘just to get by’.

Aim beyond what you think you are capable of achieving. You must develop a total disregard for where your abilities end and turn enthusiasm into the energy that moves you beyond your fears. Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you. You might succeed if nobody else believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.

Give yourself the permission to succeed! What you believe gives you the license to operate in what you believe. When you change your belief, you automatically change your performance as well.

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