Don’t Suppress What You Possess: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

PossessOne day, I was listening to a speech by Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, who said something that caught my attention. He said that when he was a young boy, whenever he had a problem, he would be apprehensive about going to his mother for an answer. He knew that with his question, she would ask him a question, such as, “Son, do you have a brain?” He knew that when he would answer with a resounding yes, she would then say, “Well, go figure it out!” This was the beginning of his quest for knowledge and his pursuit of wisdom. We often ask God for things He has already given to us. Our challenge only exists because what we have isn’t immediately identifiable or we are looking for something else other than the thing we are asking God for which He has weaved into the fabric of our being.

There are four things we find ourselves complaining about not having enough of when it comes to succeeding in life and business, and yet all four of these things which each individual possess in abundance, is either squandered or mismanaged. The problem is not that we don’t have enough of these items; our problem is that we do a poor job of managing these items.

Every person wants to succeed in having a better life and fulfill their lifelong dream. I want to help make this happen for you, but I cannot do it without you. I am locked into one of the most precarious situations because I want to do so much for others, but I’m often confronted with doubt and fear by most individuals. I have learned that most people don’t want answers, what they want is a hand to lead them step by step so that the weight and risk would be on the other person rather than themselves.

There are 4 things that you need to succeed, which oftentimes we claim to not have enough of. However, allow me to illustrate to you that you already possess more than enough of these four items:

1. The first thing most people claim to never have enough of to achieve their goal is “Time”

This can’t be further from the truth. Every person on this planet is allotted 86,400 seconds a day, which happens to be a lot of time. In fact, think of it as $86,400 dollars deposited into your bank account at your friendly neighborhood Daily Investment Bank. This gives you $31,536,000 (seconds) a year deposited into your life account.

You have more than enough dollars (time) to employ a personal trainer to help you develop a six-pack, to buy the best writers to help you write a bestseller, to attend wealth seminars to help you become rich and better manage your money, or anything else for that matter.

When you learn how to manage your time, you are also learning how to manage your life and this helps you with managing your money. Properly managing your money, helps you manage your lifestyle because time really is money. Time is your most precious commodity. Therefore, if you squander your time, you are also wasting your life. When it comes to succeeding in life or business, you have more than enough time, (not all the time in the world), only ample time given to you to make your world the best place on the planet for your life.

You can exchange your time to make all the money you desire. However, you cannot trade in your money to make more time. So the next time you claim to not have enough time to accomplish your task, think of all the money you are throwing away. The great thing about time is that it’s absolutely free.

This is an excerpt from my new book, MAXIMIZE YOURSELF coming soon!

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