Become An Action Figure: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

“Greatness is not what comes out of the womb of a woman; greatness is birthed out of the courageous heart that refuses to do anything but stand and fight when faced with an insurmountable challenge, even when initially afraid.”

~Dr. Mikel Brown

hero200 We have all experienced, in some form or another, abuse in our lives from friends, relatives, parents, and even self-inflicted wounds, which have left an indelible mark on our psyches. For some of us, even our bodies.
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Navigating Your Way to Wealth

Since we are living in such unpredictable and complicated times, it is vital that people have a sense about how to navigate their way to success. Learning to dictate the direction your life is going to take during uncertainty in our economy and instability in our government is vital in maintaining mental focus and structure. Control, with a sense of calmness is the key component to avoid panic and frustration that occur while battling the giants of discouragement and mental bankruptcy.

While many of Americans are seemingly drowning in an ocean of despondency, many people are looking for rafters to float on instead of swimming to the shores of safety. Since times are turbulent and unpredictable, it is time to make a conscious decision to predict the direction of the shaking to balance your thoughts and actions. In other words, like a surfer, you must balance and navigate yourself on the waves of financial turmoil and turn the ride into a profitable and exciting one.

You and I cannot do much about the financial mess our country has settled into. However, we can do something amazingly incredible, which can strengthen our resolve against possibly yielding to and being negatively affected by the fear that blankets this era. We can create opportunities to first develop a pattern for success and then teach others how to succeed with our proven method.

There is no greater story that can illustrate what I am writing about than the story of Harriet Tubman. She was a black female slave that lived during one of the darkest periods of American history. She was born in 1820 during a time when America was becoming increasingly divided on the issue of slavery. These were horrible times for slaves and hundreds of thousands of slaves were horribly mistreated and demeaned as human beings. Especially when slaves would be caught after trying to escape, their punishment was worst any domestic animal would ever be treated by a human being. Harriet Tubman watched her brother attempt his escape from slavery three times and all three times, he would be recaptured and brought back to the plantation. Even though her brother could never escape to freedom, it did not detour her from properly planning and navigating her own escape.

Harriet Tubman, self-emancipated slave fled from Maryland to freedom in Philadelphia in 1849 along the secret route to freedom known as the Underground Railroad in which she became the conductor. For the next 10 years after her successful escape, she made repeated secret trips back to Maryland and other slave states, leading over 300 escaped slaves, (including her brother who could never succeed on his own), north to freedom in Canada. Even though her husband, who was a free slave, had threatened to inform her master of her attempt to escape, she went triumphantly through the night believing she would succeed.

How could this uneducated black female slave accomplish such a task during a time there was a bounty on her head for more than forty thousand dollars which was a lot of money in those days? Was she completely oblivious to the dangers of her travel and the almost insurmountable obstacles that stood in her path? The answer is an emphatic no! Harriet Tubman knew of the repercussions if she were caught and completely aware of the dangers and possible spies deployed to catch her. However, she ignored them all and diligently fled to freedom.

Like Harriet Tubman, you too can navigate your way through the darkest of night, the rough terrain of high unemployment, and the uncertainty of our economy and yet succeed. Hard times does not keep you from success, it just creates greater challenges to success. In order to navigate through tough times emotionally, spiritually, and financially you must become tougher than the present time. Maintain your focus and sobriety and do not allow yourself to become drunk on the eve of reconstruction. You can navigate your way out of debt and into wealth. Stay in control of your actions and your actions will cause favorable circumstances that will not leave you barren or unproductive despite the times.

How to Pull Yourself Out…

How do you pull yourself out of the dumps financially, spiritually, and emotionally when you feel you are so down in it that there seems to be no possible way out of it? I understand how one can feel when it seems that every door you have knocked on has had no response to the urgency of your need. Time does not stand still and neither do people; while life is being slowly siphoned out of you daily as you look for ways to escape the vicious cycle of one disappointment after another. As you attempt to avoid the symptoms of an internal virus, the virus continues to eat away at what progress you may have made. However, the struggle is apparent and the questions you have are still unanswered. You are tempted to capitulate and join the ‘woe is me’ association in hope that you can bury your head and never resurface again.

When you are in a dark hole financially, spiritually, and emotionally, it is easy to feel discombobulated by the frustration and anxiety that comes with feelings of displacement. In times like these, it is important to know that not all who wander in the maze of frustration and disappointment are lost in it. Take advantage of your present situation and think with sobriety and not with anxiety. As calmness settles in, so will clarity concerning what to do. Your life will begin to adapt and reflect the status of your mind. A person who thinks that their life is not a reflection of their thoughts is one who believes they had nothing to do with the unpleasant consequences that resulted from bad choices. Situations are usually not favorable because instead of being active in searching for ways out of them, we sit inactively waiting for someone to rescue us out of our apathy. The degree of responsibility you take for your life determines how much change you can create in it. The actions of a man help to determine his value. Little action results in little value. If a person doubles their action, they will double their value.

As long as you are alive, no situation is truly hopeless. Having a passion for life and a desire to live it to its fullness will ensure that your attitude about it will remain fresh and vibrant. Refuse to waddle in the puddle of discontent, when you can swim in the ocean of vast opportunities. Despite how doom and gloom you feel about your life’s condition or the collision course you feel that you are on with failure, remember, failure is only failure when you have made it your permanent residence. The obvious is that you are not satisfied with where your life is right at this moment, and most people are not. However, rather than waste time and energy complaining and worrying, use that time and energy to wisely and constructively deal with whatever is causing your anxiety.

Many years ago, a young Midwestern lawyer suffered such deep depression that his friends thought it wise to keep all knives and razors from him. During this time he wrote, “I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell. I awfully forebode I shall not.” He was wrong. He did recover and went up to become one of America’s most-loved presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” –Viktor Frankl

I know at times you wish you could change your circumstances and how they affect your life and your loved ones, but here is some good news…you can. Everything and every occurrence is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Change things mentally, and mentally things will change. Speak to the things you want to change in your life, and your life will change into the things you speak. Jesus said, “…you shall have whatever you say.”

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