Psychoanalyze Yourself

psychoanalyze-blog-200I don’t profess to know everything, but I will acknowledge the things I care to know are the things that are important to me, and they are things that can help me succeed in the area of life which I now so passionately pursue.

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Managing Your Emotions (Pt.2)

If you have not read Part One of this article, I suggest you read the first part of “Managing your Emotions Pt. 1” before reading this part.

Managing Emotions
Managing Emotions
Every person will experience various problems, with no exceptions. You need not think that your problems are unique and feel like the Lone Ranger. Problems or troubles are the bare necessities of life. Either you have a problem, you are the problem or you live with the problem. Having problems do not develop your character, as some would say; it is what you do while experiencing them… this is how your character is revealed. You cannot always stop dilemmas and difficulties from occurring, but you can certainly stop being the root cause of it.

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