Learning To Manage Distractions

MB Text 5-17-2015 (Distractions)I have heard many people call the times we live in, the age of information. This may be true to a large degree. While we are living in precarious times, new information seems to be quickly outdated. The more informed the public becomes, the more problems seem to exist, brought about by the new information. In fact, the greater the technological advancement the more distracted we become.

I call this age, “The age of great distractions.” People are rarely able to maintain any focus today, and the medical field has documented this. A.D.D., better known as Attention Deficient Disorder, is rocking both the young and aging of the Western World, making stakeholders of pharmaceutical companies supplying the drugs for treatment, very wealthy.

It used to be common culture for everyone to read the newspaper on the subway train while going to work. Advertisements were posted on city streets and in shopping malls, etc. Now a large majority of the population, seemingly everywhere, can be found with their heads buried in their mobile devices scanning the internet, their emails, Twitter accounts, and Facebook. If this is not the age of distraction, I don’t know what is.

Technology is the base cause for an increase in traffic fatalities in the United States, because texting and driving has proved to be just as deadly as drinking and driving. So although technology is good, it breeds other problems that arise as a result of new information. The faster the newer products, and things made more convenient, the more complex our problems become.

I was driving past a High School that had recently released its students from class. When I looked at the youth leaving the building, over half had their heads buried in their cell phones. Can you believe that a child walked into the street without looking and nearly got hit because he was reading something on his phone?

These are just a few examples. There are other distractions which also make it difficult to get any real work done on the job. Computers have taken all the thinking ability of humanity, leaving most Americans scatterbrained and unable to figure out or solve problems on their own. Rather than deriving from a person’s heart, the media influences dreams and ambitions via movies, advertising, and periodicals, distracting people from their true purpose.

How do you distract a man with a dream? Give him another one. People are moving from one career to another without realizing what is creating all this movement without motive. People are getting college degrees in business management, yet pursuing jobs in healthcare facilities. One person I’m familiar with moved from working as a logistics manager to a car salesperson, from that to a healthcare facilitator, and from that to a Wal-Mart employee, all in two years.

If you don’t learn to do one thing well, you will not be able to do anything well enough! Watch out for distractions because they are seriously looking to pull your attention elsewhere.

Seriously consider that your ability to get focused, and stay that way, is more than just an advisable thing to develop and nurture—it’s a decisive aspect of your success or failure. Getting things done the right way and on schedule is absolutely imperative. Staying keenly centered is the key to getting things done, because you learn to work smarter rather than harder.

Take advantage of opportunities to develop ways to help yourself stay focused at work, school, and even in your daily life, by managing your distractions and reducing the possibility for procrastination. This will help you eliminate most setbacks and delays so work is not merely thought of, but actually completed.

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Put Your Mind On Your Money

MB blog_textSome people excel with money and some don’t – Which One Are You? Are you embarrassed by your money skills? If you are sick and tired of doing money the old way—read this! If you need to increase your income, let’s start by discovering how much money you already have with your present income by discovering how not to make your debtors richer.

“I believe that the power to make money is a gift from God.”
~John D. Rockerfeller

Most people have it all wrong about money in America. Money is the one common thread that ties all the nations of the world together. Poverty is the perversion of prosperity, and the parody of financial freedom is debt. A dollar saved is a value, a dollar invested produces increase. What money comes in today will always reflect what went out yesterday.

The art of creating wealth works in the reverse of how one creates debt. The improper use of money creates debt. Debt is the result of what you cannot afford. Wealth is the result of the appropriate management of money. People have it all wrong, a person doesn’t have to possess a lot of money to create wealth—it is having the knowledge and using it, which causes your money to work to produce wealth for you.

Can You Handle the Truth? Most people aren’t enthusiastic about hearing the truth, especially when it challenges their self-imposed inadequacies. These people concoct fantasies in their mind to substantiate their defects. Now of course, the stories are not true, but they are stories they can believe, which shift the blame of underperforming from themselves to some other person or condition.

Henry Ford once said, “The man that believes he can and the man who believes he can’t are both right.” Most people have had money problems and most people do not give up on life, they continue to march on until they can either find a solution or make up another story. These concocted stories become the reasons or excuses for the lack of passion, which is in my opinion, sheer fear. There is no easier lie to believe than the one that places the blame on God.

You must initially see that debt and financial struggles (poverty) go hand in hand. Please understand that my aim is not to humiliate or beat you down if you find yourself in this predicament, I simply want to give to you a simple plan to better equip yourself and your family to be financially secure. This doesn’t mean you’re going to become a millionaire over night, but you can be en route to fulfilling your dreams and having more money, even if it is not a million dollars in your bank account.

They say that money isn’t everything, and that’s true—but look at how many things it is. In our society, money is everything. For Americans, it is how we keep score. A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character—how he makes it and how he spends it. Money doesn’t change a person; it simply exposes him or her for who they already are. If money makes you feel better about yourself, then you neither understand yourself nor the reason for creating wealth.

The Bible says, “…For the love of money is the root of all evil.” This verse is often misquoted—it doesn’t say that money is evil. The personal secular methods that help a man acquire a fortune are the very ones that can keep him from enjoying it. Money itself is not evil, nor is it good. Both good and evil can be done with money. The old maxim is, “Money may not bring happiness…”, but I say, “Neither will poverty.”

When a man respects the potential of money and learns to control its influence, he becomes a wise man. Are you a good money manager? Yes you are! All most people need is a little motivation and a little help, and they are on their way to being a blessing to family, church, and to others.

In just three to six months, you can free up some of your cash which can go towards other bills if, you can believe it. The basic requirement needed for debt reduction is for you to “Start.” Learn and apply the spiritual principle of giving. I have heard people say, “But I don’t know where to begin.” My answer is simple. How did you start getting into debt? You started collecting credit cards and systematically using them. Reverse the process. Start with plastic surgery by cutting up your credit cards, then collect and arrange your bills and pay them systematically.

Do not be afraid to examine how you got into your financial mess. Retrace your steps and you will end up where you started—debt free.

Watch my video, FINANCIAL IMPACT: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9huApU7J7w[/youtube]

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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My Country Tis of Thee…

The world is experiencing some unimaginable catastrophic events that are not only horrifying, but also Hollywood fabricated stories that are occurring before our very eyes. The recent tsunami in Japan is the worst the world has experienced in hundreds of years. Tsunamis occurring in any country are no laughing matter. The financial devastation that tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes cause to the world economies does not compare to the untold deaths of human lives that potentially affect millions of others emotionally and financially. Japan’s government says the total cost of the damage caused by the tsunami could reach 25 trillion yen – or U.S. $309 billion. If the Japan’s government is correct, that would make this disaster the most costly earthly disaster ever.

The death toll in Japan’s recent tsunami has reached over ten thousand and there seem to be no conclusion to the discoveries of dead bodies. Why is the world experiencing a dramatic increase in earthly disasters? Most Earthly natural disasters occurring in the world cannot be avoided. We can only detect and warn people and country leaders by giving time approximations as to when these earthly disasters may occur. Today’s technology has helped to save untold numbers of human lives around the world, and yet, we are unable to save man from himself.

I am surprised at the response of the Japanese people after the tsunami devastated portions of their land. There is apparently no looting or killing of innocent people due to pandemonium. I know the history of America, and had the tsunami occurred in this country, I believe, without a doubt, that there would have been looting and possibly killing. The Japanese people have an internal structure that differs from that of the United States. The Japanese people have lived under their country’s system for thousands of years, and therefore, it effects how they think and react to certain occurrences. The United States government should sit back and study the behavior pattern of these people as it relates to national devastation and corporate behavior patterns under such severe stress.

When Hurricane Katrina hit America’s coastal line and devastated New Orleans and portions of Mississippi, Americans of all races were not only critical of why Katrina may have hit their area opposed to some other coastal line in the U.S., but also our government claimed to be uninformed about the severity of the hurricane’s effect and was extremely slow to respond. Some people in the area where Katrina hit at the time apparently viewed this catastrophic event on the Gulf as a time for looting. In addition to this, some segment of the population placed no emphasis on sparing the lives of African Americans. Angry Americans, of all peoples watched as we saw video footage of the bodies of children and adults floating in polluted waters and the people who were stuck on the rooftops of houses and buildings for days. The American government and its people pulled together too late and lives were lost because of our slow response.

Our prayers and support are for Japan and its people and I celebrate your resilience and strong support of your compatriots. However, for America, wake up and let us learn how to pull together instead of allowing circumstances to pull us apart. America is a melting pot or fusion of people from just about every nation and tongue. We are unique and yet powerful. We embrace the differences in our country and fight that opinions can be spoken without the threat of life being lost. Therefore, Americans’ uniqueness should not be a separation, but a reunion. Individualism is not an occasion for separatism. The test for America is how we will primarily respond as a country to our own internal problems, not how we respond to the needs of other countries.

When the airline flight attendant instructs passengers on how to respond in case of emergency, they without fail, mention for people to put their oxygen mask on first then help others around them.

America, take care of your country and its people first, and then you will be able to help other countries and their people. What will it matter if people from other countries applaud the American government for its intervention, while the American people are yet hungry, unemployed, homeless, sick, living in fear, undereducated, etc. America, we must do a better job at taking care of Americans.

I Love the United States of America…Do You?

Navigating Your Way to Wealth

Since we are living in such unpredictable and complicated times, it is vital that people have a sense about how to navigate their way to success. Learning to dictate the direction your life is going to take during uncertainty in our economy and instability in our government is vital in maintaining mental focus and structure. Control, with a sense of calmness is the key component to avoid panic and frustration that occur while battling the giants of discouragement and mental bankruptcy.

While many of Americans are seemingly drowning in an ocean of despondency, many people are looking for rafters to float on instead of swimming to the shores of safety. Since times are turbulent and unpredictable, it is time to make a conscious decision to predict the direction of the shaking to balance your thoughts and actions. In other words, like a surfer, you must balance and navigate yourself on the waves of financial turmoil and turn the ride into a profitable and exciting one.

You and I cannot do much about the financial mess our country has settled into. However, we can do something amazingly incredible, which can strengthen our resolve against possibly yielding to and being negatively affected by the fear that blankets this era. We can create opportunities to first develop a pattern for success and then teach others how to succeed with our proven method.

There is no greater story that can illustrate what I am writing about than the story of Harriet Tubman. She was a black female slave that lived during one of the darkest periods of American history. She was born in 1820 during a time when America was becoming increasingly divided on the issue of slavery. These were horrible times for slaves and hundreds of thousands of slaves were horribly mistreated and demeaned as human beings. Especially when slaves would be caught after trying to escape, their punishment was worst any domestic animal would ever be treated by a human being. Harriet Tubman watched her brother attempt his escape from slavery three times and all three times, he would be recaptured and brought back to the plantation. Even though her brother could never escape to freedom, it did not detour her from properly planning and navigating her own escape.

Harriet Tubman, self-emancipated slave fled from Maryland to freedom in Philadelphia in 1849 along the secret route to freedom known as the Underground Railroad in which she became the conductor. For the next 10 years after her successful escape, she made repeated secret trips back to Maryland and other slave states, leading over 300 escaped slaves, (including her brother who could never succeed on his own), north to freedom in Canada. Even though her husband, who was a free slave, had threatened to inform her master of her attempt to escape, she went triumphantly through the night believing she would succeed.

How could this uneducated black female slave accomplish such a task during a time there was a bounty on her head for more than forty thousand dollars which was a lot of money in those days? Was she completely oblivious to the dangers of her travel and the almost insurmountable obstacles that stood in her path? The answer is an emphatic no! Harriet Tubman knew of the repercussions if she were caught and completely aware of the dangers and possible spies deployed to catch her. However, she ignored them all and diligently fled to freedom.

Like Harriet Tubman, you too can navigate your way through the darkest of night, the rough terrain of high unemployment, and the uncertainty of our economy and yet succeed. Hard times does not keep you from success, it just creates greater challenges to success. In order to navigate through tough times emotionally, spiritually, and financially you must become tougher than the present time. Maintain your focus and sobriety and do not allow yourself to become drunk on the eve of reconstruction. You can navigate your way out of debt and into wealth. Stay in control of your actions and your actions will cause favorable circumstances that will not leave you barren or unproductive despite the times.