The Part Faith Plays In Life And Business

121414-blog-postIf luck is a major factor in life and business success, then effort and developing an unbreakable work habit is a waste of time and energy.

Are you unconsciously sabotaging your own success because somewhere in your subconscious you believe there are people who have had a little extra gold dust sprinkled on them than you have? If this is the case, a person with expectations to enter the world of business might as well just get ready to roll the dice or spend the roulette wheel. In either case, according to some rich celebrities, you’ll be lucky just to have some luck.

I don’t believe in luck; however, I do believe in faith. I strongly believe faith in life and business plays a vital part of any accomplishment. Whether success comes from installing a competent team of people around you or studying the trends and buying habits of groups in your region—success is neither chance nor unintentional. And, we who are successful owe it to our protégés and followers, to present them with the hard true facts that life doesn’t happen without their input.

The days of sitting on the sidelines hoping to have some success without applying your head with your heart are over. It’s tougher than ever before to experience phenomenal success. However, success without the ‘phenomenal’ attached to it is relativity easy; but I must warn you that some elbow grease is required. Faith is necessary in life, luck isn’t. Chance is nothing but prior mental training and developed life patterns, which creates for a person the propensity to make decisions, which place them in a place they call good luck or bad luck. In actuality, it wasn’t good luck or bad luck at all, but rather a well developed mental profile which created life’s trends.

Faith is a powerful force. Life cannot exist without faith. It doesn’t take luck to build a skyscraper; it requires knowledge and belief in one’s own dream that enables building a towering skyscraper to be possible. Imagine seeing acreages of undeveloped land with your natural eyes. However, you look again and you see houses, communities, businesses, etc. Are you seeing this with your natural vision, or are you seeing it with what some may call ‘your mind’s eye?’

Take a moment, use your imagination and think of yourself as an architect. An architect is anybody who designs, invents, creates, or engineers anything from buildings to computers, from music to business concepts, and from communications to weapons of war. From whence did their creativity emerge to produce such brilliant products and services? It came from their hearts and their faith to turn their dreams into the material of reality.

You are a prime mover. You were created to be that way, but somewhere along life’s process, you were unintentionally programmed by parents, teachers, ministers, and friends who told you all you can be in life is some cheap copy of someone’s great original. Therefore, people are always thinking of duplication. However, someone had to originally come up with the first idea. I’m not saying that you can’t take someone’s product or services and improve it. What I am suggesting to you is why not produce what God placed in you? There will never be a person on this planet like you, that makes it unequivocally clear that you are an original. If this is true, which I believe it is, you have residing in you exactly what you are; original ideas.

Now listen, faith doesn’t make life or business easy; it makes them possible. Have faith in the Architect of architects. You were created after His likeness and His similitude and He is fully aware of your capabilities, but are you! Stop trying to produce for your life what you see in the life of others. Your life is unique and so are your ideas. God gave you life, but you made your life what it is. If you continue to pursue someone else’s dream as your own, you will also encounter the problems they have encountered to get where they are.

You cannot live Richard Branson’s dream, but you can live yours. Ask the Architect to give you clarity of your dreams, purpose and destiny; and I’m certain He will make it plain to you.


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