Give It Your All Or Don’t Do It At All

Giving it your all textWould You Like to Discover Why a Poor Black Youth Became a Billionaire?

More progress and opportunities in life are forfeited by half hearted efforts than one can ever imagine. Something is deficient in a person’s character when they relapse into obscurity when what they are pursuing doesn’t happen fast enough. This can easily cause the average person to become cynical and skeptical of opportunities. In fact, their cynicism reveals itself in their behavior and lack of drive. They become nonchalant or casual in their efforts because they’ve lost hope of anything ever happening favorable for them.

Sustained success will never come to those who are casual in their endeavors. And, if you are in a hurry to be successful, you will inevitably end up making one blunder after another. Whatever you do, it has to be intentional and purposeful. Choose the battles worth fighting and only fight if there is benefit involved. Learn to take your time. Success is always in walking distance. You either have to give it your all, or don’t give it at all.

If you do something half-heartedly, you have more of a chance of losing both whatever you want, and the possibly yourself in the process. You can’t allow fear or apathy to dictate to you because they can cause you to miss out on living your best life. If you’re going to have a chance at succeeding, you have to give it your all, despite the challenges. Oftentimes, failures are experienced by people who give up before realizing how close they are to success.

I’ve discovered that just knowing something isn’t enough; you have to apply the knowledge. To be willing may sound admirable, but this is not enough; you have to employ action to make things work. You must become the change you want to see. Unless you change, nothing will change around you.

One of the greatest weaknesses in life is giving up. The most certain way to succeed in life is always to do it just one more time when something doesn’t work. Do not fear mistakes because God specializes in turning mistakes into miracles. The only way failure can actually exist is if a person is no longer willing to get up. People with options are usually those who anticipate failure in what they are doing, so they run to the next endeavor before they fulfill the expectation of the first.

How do you kill a man with a dream—give him another one. It is easy to give into distractions when your dream doesn’t seem to be working out. Most people struggle with perseverance and would rather capitulate to the circumstances than fight for their dream. It was George Burns who said, “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love, than to be a success at something you hate.”

What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you believe you can do. Your dream, your business, your family, and your life must be valued enough to lose the fear of opposition; you must work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve success in these areas. This is how you will grow.

There are only two categories of people—the ones who will give their all and the ones who admire the ones who will give their all. Those who give 50%, also give 50 excuses why something can’t be done … Those who give 100%, just do it.

When challenges create a need for me to step out of my comfort zone and exert more energy than I might be willing to give, I consider how preserving beyond them will benefit me more than the discomfort. I could easily come up with 50 reasons why something can’t be done, but how is that productive? It’s always better for me to just do it!

Michael Jordan was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He did not have extra gold dust sprinkled on him at birth. He had the same possibilities as anyone else—he just had a greater desire to succeed than most. After being cut from his high school basketball team, he learned a valuable lesson. If you are going to succeed in living your dream, it’s going to take more than talent…it’s going to take you giving your all.

It’s not as important to know how he became a billionaire, as it is important to know why he became one. The why always exceeds the how! Therefore, whatever you do in life; whether it’s playing sports, being a student, a janitor, or working as the manager of an assembly line, if you can discover the why you want something bad enough, the how will manifest with ease.

Whatever you do in life, give it your all or don’t do it at all. It’s not worth doing, if your heart is not in what you’re doing. If You Want More Out Of Your Life? Give It Your All, Give It Your All, Give It Your All!

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Why Great Leaders Are Great Team Players

Team PlayersYour Opportunity For Success Is About To Expire If You Don’t Do This ONE Thing!

Are You A Part Of A Team, Or A Part Of The Problem Causing A Team To Fall Apart? Being able to touch your dream is the consequence of pulling together people who can help you live it. Have you ever met someone who seems to have all the qualities for getting a job done, but they lack the essentials to pull together quality people to help them complete the work they’ve started. This is when the cleverness and resourcefulness of a good leader should come into play. Understanding one’s own gift is important, but recognizing and knowing how to incorporate the gifts of others is extremely important. No “one man” can do any job alone.

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Gifting, Training or Both

There are many things during your lifetime that will capture your eye and pull your attention, but only a few things will seize your heart and encapsulate your dreams. These quality traits of life are necessary to pursue because they are designed to create balance and wholeness. Be careful of what you say to yourself because you will respond to whatever you say. It is not as critical to know who you presently are, as much as it is for you to know who you want to be.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

I am personally acquainted with people who have exceptional oratory skills-some are professional speakers, others are clergymen, some are CEOs and people in top managerial positions, and yet, these well-trained and qualified speakers rave about me having a magnetic gift to communicate. I am astonished at their personal admiration, but sometimes I cannot help and wonder if the adoration is for my so-called gift of gab or for the words I share that seem to narrow in on the innermost recesses of the listener’s heart. Personally, I survey my speaking as imparting which I view as entirely different from one who simply eloquently articulates.

What is your gift? Do you believe you have a gift? Can you identify what your gift is? Do you believe that your gift needs no additional grooming? I believe everyone has a special gifting, but not everyone is as talented as others. Many people can sing, but there aren’t as many that can lead a song. Now, we can it narrow down to those who can be the lead on a song, but only a few have a special gift to sing with such emotion that they inherently move their audience to tears. Identifying your gift or talent is relative to how you train. Those who can recognize their ability can employ the right person to help them develop it.

It is difficult to know who you want to be until you see what you can actually do. Michael Jordan almost forgot who he wanted to be because of the death of his father. After Michael Jordan’s father pasted, he returned to his childhood desire of playing baseball which was spurred by his father’s passion. Michael had only a desire to play baseball, but his father had a passion for the game. After MJ went to the baseball minor league and miserably failed at playing the game, he became absolutely certain of his deep passion to play basketball. For those who watched him while he won his individual basketball accolades and his six national basketball championships (two three-peats), he became ‘the’ Michael Jordan.

Lack and limitation can only exist when we make room for them in our mind.

~Bob Proctor

When you plan to be who you want to be, you do not plan for incidentals. You work to develop your gift and passion. Life is a series of lessons, which must be lived to be understood. Motivation is the engine to move you to start your dream, but habit is the oil that keeps your engine lubricated and operating smoothly.

6 Awesome Points for Greatness

As I look across the spectrum of a sea of people, I cannot help but notice certain characteristics that seem to stand out among such a vast array of individuals. There are people who I encounter on a daily or weekly basis, some of which I involuntarily engage because we share the same proximity, that all display noticeable traits. What I mean by this is that people have a tendency to wear or carry with them the scent of where they have been and the influence they have been under.

What do you smell like?
If a person’s influence was egocentric, those individuals seem to wear that same self-centeredness. If their sphere of influence was competitive, the individual seems to have a competitive disposition about everything. Nonetheless, what I see in most people is the lack of passion for personal growth.

If the person who influenced them was one who felt that they had learned all there is to learn about their profession or life in general, the person under them becomes stuck in the process of where their leader stopped growing. Because they were trained by someone whom many consider the best in their field, oftentimes, people become condescending toward others, as if their knowledge gained through other leaders is obsolete.

Phil Jackson’s Leadership
I follow sports quite a bit and I consider myself a student of the game – football, basketball, and baseball. One team I am particularly fond of is the Los Angeles Lakers. Phil Jackson is not a good coach; he is considered a great coach. Just because a player played the game of basketball under his tutelage does not make the individual a great player. Most players do not thrive well under Coach Phil’s system; as a result, many are cut from the team.

Six Protégé Points

  1. A player may have played one or two years for the Lakers, under the great Phil Jackson, but that does not make the individual a great player.
  2. One should not assume the posture of “great” because they were trained by a well-known leader.
  3. Never take the name of a great leader onto another team and think that the new coach and players should listen to you because of who you’ve learned from. A great name is a lot to live up to.
  4. Moreover, one should not try to get doors open for themselves by dropping the name of some well-known person because it speaks volume about you.
  5. People who do well under the training and system of a great leader develop the heart of that leader.
  6. It is not necessarily what you have learned that should matter the most, or the person you learned it from; but whether you are illustrating and epitomizing the lessons you have learned.

Leaders, Coaches and Trainers eventually die and systems become obsolete as players become bigger, stronger, wiser and more agile. In spite of this, there is One Leader and system that will never go out of style or become irrelevant, and it is the Greatest of the greatest.

“If you have really heard his voice and learned from him the truths concerning himself (Jesus), then throw off your old evil nature–the old you that was a partner in your evil ways–rotten through and through, full of lust and sham. Now your attitudes and thoughts must all be constantly changing for the better.” Ephe 4:21-23 (TLB)