In The Company of Difference Makers

What are the quilites of “difference makers” and how can you find them for your business. Discover how people with this attibute can help your business.

A Difference Maker
A Difference Maker
It’s no secret that corporations look for prolific leaders to drive the corporate success van, so that means putting the right person in the right role and surrounding that person with the right personnel. By doing so, corporate decision makers can increase the chances of producing a profit for its investors and show significant growth by the end of the year. So, what should their question be before starting their hunt for such a person(s)? Continue reading “In The Company of Difference Makers”

What is Your Attitude Toward Making Money?

Making Money
Making Money
There are people who see making money as another fraud or way to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. Yet, these same people go to work for eight hours a day, five days a week; and actually work less time than what shows on their timecard. The way they feel about wealthy entrepreneurs is simply a reflection of how they cheat their own boss. Continue reading “What is Your Attitude Toward Making Money?”

7 Business Ideas You Can Start

Businessman with Ideas
Business Ideas For You
As I promised in my last blog post concerning what businesses anyone can start with very little knowledge or cash; permit me to start with an excerpt from my book, “Building Wealth from the Ground Up.”

“What is your dream business? What are you passionate about doing but do not have a clue as how to begin? Have you ever sat down on your living room couch and daydreamed of owning your own business? Statistically, 8 out of 10 people have voiced their thoughts of one day owning a business. Some have thought of parlaying their idea into a franchise operation, while others have thought of starting or buying an existing business. Whatever the case may be, having a business can move you a lot quicker up the financial ladder than working for a company that will only give you a nominal wage.”

The businesses listed below are the businesses you can easily start and make money with now. Money is a premium in our society and life can become very stressful without having enough of it. Well, without further delay, let us get right into these few business ventures that I believe can be made actionable in no time at all.

  1. Create and Sell through Your Own Catalog: People order from catalogs and online catalogs all the time. Why not get them to order from you. You can sell garden tools, clothing, automotive products, computers, etc.
  2. Become a Loan Broker: You will become a financial consultant assisting businesses and people in obtaining loans.
  3. Printing Press Affiliate: You can receive a percentage of the cost of the project. It is more cost effective for these printing press people to have affiliates than to have a call center paying people and their benefits.
  4. Garage Sale Organizer: You can make some money with your own garage sale, but you can make much more money by becoming a professional. You can organize and run three or more garage sales a week and make hundreds.
  5. Gift Baskets & Stuff: This is one of the hottest productive home businesses around. Create baskets for all occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, births, Valentine’s Day, graduations, etc.
  6. Teach a Subject via Mail, Email, or Internet: People pay monthly fees to an internet company that sends advice on losing weight, nutrition, vitamin supplements, etc. Imagine having 1000 clients paying $9.95 every two months.
  7. Mortgage Consultant: You can help people get money for mortgages they hold. You percentage can be 4% as a cash-out consultant.

These are just a few business concept ideas that you can do anytime and anywhere. The market is not as saturated as you may think, but it is ready for someone to introduce to the marketplace a whole new concept of making money. Find your niche and make your pitch. You can start one or several of these businesses and become self-sufficient. Just believe and you will achieve. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because no one ever succeeds without first experiencing failure. Get up and go at it again and again…until you achieve your goals.

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