They Said You Can’t Do What?

can't-do200I have learned ideas are a dime a dozen, and it takes more than a dime to develop just one of your ideas. This may be why some great ideas stay locked away in the minds of normal geniuses who are not interested in investing their time and resources in something they feel cost too much. Having a great idea is one thing; having an idea and fortitude to make your idea happen is another.

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Managing Your Emotions (Pt 1)

Managing Your Emotion
One third of the American population admits to having some form of emotional problem. Limited ability to deal with one’s emotional instability has damaged businesses, careers and the personal lives of many people. The capability to manage emotions such as disillusionment, anger and frustration is an important interpersonal skill, which depends solely on your ability to identify and evaluate addictive behavior and its link to what incites it.

The ability to make exceptional critical decisions while experiencing highly emotional periods of frustration, disappointment, and possibly mild forms of depression, which can affect your future life or business, is usually predicated on the strength to manage your emotions. When your hopes in business are shattered by failure; or your first published book has not moved out of your garage; or your dream of succeeding in the music industry was shot down by some big-time music executive — allowing your emotions to get out of control, will easily cause you to become misdirected.

One of my business protégés once spoke out of his personal frustration because his company’s success was not coming as fast as he had anticipated. So, he made a ridiculous statement that he should just take his money and buy lottery tickets, thinking he will have a better chance at winning the lottery than being successful in business. You will be surprised how many of your business and personal life choices are made during times of stubbornness and inflexibility. Frustration and pigheadedness is a link to much of your anxiety that must be eliminated in order to reduce the severity of your problems.

“Whenever you’re confronted with a tough work situation, stop for a second and try to honestly answer this question: Am I approaching this emotionally or am I approaching this professionally?” –Suze Orman

Imagine you are a CEO of a company that has to answer to a board of twelve. One of the board members, (as if he is your worst nightmare) always shoots down your suggestions. Or, perhaps you are an accountant working in an accounting firm, where your boss thinks that you never have enough work. Your decision to remain cool, calm and collected under emotional pressure can be the difference of between success and failure.

If you are in any situation that is similar to these two previously stated scenarios, let me give you the simplest answer. Emotions are simply feelings in motion. If you can control your emotions, you can control the direction of your motion (action). Do not give your critics the satisfaction of seeing you as an emotional wreck.

Think about what you want to do, and how you want to act in a situation. Right action prevents poor reaction.

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