Encouragement: The Essence of Cool

cool-postTo be encouraged is one thing, but to maintain encouragement is a whole different ball game. It is important to realize that whatever got you where you are usually isn’t enough to get you where you’re going.

This is a very important lesson to learn because oftentimes people have the propensity to think that doing the same thing initially done is important to maintain. However, trying to maintain the same motivation factor to propel you to a higher attitude and mindset level is inadequate for the new struggles ahead. For instance, married couples have a tendency to think that their marriage will always be the same and that their love will never be challenged because they are sooooo in love. LOL.

The young couple’s level and intensity of love for one another is wonderful if you are considering that most couples start their marriage with borderline infatuation. Honeymooners are not thinking about the challenges ahead because in their mind, love will conquer anything that comes their way. Nah! Love, like any other form of expression starts off in its seed form. Love grows from being tested, stretched, and proven. Young couples may have the love for one another, but do they have the patience to endure the little idiosyncrasies of one another that can wear on one’s patience over time? With the divorce rate being higher among the ages of 23 to 43 than any other age group, it exposes the essentials needed to expand love, and maintaining it is being ignored. Nothing left to its self will work itself out, contrary to popular belief.

To maintain encouragement is the epitome of cool. Staying cool under pressure is an art form. Its foundation is confidence, being personally persuaded and convinced that regardless of how something looks, your outcome will be favorable.

Giving encouragement and living encouraged are two extremes. Oftentimes, the encourager receives just as much inspiration from giving encouragement as the person receiving it. One of the key components to maintaining encouragement in a situation where you feel as if you are under tremendous pressure is finding someone to encourage. I believe it was Celeste Holm who said, “We live by encouragement and die without it – slowly, sadly and angrily.” All things are subjected to one thing—change, so do not give in when you know things are always changing.

Children are one of the best sources of encouragement. The way children are is that they will find a play time in the midst of some of the most unfavorable situations and laugh regardless of the circumstances. However, most adults are just the opposite. They will find every reason to focus on the negatives about a situation, only to use it as an excuse to complain and surrender in the fight.

Being encouraged means you never stop fighting until the change you desire occurs, and you will find every reason why you should continue fighting until you do.

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