Facing the Challenges

never-give-up200x150I have encountered many obstacles during my lifetime and undoubtedly, I will experience more. Nevertheless, there is one principle I have learned which has been the catalyst for my fighting through these obstacles… and this principle in simple form is to never give up!

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The New Year Blues Vs. A Bright New Year

Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that you cannot have a better tomorrow if you are always thinking

ny-200x150Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that I cannot have a better tomorrow, if I continue thinking about yesterday. Yesterday is today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Your future hopes that you have learned something from your past because it doesn’t want to repeat it again.

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Why Are They Laughing?

People Laughed
People Laughed At Me…
When I told my friends my dream, they laughed! And, boy did they laugh, until they saw what I achieved.

I discovered that there are more people who will laugh at your dream when you talk about it than there are people who will laugh at your attempt to achieve it; but no one will laugh when you accomplish your dream.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Like most people, it is extremely more comfortable to talk about doing something than it is to actually do it. It costs you more than you ever anticipated spending to live your dreams, than it does for you to get a job. A person who is willing to live on less to achieve their goals understands that they have more to live for.

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The Challenge of Perseverance

...you should see the loser!
There is but one major quality that works alongside of one’s faith. I regard this quality as being most greatly associated with success, whatever the field. It is the quality of persistence. Determination to endure to the end after facing horrific and discouraging situations, demonstrates perseverance.
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Secret Strength

Headline Reads: Whitney Houston, Dead at 48
This headline could have read something entirely different had Whitney Houston learned to tap into, and explore her inner strength which would have caused her to push through all of her life’s challenges.

Whitney Houston Dies at 48
Whitney Hoston Dies at 48
Headline Reads: Whitney Houston, Dead at 48

This headline could have read something entirely different had Whitney Houston learned to tap into, and explore her inner strength which would have caused her to push through all of her life’s challenges. Instead of the headlines reading what is stated above, imagine the headlines reading; Whitney Houston killed it at the Grammy Awards Show. Wow, everyone would be searching the internet to hear her sing and dazzle the audience with her voice. Could her death have been avoided? Yes!

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It’s Not Over: You Can Defeat What’s Got You Down!

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Negatives Are All Around Us, However, So Are the Positives. You Can Always Find a Reason To Get Up After Being Knocked Down By Life.

Many people living today may not know who Bing Crosby was, but he was a well known singer from the 40’s to mid 70’s, but who is better known for his movies, “The Bells of St. Mary and White Christmas.” Bing Crosby sung a song that said, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative, Latch on to the Affirmative, and Don’t Mess with Mr. In Between”. This is a powerful way of saying, ‘Focus on your positives, neglect the negatives, and be decisive.’ Continue reading “It’s Not Over: You Can Defeat What’s Got You Down!”

Avoiding the Debt Trap

People everywhere are talking about their expectations for 2011. In fact, much of it sounds like a broken record that keeps skipping on the same lyric. James Brown called it out in one of his sounds when he said, “…like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.” This may or may not mean anything to you. However, when people have been saying the same thing year after year without any improvement they are like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.

This year is going to be different than any other year before. You have to believe and become proactive in ensuring that the challenges of 2011 does not overcome you. Most people are chased by their 2010 problems into 2011. In fact, the challenges many of us may have avoided did not disappear, but stalked us and will reappear in this New Year. You may find yourself experiencing old stuff trying to come back into your life. Such as old toxic relationships that you personally never ended, it just faded off the scene, old debt that you assumed the company forgot about them, extra pounds that come in the form of cookies, ice cream, Mc Donald’s, etc. What are you going to do when your New Year’s resolution is challenged by old unfulfilled promises? Are you going to go into hiding or are you going to face them?

Do yourself a favor, this year, make no promises, no talk, just take action! Be proactive instead of reactive. Develop a plan. Whether that plan is to get out of debt or lose pounds and inches, make a plan and follow it to completion. Forget about convincing others; convince yourself. Your self-improvement is predicated on how you disapproved of your miserable failing of last year’s target. Take a different approach and attack your goals from a different angle. Good fighters are wise fighters who understand that you are not to always attack your opponent head on. The New Year is going to require more focus and tenacity to get better. You can do this! I know you can! Challenge your weaknesses, challenge yourself. Don’t settle for moving an inch when you are capable of moving a mile. Accomplishing a mile of progress may not come in one big leap. It may come in inches, but remember that a mile can be broken down into inches.

Say goodbye to debt. Say goodbye to pounds and inches. Say hello to success! Celebrate every small accomplishment you make. Do not undermine “small.” The Bible says, “…despise not the day of small beginning.”

Dreaming Success

I have lived through the loss of loved ones. I have lived through the struggles of the Civil Rights Era. I have also lived through the errors of my ways; but through it all, I have learned to live. I have not at anytime looked to blame the outcome of my life on the absence of my biological father or the color of my race.

I do not believe that my dreams have or can be hindered by the diabolical perceptions of people who may not want to see me do well. I have forced myself to avoid the naysayer, to remain focused and become consistent in the pursuit of my dreams. I am an advocate for “I Can” and believer in “I Will.” I believe that not only can I live my dreams, but also I will live my dreams.

Small thinkers face their past while big thinkers face their future. Stop thinking on the level of ninety percent of the American population who are confined to thinking in a box. Step out there and get a first hand look at what it feels like to be out of a box. Dig deep down inside and search for the treasures that you have hidden.

If you work for someone, avoid seeing yourself just as an employee who only does what you are told. Use some initiative and work smarter. Be creative. Perform what is not expected from your employer; because that will cause your boss to see how you are not confined to a job description. Your character and your work ethic should cause you to stand out, not fit in.

If people really had goals and employed their passion and persistence, they would face challenges head on. Make the decision that you will no longer allow the waves of life to take you where you do not want to go. Manufacture your own waves by moving decisively in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Faith: A Powerful Tool & Weapon

As Christians begin their journey of growth in the Lord, they are to realize the challenges that lie ahead. These challenges are not your run of the mill trials, they are situations set up by the devil to take a Christian out. Satan realizes that Christians have been equipped with a powerful tool and weapon called faith. Faith is the link to everything in your Christian walk. If a Christian fails to conduct and live their life by faith, they have failed to please God. For the Bible declares that without faith it is impossible to please God. There is nothing more attractive to God than a breathing faith. In all my years of studying the Word of God, I have yet to find a scripture where Jesus applauds how a Christian impressed Him with their love. I am not diminishing the major necessity of love, for God is love. But on the other hand, I have read several passages where Jesus raved about an active faith. Jesus celebrated the faith of the Roman centurion soldier; rewarded the faith of the persistent woman; saw the faith of the four men carrying the paralytic; and healed the blind man according to his faith. Faith is like a muscle. In order for you to get the maximum use out of your faith, you must develop it with use. This is why the Bible speaks of little faith, strong in faith, where is your faith, weak in faith and one not having much faith. Consequently, the Bible is clear about how faith must be developed in order to become strong faith. Delve into God’s word and discover how you can develop strong faith that will cause you to walk in victory every day of your life.