What Motivates The Dreamer?

MB Text 7-3-2015 (Motivate, Dreamer)People who have dreams and believe in them usually live longer lives than people who don’t. When you have a dream to live, you are better off than the person who has to live with no dream at all. You will have a different kind of energy about you. Not only are you extending your life, but you are adding life to your years, making it more enjoyable. This is when you understand your dream is not optional—it’s necessary.

A person with a dream who doesn’t have any ump to make it happen really doesn’t believe in their dream. It’s not that they wouldn’t love to fulfill their dream; they just don’t love it enough to surrender all of their faculties to making it happen.

What do you believe is missing when a person just can’t seem to muster the energy necessary to create ways to live their dream? If you don’t know, I do. One of the most powerfully creative tools given to human beings, is the ability to use imagination. And, yet, imagination is not the answer. Rather, it’s what imagination unlocks when the right image is visible through a person’s mind’s eye. Let me spell it out for you, MOTIVATION. When a person is missing the feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or the sense of commitment which causes people to have a reason, or incentive to accomplish something; they are generally missing is what is commonly known as motivation.

Below is an excerpt from my soon to be released book, entitled, TURN ON YOUR LIFE, which I believe can help a person identify that gut feeling when it comes to living out dreams.

“When you know someone else has done what you are endeavoring to accomplish, then you know you can do it too. It’s easy to see someone else do something and then believe you can do it. But what happens when there is no record of anyone ever accomplishing or even attempting what your dream has inspired you to do? Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise be important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Do you have that feeling deep in your gut that it’s time to go for it, to tackle the one thing you’ve waited your whole life to make happen? You realize you can no longer fight that feeling, that thought—when you feel you are against the odds, even though someone else has already done what you aspire to accomplish, and you have that belief, that drive and determination that you can do it too. This crazy feeling swimming around inside your gut is the audacity that will keep you strong and persistent, always challenging yourself to do it. When you have a real-to-life dream, it becomes necessary that you live this dream.”

Excerpt from TURN ON YOUR LIFE, chapter “Get Motivated”, by Dr. Mikel Brown.

Believe it or not, 90% of the world’s population shares the same problem of inconsistency. Inconsistency is normal for most people. Normalcy for most people is sitting back and waiting for things to happen. If this is you, and you want to change, you have to deliberately break the habit of being inconsistent, which erodes your dreams and pollutes your efforts.

Stand up, stay up, and don’t give up! You can change so easily by simply changing the image in your mind. Your imagination is the key to your drive and persistence. All accomplishments were birthed out of the womb of imagination. See yourself fighting for your dream, living your dream, and defending your right to enjoy, without apology, the privilege of even having a dream.

Your imagination holds the key to your motivation. If you can dream it, it’s meant to be. If you can see it, it’s actually real, and if you can live it, you will enjoy it.

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The Benefits of Zest

MB_textWhat do you think makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? This question is not one people would look forward to answering if their life is filled with despondency and regret; however, on the other hand, if a person was accustomed to applying the one component which is the difference between overcoming obstacles rather than capitulating to them, this is a great question.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” –Vince Lombardi

What shapes your ability to contribute to not only your own success, but to aid in assisting others in their success? Knowing the answer to this question is the key to avoid making all the wrong turns as you journey towards carving out your purpose and destiny. What you believe is either empowering or disempowering you. Whatever your lead system of belief is, it will lead you towards your success or failure. It is heartrending that a person can so strongly believe in the wrong philosophy that is actually disengaging them from the source of motivation that feeds their passion to achieve their goals.

I have learned that there are no excuses for staying in the same predicament. A person’s physical ability may be impeded, but your mind always has the potential for liberty. Start your process of change by changing your attitude which will eventually help change your environment. Some things can change rather quickly if you just make a choice about what you want in life and where you want to go. As long as your attitude is to take one step at a time, which can be the implication that you want others to applaud your one step, you will be paralyzed with no movement at all.

Steps are usually continuous, not stagnate. No one naturally takes one step and stays frozen in that position unless their true intention is not to do anything more than take that one step. If you want to go somewhere in life and you want to fulfill the dream hiding within the crevasses of your heart, you better start moving today. Change your attitude about what resources you don’t have, and just start moving and doing something with what you already have in your possession. Dismiss the “woe is me” attitude and get excited about your future prospects.

An Attitude is the mirror of the mind and heart. Your attitude reflects your thinking. Attitude also exposes the level of your enthusiasm. However, I discovered that attitude, along with enthusiasm, determines your altitude. It is not ‘why’ you think that shines through, but ‘what’ you think which shows through in how you act. People read attitudes through expressions, voice tones and inflections. Therefore, watch how you respond to questions from your boss or coworker or even life’s situations, because they might be reading you like a book.

You have to make quality decisions that can positively shape your destiny and change your circumstances, and one of those decisions is to select the right attitude. Attitude is your disposition, demeanor, temperament, mannerism, or outward conduct. It is your behavior and it reflects in the way you act and react. No one can choose your attitude but you—so choose the right one.

Attitudes do make the difference. The right attitude will pave the way to having not only a healthy and happy marriage, but add to your life the quality needed to help build the kind of fortitude and courage necessary to deal with all of life’s challenges. The right attitude makes you effective in dealing with people.

If you plan on going somewhere in life, dress for it. Wear the right attitude and you will put on the right clothes. Attitude changes your appearance and when your appearance looks like what you want, you will dress like where you’re going. You can ascend superior over every condition through the strength that Christ provides. People usually don’t attempt anything they don’t believe they can do.

What you fail to muster enthusiasm for usually dies.

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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How Do I Escape Out Of This Maze?

MazeFeeling lost in the maze of routines? Have you been looking to become happier and improve your life by networking with people you think can help inspire you, only to discover that the net doesn’t seem to work? And, by the close of the day, the only thing you’re catching is a headache?

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A Revolutionary Reaction

Change is inevitable. Change is durable. Everything is subjected to change. Change is a powerful agent because it has the ability to stage-manage all forms of structures, including the human body. Where change is not forced, but left to its own judgment, it reduces the quality of things to its lowest common characteristic.

God gave to man the ability to monitor change, to slow down its progress or to speed it up. For instance, aging and death is inevitable, but maintaining good health slows the aging process and possibly defers death for a time. In other words, good health, due to eating right and exercise is the slowest possible rate of death. Imagine what happens to the human body when exercise is abandon and eating right is discarded; the body slowly deteriorates and the rate of death accelerates. Well, this is what happens to our finances. Our money problems cannot be fixed left to its own. Anything left to its own weakness will eventually be devoured by the devastating power of change to reduce its quality to its lowest possible condition.

Forcing change to increase the probability of something changing for the better takes a well thought-out and calculated effort on the part of the individual. Ignoring bills will not make them go away, but acknowledging them and attacking their onslaught of attack, will weaken its defenses. When bills are dealt with and paid, one payment at a time, despite the amount, it neutralizes their effects.

You have the ability and authority to impinge upon change the direction you want it to go. Impose your will onto your negative financial situation. Making calls to your creditors and informing them of what you will do, will cause them to negotiate with you because they want their money. Do not be intimidated about writing all your bills down on a sheet of paper. Moreover, do not avoid any of them despite how shocked you are with the amount you owe. Remember, it not how much you owe that matters, what matters is how much you own. When you owe, it creates a deficit, paying off what you owe generates an asset.

I also believe that if you act poor, then you must believe you are. Believing is more important than knowledge. How you see yourself and your situation will certainly become the lifestyle you will live. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Change the mental photograph you have in your mind of your finances, marriage, or education and watch your world begin to change. Now, please understand, trying this is not a full commitment to doing it. If you only attempt to test and see if it works than all you will produce is a warped concept of an unclassified imagination. Good habits will attract good things. Bad habits attract bad things.

You can give more, live more, do more and become more then you ever thought, if you will only believe more! Start Believing TODAY!

Unveil Yourself

There is one thing all human beings have in common, besides being human beings: We are all good at hiding who we really are inside. As children, we had no clue that our parents or caretakers taught us the fundamentals in concealing our true identity. Moreover, we had next to no opportunity to disagree with the cultural and societal arrangements made for our lives. We are constantly bombarded with messages to remind us to bathe, brush our teeth, perfume, feed, rest, and decorate our bodies with fashionable clothing so we can feel happy and successful. We live in a culture that reinforces this belief. A great number of people living in this present era are subjected to this philosophy and as a result, we treat ourselves as primarily a package whose contents are insignificant.

It would appear easier to define ourselves by the external packaging rather than by the inner qualities, which we are unable to perceive with our five senses. When everyone else is perceived as defining him or herself this way, it seems easier to conform rather than be different. Being different is not bad, unless you have been raised in a dominate culture that teaches it is. No two people on planet earth are the same. Therefore, it is good to celebrate yourself-for you are a unique creation of God with not only inalienable rights, but also unlimited potential.

One question I often hear from others is, “How do I get better at what I feel I am so lousy at performing?” Everyone wants to be better at what they do, especially when it involves others. Married men want to learn how to be better husbands and fathers to their children. Women want to be better wives and mothers to their children. People want to do their jobs better. Students want to learn how to get better grades. Musicians want to be better musicians and the list goes on and on. I have never met a person who did not want to get better at anything, even if it was just life. Everyone has this intrinsic desire to get more, to improve or to learn more than what they presently know. How to tap into the strength to perform on a higher level eludes most people. However, what needs to be understood is that the ability is present, but the inhibitors are concealed.

Performance inhibitors are things that stop us from reaching our personal best and living the kind of life we would like to live. Nevertheless, I have learned that being capable of performing your personal best does not make you able. Many intelligent and skillful people are capable of doing many things that would rival the best of them in their fields. However, having the intellect and the talent to perform at your best is not a license to do so without the inner belief you should have in yourself and your abilities. Most people are unaware of the inhibitors that slow their progress to a crawl.

I understand that you want more out of life. In addition, I realize how you want to improve your relationship with your significant other, but you cannot do it on your old system of belief. You can never go higher than your present information level. The data you have heard and what you have come to believe has generated enough faith and belief to get you where you are today. Your present information cannot generate enough faith to stretch your abilities no more than what they are already stretched. Moreover, where you are on the spectrum does not mean that you cannot go further. Nevertheless, once you are able to identify your inhibitors, follow these three simple steps to move from ground zero.

  1. Pump yourself with information using energy words such as faith, self-confidence, commitment, and conviction, which are conducive to catapulting you to reach peak levels.
  2. Force yourself to speak words that are constructive and productive. Speak words that will reconstruct your belief system and your words will become self-perpetual-producing a dynamo of internal energy that will push you to new levels.
  3. Read. Reading is an investment into the most progressive component of your intellectual apparatus…your brain. Never underestimate the potential of your brain. If God blessed you with a brain, use it. Your mind expands with information. Books are a seed. What you do with its information, is your harvest.

Make this information a daily rehearsal, and it will be like winning an Academy Award every day.