Overtime, The Not So Perfect Solution.

overtime-blog-postAre you late paying your mortgage or rent? Do you struggle with not having enough money to fill your car with gas to get to work? If all available funds and sources of credit are tapped out, what would be your first inclination to obtain more funds? For heaven’s sake, please do not consider borrowing money from a Pay Day Loan institution. Think for a moment. Don’t move in haste because you will end up with a waste. Take a few moments and think…tick, tick, and tick.

Stop! Why are you considering working overtime, and not taking into consideration the extra time spent working overtime hours which usually zaps the life and motivation out of you? These extra hours can be used to start and run a small business.

Ninety percent of the general public has, as their first inclination, when experiencing more month at the end of their money than money at the end of their month, a default thought pattern to work overtime. I am not suggesting this method of pulling in additional funds is wrong, I’m saying it may not prove to be the wisest. Consider the additional wear and tear on your body from not getting enough rest, or the time wasted while waiting to get paid. If you have to work additional hours, why not work harder for yourself instead of someone else.

I met a gentleman who started selling his delicious concoction of flavored popcorn to friends and people in his community. He started selling it because he needed additional funds to pay bills. One day he started experimenting more with different flavors and people loved them. His cost for buying, popping, and bagging the popcorn was low, so he didn’t have to worry about taking monies from the household budget.

His hobby of making his favorite flavored popcorn turned into a business. He eventually rented a small space in a strip mall and opened his popcorn business. To say the least, I was quite surprised to see the number of people who came in to patronize his store while I was buying popcorn. Here’s a man who found a way to work smarter not harder.

What are you waiting for? Is not the need for more money, all the motivation you need? Sit back, think and pray. An answer will come to you, but it’s hard to hear while you are so busy working yourself to death. Look for my new book soon, “TURN ON YOUR LIFE.”

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