Four Steps To Help You Move On When Critics Want You To Stop

criticism-postOnce you make the decision to go all out and make something happen, all the components of various materials conspire to make it happen, and every naysayer and malicious person connives to block it from happening.

Opposition usually doesn’t rear its ugly head until a person is serious about achieving the goals of their life. Have you ever noticed those you were so were true friends, remained so, until you made a decision to move your life in a positive direction which did not include them? All of a sudden your so-called-friend was trying to sabotage your success by giving you every excuse they could think of, in hopes it would influence you not to continue in your personal pursuit of living your dream. They are discouragers not encouragers. The personal interest of this type of person is not to promote someone, but rather to secretly demote them in subtle ways.

I cannot recall a time when I was the brunt of a joke, as much as when I was twenty-three years old preparing to end my time of service in the United States Army. A group of constituents and close acquaintances came together to throw a farewell celebration for me. However, it turned out to be more like a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Night. Some cracked jokes and laughed about my exiting the military. They laughed about me having no prospects for employment, and they sentenced my future to be as one receiving public assistance and eventually finding myself back in an Army uniform after my dreams had crashed. Nevertheless, they were wrong.

They were wrong for two reasons. One, I never had any doubt or apprehension concerning my decision to get out of the military;…and two, I did not set out to prove them wrong and to prove to them I could make it without big Uncle Sam watching over my shoulder. Sometimes, a joke can be a cover for how someone truly feels about you and the decision you are making with your life. With today’s cell phone technology, you can text a joke to a person about him or herself, and then put LOL on the end; and they may not ever catch the person’s true intent.

When a person makes every attempt to bring you down, it is because they are already beneath you. So, don’t get mad, get glad…because at least you have something for them to joke about. How else can they laugh? Their life is so miserable they need something to laugh about just to keep from crying.

Do you know what you want to do? You should never try to figure out who you are—you should be settled on that. A bird doesn’t try to be a cow and a horse doesn’t attempt to act like a dog. Their internal instincts cause them to habitually be what they are, just as your internal instincts should stir you into who you are. The problem that exists with human beings is most people are only interested in changing who they are to be accepted by their critics.

At the end of the day, be solidified on who you are and not on what others want you to be. Don’t lose sight of your personal desires just because someone does not want to see you succeed. Below are four steps for moving on when the voice of your critics seems to get louder each minute.

1. Don’t respond to your critics.
You know you are paying too much when you are paying attention to your critics.

2. Don’t give up on your dream.
You can stop your day job, but don’t stop your day-dream.

3. Don’t stop your perseverance.
Usually a person discontinues in their perseverance when they anticipate a problem before there is one.

4. Give no credence to how many times you didn’t succeed.
Instead of looking at one failure after another, you should have amnesia after each failure. You can survive by forgetting.

These four basic steps are all that is needed when you are pursuing your goal. Remember it takes little effort to bend over and pick up the fruit that has fallen from a tree, which in most cases, is already rotten. However, it takes pushing, believing, creativity, and stretching to get the best fruit from the top of the tree, which is usually the juiciest. Do you want to bend over for the rotten things in life which are the leftovers no one wants, or are you willing to fight for the best things in life which only a few ever strive to attain?

When you apply these four steps as you engage a non-constructive critic, you will eventually end up winning after losing their bad advice.

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