Unsolicited Consequences

MB Text 7-26-2015 (Consequnce)What are consequences and why can they be fatal?

A consequence is something that follows as a result. Consequences can be good or bad, however, it is the relation between a result and its cause. If it is a negative result, it means a previous action resulted in an unpleasant or difficult outcome. There’s one thing about consequences – we all pay them.

Can you recall a time where you’ve personally said or done something for which you felt the consequences were unwarranted? No one ever complains and wonders why good things are happening to them, but most people are usually very confused as to why negative consequences occur. Negative consequences would never materialize without them first being paid for. Every consequence is paid in advance.

Now I believe, there is a cause and effect, and a ripple effect for everything everyone does, and those actions can have positive consequences as well as negative. Everyone has to make their own decisions, however you have to be able to accept the consequences without complaining. A person’s acceptance of what has taken place is the first step toward overcoming any unfortunate consequence. Everything has positive or negative consequences, and I can’t repeat this enough.

Sometimes, tremendous consequences come from what we sometimes consider to be little or insignificant decisions or actions. When the results seem to have a more devastating effect, I am tempted to think there is no such thing as little decisions or actions. On the other hand, small actions and decisions can also result in gigantic results.

“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.”
–Michael Jordan

Most youth never take into consideration the consequences of their actions until it is too late. How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it. Is it possible to get in the way of someone’s consequences for an act they committed? Nothing is free in this world; either you pay your own consequences or someone else does. Choices made, whether good, bad, or indifferent, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another. Some of a person’s emotional scars can be the result of another person’s emotional pain. Hurt people; hurt people.

The way I avoid, as much as I can, the foolishness of someone else’s actions, is to mentally be aware of their capability. It’s similar to making a conscience decision, while you’re driving, to drive for the other guy as well. When you see someone swerving back and forth on the road, stay a good distance behind them or they may inadvertently cause an accident for you.

Without reflection, we blindly go on our way, generating more unintended consequences, and always falling short of achieving anything useful. The actions we take and the decisions we make in this waking moment will have consequences reaching far into our futures. It doesn’t matter if we don’t mean to do the things we do. It means nothing if it was an accident or a mistake. It doesn’t even matter if we think this is all up to fate. Regardless of our destiny, we still have to answer for our actions; and our consequences are those answers.

We all make choices, big and small, every day of our lives, and those choices have consequences. Everyone is going to eventually sit at the table and eat the meal of consequences. However, you can personally be totally engaged in the effort to ensure that the consequences you eat daily, are good and beneficial, as the result of you making sure your actions and decisions are calculating consequences worth paying for.

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The Benefits of Zest

MB_textWhat do you think makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? This question is not one people would look forward to answering if their life is filled with despondency and regret; however, on the other hand, if a person was accustomed to applying the one component which is the difference between overcoming obstacles rather than capitulating to them, this is a great question.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” –Vince Lombardi

What shapes your ability to contribute to not only your own success, but to aid in assisting others in their success? Knowing the answer to this question is the key to avoid making all the wrong turns as you journey towards carving out your purpose and destiny. What you believe is either empowering or disempowering you. Whatever your lead system of belief is, it will lead you towards your success or failure. It is heartrending that a person can so strongly believe in the wrong philosophy that is actually disengaging them from the source of motivation that feeds their passion to achieve their goals.

I have learned that there are no excuses for staying in the same predicament. A person’s physical ability may be impeded, but your mind always has the potential for liberty. Start your process of change by changing your attitude which will eventually help change your environment. Some things can change rather quickly if you just make a choice about what you want in life and where you want to go. As long as your attitude is to take one step at a time, which can be the implication that you want others to applaud your one step, you will be paralyzed with no movement at all.

Steps are usually continuous, not stagnate. No one naturally takes one step and stays frozen in that position unless their true intention is not to do anything more than take that one step. If you want to go somewhere in life and you want to fulfill the dream hiding within the crevasses of your heart, you better start moving today. Change your attitude about what resources you don’t have, and just start moving and doing something with what you already have in your possession. Dismiss the “woe is me” attitude and get excited about your future prospects.

An Attitude is the mirror of the mind and heart. Your attitude reflects your thinking. Attitude also exposes the level of your enthusiasm. However, I discovered that attitude, along with enthusiasm, determines your altitude. It is not ‘why’ you think that shines through, but ‘what’ you think which shows through in how you act. People read attitudes through expressions, voice tones and inflections. Therefore, watch how you respond to questions from your boss or coworker or even life’s situations, because they might be reading you like a book.

You have to make quality decisions that can positively shape your destiny and change your circumstances, and one of those decisions is to select the right attitude. Attitude is your disposition, demeanor, temperament, mannerism, or outward conduct. It is your behavior and it reflects in the way you act and react. No one can choose your attitude but you—so choose the right one.

Attitudes do make the difference. The right attitude will pave the way to having not only a healthy and happy marriage, but add to your life the quality needed to help build the kind of fortitude and courage necessary to deal with all of life’s challenges. The right attitude makes you effective in dealing with people.

If you plan on going somewhere in life, dress for it. Wear the right attitude and you will put on the right clothes. Attitude changes your appearance and when your appearance looks like what you want, you will dress like where you’re going. You can ascend superior over every condition through the strength that Christ provides. People usually don’t attempt anything they don’t believe they can do.

What you fail to muster enthusiasm for usually dies.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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The Challenge In Making Your New Year Your Best Year Yet


I was once asked by a married couple how they can make their New Year the best New Year ever. I asked, “Would it be insensitive for me to suggest that you learn how to exit the old year in the manner you intend for your New Year, without it sounding too vague? They both answered, “Of course not!” “Then, intentionally do daily everything [cause] you want your marriage to be [effect], and the results will continue to blossom for the entire 365 days”, I replied.
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Instinct of A Premonition

TransitionCan you feel something is shifting in the atmosphere? Can you sense something is stirring beneath everything going on in society? What is it and what can it be? This is not a spooky Twilight Zone episode or some paranormal activity to open you to clairvoyant ability. However, these feelings or this sensing is the infrastructure of your human make-up placed in you by God. It is just as natural as it is spiritual—it is similar to your innate ability to sense danger.

There are times when a person can have an intuitive inclination about something they know nothing about, times when a person can actually sense something is coming whereby the agent of preparation is being pushed by the challenges a person is facing.

When you feel a push in your spirit or you have a premonition or suspicion that your life is about to shift from one direction to another, it is because it is. Sometimes, you start gearing up for something big, when in fact it could be something small but extremely impactful to your future. In fact, when this transition actually occurs you will probably not notice it until you see the new levels of opportunities clearly standing before you.

Allow me to explain what I mean by this. When there is a convergence occurring in your life, it is as if you can feel the winds of circumstances shifting, but you are not quite sure what change to expect. What is happening is situations in life, small or big, are pushing you to the brink of destruction or construction. The company you are employed by just layoff laid your best friend off but they promised you are not on the upcoming list of layoffs. You, however, wanting to feel a sense of comfort, were not totally confident with their statement. Sure enough, two weeks down the road you got the pink slip and you packed your things and left the company.

The oddest thing happened when you received the initial notice that the company would keep you…you had this push in you to prepare like never before for your next level. So that uncomfortable feeling was a clock ticking inside you warning you of a shift. Therefore, when the pink slip came, you were not discouraged; you were actually encouraged because the pink slip was the final confirmation of a shift; convergence. Out of this convergence came the birth of a multi-million dollar company which would never have been birthed if you had stayed in the comfort of a nine to five job.

Now don’t move so fast because there is another side to this narrative. When a person senses these intangible and unidentifiable intuitions and ignores them, the results will be an internalization of despondency. They will not only be left without a job, but the ball will continues to roll downhill to negatively affect their marriage, savings, and living conditions.

This unwarranted stress is a measured indicator notifying you that you have to expand. So, the pressure makes you feel you’re not ready; but in fact, you are ready. To you the pressure is a problem, but in actuality the pressure is a signal that it’s time to expand. If you continue to ignore the signal to expand, you will eventually become expendable. I don’t like saying this, but some people will live their entire lives in a small cavity because they don’t want to face the challenges which will open their sights, enlarge their living capacities and introduce them to a whole new world; which for them, only exists on the big screen.

While you are having moments of despair, God is expanding your capacity to occupy your destiny.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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The Life of Tenacity

The Life of TenacityHave you ever turned on your television, flipped through the channels, and seen the show that says, “This is Super Jeopardy!” “The conclusion of The Quarter-of-a-Million-Dollar Challenge!” “Now entering the studio are the three finalists.” “And now, here is the host of Super Jeopardy! Alex Trebek!”

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In The Hunt For One Thing!

200-one-thing What does Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Victor Hansen, and Dr. Ben Carson all have in common?

I know; you may agree with the fact that they are all rich and famous. And, you are absolutely correct in your personal assumption. You could even say that each of these individuals have achieved something notable. I will not argue with you about that. However, there is something else…a quality that these and other not-so-rich and famous people have acquired. They have all discovered the one personal characteristic that billions of people have yet to discover. You heard correctly, I said Billions with a B.

People spend their entire lives thinking of what could make them happy. Regrettably, over ninety percent of the population thinks having more than enough money would make them the happiest people on the planet. I personally differ with that opinion. I am not saying that these people do not know what they want, but what I am saying, is that they haven’t the faintest idea of what they need to actually fulfill their lives. The only reason an overwhelming percentage of the population, especially those living in the United States, feel like money is the solution to their misery is because they have not discovered their true passion. Hundreds of people have won hundreds of thousands and even tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in some lottery game, and yet in five years or less, close to eighty percent of those winners are broke.

The previous list of people I mentioned, have one thing in common, and it’s not money. What they all have in common is that they have discovered the one thing that lights up their eyes more than money itself. Money is important but not that important. It’s just unfortunate that in this nation, money is how we keep score. Purpose, destiny, passion and/or a dream is more valuable than money itself to those who breathe their ‘one’ thing. It is what keeps them getting up in the morning when nothing is going right for them.

When you realize what it is you were called to do, you’ll find that you would rather be happy in the right place doing what you love, with hardly anything going right for you at that moment, than to be in the wrong place and feeling miserable when everything is picture perfect. You can never be yourself until you know yourself.

“The people who make it to the top – whether they’re musicians, or great chefs, or corporate honchos – are addicted to their calling … [they] are the ones who’d be doing whatever it is they love, even if they weren’t being paid.”

~Quincy Jones

So, have you discovered what it is you were called to do? Some people can have an inkling of their true calling, but for them there are too many obstacles, too many distractions, and too many people standing in their way. The cost is too much for them to pay and they feel they have too much to lose.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said something so profound in one of his speeches that when I read it, it dropped deep within my soul and exploded and I have never recovered from this truth, neither do I ever want to recover. This quote helped me to focus my life with purpose and escape the mediocrity of a blurred vision.

“Deep down in our non-violent creed is the conviction there are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they’re worth dying for. And if a man happens to be 36-years-old, as I happen to be, some great truth stands before the door of his life–some great opportunity to stand up for that which is right.
A man might be afraid his home will get bombed, or he’s afraid that he will lose his job, or he’s afraid that he will get shot, or beat down by state troopers, and he may go on and live until he’s 80. He’s just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80…”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Never, ever apologize for doing what you love and what you believe you are called to do, even if what you love doesn’t meet the specifications of a loved one. Never settle for a paycheck to ignore your passion…which has no equal value to your dream-worth. And, never let anyone talk you out of what you believe God has placed deep down in your heart. What you know to do in your heart has greater value and purpose than what you think you know to do with your life.

If I were you, I would not rest from my search of discovering my purpose until I was totally convinced of what I was created to perform on this planet, or life just will not have the same worth.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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Need A Boost?

Greatness cannot be achieved by tracking the steps of great men or women. If you follow in someone else’s steps, your personal success will only reflect the accomplishments of the one whose footprints you choose to follow. You will simply become a carbon copy of a great original. Following a person with impressive qualities, which you may personally desire to emulate, does not guarantee greatness, but it can help you recognize it. Eventually, the person who follows the trail of a prominent person will one day have to veer off and blaze his or her own trail.

I have learned a great deal during my years under the tutelage of great men, and one valuable lesson was that you cannot trace the steps of a great mentor and follow them to their end because at the conclusion of their course, you will only discover their destiny—not your own. Here is a simpler way to understand my point; you are the rocket ship going into orbit and the booster engine is attached to you. The booster is designed to help you get into space until you can fire up your own engine, detach yourself from the booster so that you can continue your mission and fulfill your purpose. The power exemplified in the booster engine is the years of experience and enormous knowledge and wisdom acquired over the years. Great leaders and mentors want nothing more than to pass on their wealth of knowledge and help propel others to achieve more in their lifetime than the mentor may have accomplished in his.

Understanding this example can be the difference between you wasting energy or preserving it. You see, the booster engine is attached so that the rocket ship can conserve as much energy as possible because its mission will be quite arduous. A father, mentor, or pastor, is the booster engine whose sole purpose is to help you excel. It is presumed that you respect the presence and recognize the magnitude and enormity of the mentor’s wisdom and knowledge. If not, you will never fully adhere to the instructions that can help you with your personal life construction.

Invest your time in people who will give the greatest return.
John Maxwell

Wise and successful people are in such demand that a protégé should always consider their time as precious and highly valuable. Most people that are young in knowledge and experience (which does not mean that these people are necessarily young in age) but rather people who think that successful people have nothing else to do but listen to a bumbling idiot voice his or her knowledge about nothing. My solemn recommendation, for people seeking wise counsel from someone who is successful, is ask your question, shut up, and pay attention while you are in the presence of greatness. Words from the lips of a wise man or woman are like pillars that can support your next level.

To desire greatness is a lofty thought not a bad one. Usually, people who have achieved greatness did not ask for it, nor did they actually realize that they have obtained it. Great leaders are great givers, and unless you are willing to tax your time, energy and resources, you simply will want the title of greatness at other people’s expense.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Vince Lombardi are two people I would love to talk to if they were alive today. I realize one was a preacher and the other was a football coach, however, the vastness of their knowledge concerning winning was extraordinary. Developing Strategies to win at anything and executing that strategy is pertinent to winning in life. These two men were from different ends of the spectrum but so very much alike. Both of them believed in the power of people working as one; they both believed in using drastic measures to achieve their goal; and they both gave their lives to what they believed. These two extraordinary men never separated what they did in life, apart from their life. You are what you do, and what you do speaks volume as to who you are.

See You At the Top!

The Power of NOW

“I got next!” is a phase used in a pick-up game of basketball. Discover how this is the wrong attitude to have when it comes to the game of life and how-to change it to “I am there”.

Are You Next, Last or Now? If you ever played pick-up basketball in the gym or at the neighborhood playground, you are very familiar with these words: “I got next!” You cannot say this phrase passively because during the course of a game, the noise could be intense and the focus of everyone around the basketball court is on the teams playing at that moment. Your tone had to be demanding and your presence without intimidation, or else someone will claim your spot and go next. The problem with being next is that “next” may never come.

Choose to be first

There are times when people have the option to be first but they choose to be last in hope that it would prove to be the best choice. I can recall a football game that went into overtime. When the referee tossed the coin, the team that won the toss chose to kick off to the opposing team. Now allow me to expound on how this overtime ordeal works in football. In simple English, the first to score, wins. Why would you reduce your chances of winning the football game by kicking off to the opposing team when you could be the receiving team and increase your chances of winning? What was going on in the mind of the coach that won the toss? Is last a great position? The result was that the team that won the coin toss lost the game because the opposing team scored first.

Forget Next; Think Now

There is another posture that should be taken into consideration, and that is the NOW mind-set. The word “now” means at the present moment, currently, at once or in that instants. The person that is in the game usually is better off than the ones who are waiting to be next or last. I do not believe that Bill Gates saw his company as the next IBM or Michael Dell saw his computers as the next Apple Computer. These men demonstrated a resilience to be proactive in their pursuit of providing a quality product. Who would want his or her company to be a carbon copy of someone else’s dream. If this is your desire to mimic something already in existence without improving on it, then your ideal is just a cheap copy of a great original. Are you the next big thing? See yourself as the BIG thing. Think Big! Think NOW!

Preparing Your Future

Inspiration is in the details. If you are meticulous about your future and you do not trust your future in the hands of others, then you have to take control of the helm and not let go. Your vision will succeed because of your strong and active attribute to seize the moment. Refuse to entertain thoughts of being next or last when you are there now. Define your unique vision of success and do not just be in the game of life and business, dominate it. Never stop learning, growing, building, and strengthening your forces. Experience the magic of bonding with dynamic, determined, well-seasoned people who will help expand your spirit and your resources. Prepare your future NOW by getting every tool you will need to accomplish every goal you have in order to custom-design your tomorrow, today!

See Yourself There

See yourself in the moment. You are not getting there, you are there. You are in the fast lane without the thought of getting out of it until your objective is accomplished. You represent your definition of excellence, not someone else’s. The game is not over as long as you are in the game.