The Discovery of Your Life’s Primary Purpose

Primary PurposeIs it too late for me to discover my life’s true purpose?

There are two primary reasons why I believe most people live their entire lives in the dark concerning their true purpose. Oftentimes, these reasons compel them to go on a futile search. There is no chance of finding what they are looking for while they are under their old mental regime. Not only are many of these people making constant blunders with their lives, but they find themselves always moving from one job to another or from marriage to marriage because their inward compass is out of balance. Life for these people is one big earthly laboratory experiment, and they seem to be the guinea pig.

One reason a person is unable to discover their true purpose is that they mistaken what they like to do for their primary purpose, when in fact it is their sub-purpose in life. The second reason is similar to the first, they are unwilling to give up searching among places, peoples, and religions believing that these entities are the most likely places one can find his or her purpose.

Bruce Lee, one of the greatest martial artists that ever lived was once asked by a master martial artist to teach him everything he knew about the martial arts. Bruce Lee held up two cups, both filled with liquid and said, “The first cup represents all your knowledge about the martial arts, and the second cup represents all my knowledge about the martial arts. If you want to fill your cup with all of my knowledge about the martial arts, you must first empty your cup of your knowledge of the martial arts.”

Perhaps, you may not understand the cost of self-discovery. However, one thing for certain is, it will come at a price of surrendering all the knowledge you once deemed necessary, even though these experiences made you who you are today. If you want to learn about what your true primary purpose is in life, you must empty yourself of all the false purposes you’ve been taught. This includes the idea that you have no purpose at all.

You cannot be yourself until you know yourself. So, while you are in search of the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ of your being, life is in constant transition. I know how it feels to harbor thoughts of wanting to do one hundred different things to define your purpose, but you just can’t seem to come across the one simple thing you want to do more than anything in the world. Sometimes, the mental block exists because self-knowledge can be painful and we prefer the gratification of an illusion. If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because we want to.

Can I help you? The low road to take is to simply ignore any intuition that life holds for you more than just a job and a family. The high peak of knowledge is perfect self-knowledge, that you believe you are not a mistake, and that you are wonderfully and uniquely created by your Creator for His purpose. God never creates mistakes, we are simply mistaken. There is no self-definition without God-recognition. To know God is to have a revelation of God. It may display wisdom to know others, but it is enlightenment to know one’s self.

I want you to do something that you might consider quite odd. I’m asking you to do one exercise that can probably help you easily discover your purpose in life. It is important that you understand that despite the games played with others, we must not play games with ourselves. We only get one try at life, and there is actually no room for error. Experiments are too costly and it is an ongoing expense. So, if your life and future seem dark, get some white paint and brighten it up. This is a good place to start.

My suggestion to you is to get a blank sheet of white paper and write as the header, “My Life’s Purpose.” Underneath the header start to write a list of things that matters most to you about what you believe your purpose is. Don’t over-think, just start listing things. The one that makes you happy is a substitute, but the one that breaks you down and reveals your compassion is most likely to be your purpose.

Your life is a novel, but your purpose is a novelty. A novel is a fictional prose work with a relatively long and often complex plot, usually divided into chapters or episodes, in which the story traditionally develops through the thoughts and actions of its character(s). However, when you consider a novelty, it is something new, original, and different that is interesting or exciting, though often for only a short time which no other person will have the same privilege of assignment.

Life holds purpose and it should be touched to release its meaning, not strangled until you kill it. Life is supposed to work fluently, despite the bumps and turns, highs and lows; for these are all a part of life’s obstacle course. Therefore, when your purpose is discovered, its treasure is worth more than life itself.

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