The Lesson Failure Taught Me

failure-lessons-200The disguise of failure can often deceive people into thinking that failure is actually fatal. When in fact, failure is not fatal, nor is success final.  

It is important to have a healthy perspective about life, success, and struggles, when one experiences failure, because of the frustration and disappointment often associated with it. However, failures are just lessons on how to get something done right; while at the same time, they increases your knowledge on what will not work. Some things that you may have thought were failures were actually successes. You may have looked at the things you’ve blown and felt like you made a complete donkey of yourself, but in actuality, those failures opened your eyes and made you a better person. 

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Become An Action Figure: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

“Greatness is not what comes out of the womb of a woman; greatness is birthed out of the courageous heart that refuses to do anything but stand and fight when faced with an insurmountable challenge, even when initially afraid.”

~Dr. Mikel Brown

hero200 We have all experienced, in some form or another, abuse in our lives from friends, relatives, parents, and even self-inflicted wounds, which have left an indelible mark on our psyches. For some of us, even our bodies.
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Produce Your Own Amazing Comeback: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.
~Winston Churchill

comeback-185Winston Churchill’s quote may seem difficult and challenging, but the reality of life is that you are going to experience failure and disappointment in your life, and how you handle it will be the difference between success or permanent failure. The person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything.

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Motivating Insights

Are You Dying Because Of What You Eat Or Are You Dying Because Of What’s Eating You? What keeps you in the game when you know someone else has accomplished

insights-200x150Are You Dying From What You’re Eating Or Are You Dying Because Of What’s Eating You?

What keeps you in the game is when you know someone else has done what you are endeavoring to accomplish, than you know you can do it to. It’s easy to see someone else do something and then believe you can do it to. But what happens when there is no record of anyone ever accomplishing or even attempting what your dream has inspired you to do?

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You Already Have What It Takes To…

You Already Have It
You Can Leap Beyond Your Obstacles

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of the same routine in life? Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about how your life seems to be on hold? If you want more out of life, you’re going to have to change what you are doing.

What is the best investment you believe you can make that will immediately reap gigantic benefits both personally and monetarily? If your response is “in yourself”, you are absolutely correct. It’s no secret that YOU are your greatest asset. Let’s face it; you really are all that and a bag of chips.

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What Is Your Inspiration?

Shattering The Mold of Mediocrity
Inspiration can come from so many different sources, but can you muster the kind of inspiration from within to propel you towards achieving your goals while facing discouragement? Can a person inspire him or herself?

Self motivation is something that originates from within and helps you to overcome barriers while you pursue your goals and aspirations. The quickest killer of pursuit is discouragement and the quickest killer of discouragement is pursuit. In other words, the end result will be either pursuit or discouragement; depending on which one a person will capitulate to. To be inspired from within increases your greatest potential to succeed.

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Beyond Standard

I have never met a person whose endeavor was to be average or standard. Average is not a goal because it takes no extraordinary ability to achieve it.

Beyond Standard
Beyond Standard
I have never met a person whose endeavor was to be average. Average is not a goal because it takes no extraordinary ability to achieve it.

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Managing Your Emotions (Pt 1)

Managing Your Emotion
One third of the American population admits to having some form of emotional problem. Limited ability to deal with one’s emotional instability has damaged businesses, careers and the personal lives of many people. The capability to manage emotions such as disillusionment, anger and frustration is an important interpersonal skill, which depends solely on your ability to identify and evaluate addictive behavior and its link to what incites it.

The ability to make exceptional critical decisions while experiencing highly emotional periods of frustration, disappointment, and possibly mild forms of depression, which can affect your future life or business, is usually predicated on the strength to manage your emotions. When your hopes in business are shattered by failure; or your first published book has not moved out of your garage; or your dream of succeeding in the music industry was shot down by some big-time music executive — allowing your emotions to get out of control, will easily cause you to become misdirected.

One of my business protégés once spoke out of his personal frustration because his company’s success was not coming as fast as he had anticipated. So, he made a ridiculous statement that he should just take his money and buy lottery tickets, thinking he will have a better chance at winning the lottery than being successful in business. You will be surprised how many of your business and personal life choices are made during times of stubbornness and inflexibility. Frustration and pigheadedness is a link to much of your anxiety that must be eliminated in order to reduce the severity of your problems.

“Whenever you’re confronted with a tough work situation, stop for a second and try to honestly answer this question: Am I approaching this emotionally or am I approaching this professionally?” –Suze Orman

Imagine you are a CEO of a company that has to answer to a board of twelve. One of the board members, (as if he is your worst nightmare) always shoots down your suggestions. Or, perhaps you are an accountant working in an accounting firm, where your boss thinks that you never have enough work. Your decision to remain cool, calm and collected under emotional pressure can be the difference of between success and failure.

If you are in any situation that is similar to these two previously stated scenarios, let me give you the simplest answer. Emotions are simply feelings in motion. If you can control your emotions, you can control the direction of your motion (action). Do not give your critics the satisfaction of seeing you as an emotional wreck.

Think about what you want to do, and how you want to act in a situation. Right action prevents poor reaction.

Recommended Reading:

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UPDATED 06-17-11: Read the conclusion of this article, Go to “Managing your Emotions Pt. 2” now.

Who Is In Control Of Your World?

I will start this correspondence with a question, which I am sure everyone will have an answer. Who is in control of your world? This question should be asked often, especially when someone uses excuses for his or her shortfalls. In all my years of listening to people talk about their lives, without fail, they mention how someone else is to blame for their misfortune. When a person sees that their plans are not working out as anticipated, instead of detouring, they continue with the same plan hoping that things will turn around. If your business is not bringing in enough money, why do you sit back, hoping that customers will come through your door without you doing something to attract them? Exercising your brain by working smarter and harder can reap dividends; however, repeating the same regiment without creativity will not produce new results.

What or who do you blame when things are not going well? Whenever the blame game is played, responsibility is shifted or pointed in another direction other than oneself. People blame the economy for failed businesses – which may be true to some extent – but the bulk of the blame for a failed business should be on the owner. When you own a business, this says that you have taken control of your financial future. However, to shirk the responsibility of the results of its failure is pure cowardice. The business owner who takes photographs and signs autographs as the owner of a successful business, will accept little or no blame for his or her business failure. This same principle applies to a failed marriage. Just what does it mean to have irreconcilable differences? I know, it means two people unwilling to fulfill the vows they took on the day they got married. If you are going give an excuse for your marriage falling apart, at least own up to giving the truth concerning why your marriage did not succeed.

In hindsight, people mention how they would do things differently if they were given the chance. In actuality, people have second, third and subsequent occasions during the process of their weak efforts to make corrections and take control before things totally fall apart. However, many are too blind to see how they can right their wrongs because they are too busy looking for a way out of a ship that they can only view as sinking. Unfortunately, second chances do not exist; however, new opportunities do.

When a person sits down in their most comfortable chair in their living room, they usually take control of the universal remote and turn on the television or CD player. They have declared their kingship by sitting on their throne while holding the scepter (remote control) in their hand. They are looking for personal gratification of being entertained while watching television. Like the kings of old, if the king was not amused by the court jester, the king would ask for the next act while sitting on his throne. People have the same experiences everyday to control their world. Our remote control helps us to control the elements before us and we never look to blame anyone while we are in control. If you do not like what is on a particular channel, you change it. No big deal, right? In plain English, what you do not like, you change, because the results are in your control.

Is it fair to say that God is in control of everything concerning your life? No. I am not taking any power away from God because that is impossible, but I am placing the power of your life back into your hands. If God is in control of everything, including your life, then He should be blamed. However, we have to look at life from the standpoint of who is making the decisions for you. Did God have you to overextend yourself financially? Did God sign your name on the loan application? Did God make you buy the things that you truly could not afford? Is God responsible for your procrastination? Did God make you say “I Do” to the person you married? I can go on, but I think you get the message. People, and Christians alike, feel they are genetically predisposed to making excuses and shifting blame away from themselves because our progenitor failed to face up to his failure. According to the Bible, Adam, God’s created son, failed to own up to his blunder and blamed Eve for his sin of disobedience. The principle of first things, is that whatever is in the original (Adam) will show up in the successors. To use this as an excuse for failure is completely absurd.

My attempt is not to give you a Bible lesson. However, I am only pointing out the fallacies that people generally believe, which are not Biblically substantiated. Adam’s rebellion was not based on experiences because he had only known obedience up to the point of his treason. Adam’s disobedience to God was not God’s fault either. Adam’s failure was predicated on the ability to make personal decisions, which he failed to make the right one. The truth of the matter is that you are genetically predisposed to controlling the outcome of your own life. Your fate rests in your hands, not in God’s. Your decisions are your decisions, and no one can take the blame for your personal decisions.

Flip Wilson, the famed hilarious comedian, oftentimes played a character named, Geraldine. Whenever Geraldine did something inappropriate, she would say, “The devil made me do it!” It may be comedic, but it is also crippling. If you do not control your world, your life will be placed in the hands of those who care nothing about you. You will never be allowed to stretch out and explore all the possibilities life has to offer. Refuse to be a slave in your own world!

Failure is Filled with Good Efforts

Wasted talent and ability is the humiliation of humanity. The worst thing a person can do is have such great potential but so little confidence. The lack of confidence is a by-product of how a person sees him or herself, especially during times of extreme pressure and difficulty. Pressure exposes the faults, cracks or weaknesses in the armor (façade) people wear to appear strong. It is extremely easy to hide behind the thin paper veneer of words, but words without history are simply empty vessels.

The Invaluable Commodity

What makes a person great and his personality standout? Is it because he or she is funny or because they are smart? I would love to say these are important qualities of a self-assured person, but this is not the case. Many smart and funny people are undisciplined and irresponsible when it comes to performing on the grand stage of life. Life produces challenges that reveal our inability to handle timidity. What is actually missing in the majority of people with great potential is the absence of personal leadership or mentorship. Avoiding a person who can possibly help channel your strengths and diminish their weaknesses, is an invaluable commodity.

Simple Efforts

Millions never reach their full potential because they choose not to maintain their posture of discipline. While few people are realizing their dreams, many people have settled on their good efforts. In other words, they liquidate or reduce their God-given ability to simple efforts that only deal with frail attempts. Potential is that intrinsic ability one might have, but for some reason they have not come to realize their ability. I am convinced that most of us are content with just trying to live better instead of living better lives.

Forced Habits

To reach your full potential or to get close to fulfilling it, you must unlearn many of your forced habits. Your chief deterrent, inhibitor or a restraint is “effort.” Effort is simply a measured attempt to perform what one does not believe can be achieved. Potential is the full capacity of one’s ability to attain it.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Most people have been tutored and motivated to give their best effort in school, sports and other activities. However, many of us lack the encouragement that we are more than capable of consummating our goal or task. Therefore, our ability is not limited, but our knowledge is. Effort points to trying your best to do something, but never being able to reach your capacity. Humanly, we rest on the premise of efforts, only to secure the feeling that we gave it our best shot. Unfortunately, your best shot usually proves to be inadequate for the task. People who do not realize their potential will be satisfied with their efforts and promote their efforts over their potential. The people who usually acclaim they are never able to get over the hump, are the ones who are simply afraid to push themselves to experience what they can really do. In other words, the time, energy, and resources needed to push hard to realize or to reach their goals, is too much of a price to pay.

Predetermined Limitations

Your car is capable of going more than 120 miles per hour, but your learned restrictions of 55 miles per hour has caused you not to exceed speeds faster than 55. Consequently, fear attempts to set in when you exceed the speed limit to speeds of 90 and over. The reason for the dominance of fear is due to the restrictions taught. Efforts are learned limits, while potential is unlimited.

Never Settle

I fully believe potential can only be realized if God is placed in the equation. When you accept God’s divine image in your life, you will never settle for reaching a goal line you can simply crossover.