Are You Holding Your Money Hostage?

money-hostage-email200Riches may not bring happiness, but neither will poverty. When it comes to making money, you must use money itself. To bet on a horse is gambling; to bet you can come up with three spades is entertainment, to bet on cotton going up three points is business. You see the difference?

Most people have it all wrong about wealth in America. Wealth is not the same as income. Wealth is what you accumulate, not what you spend. The Good Book teaches us not to trust in money, but it does teach us to place it in trust. Money that is not moving is not money at all. Money is a seed to use in order to accumulate, but it cannot increase without movement. Nothing good can come from you holding your money hostage.

There is a lesson in the seed of a man. When a man emits semen into a woman, millions of sperms are discharged, but only one has the assignment of the production of life. You may still have that one thing you won’t release and it may be the very seed to increase your capacity.

People who are looking for the next financial miracle are those who have not planned or made provisions for their future. These people are literally playing Russian roulette with their lives. Are you?

The point I’m making, is finances and creating finances, is not a game. Through nutritional research, we’ve learned the body reflects the diet fed to the body. Physical stamina, resistance to disease, body size, even how long we live, is all closely related to what we eat. The body is what the body is fed. By the same token, the mind is what the mind is fed. Mind food is the countless things which influence our conscious and subconscious thoughts. The mental foods we consume determine our habits, attitudes, and personality. The mind reflects what its environment feeds it, just as surely as the body reflects the food you feed it. So, your belief about money may be the reason you don’t have enough of it.

Have you ever thought what kind of person you would be had you been reared in some foreign country instead of the United States?, What foods would you prefer?, Would your preference for clothing be the same?, What would be your religion?, What sort of entertainment would you like the most?

Environment shapes us and causes us think the way we do. Try to name just one habit or one mannerism you have, which you did not pick up from other people. The way we walk, cough, hold a cup; our preferences for music, literature, entertainment, and clothing—all stem in very large part from environment.

More importantly, what you believe about money, the size of your thinking, your goals, your attitude, and your very personality, is formed by your environment. If most of the people you spend your time with are financially broke, and they have no ambition to change their financial status, the likelihood of you living with that same mindset is at least ninety percent. If you hang around three broke people, you are sure to be the fourth.

There once lived a very wealthy man who was famed for his great wealth and his liberality. There were certain friends of his younger days who came to him and said: “You are more fortunate than we. You have become very rich while we struggle for existence.

You can wear the finest garments and you can enjoy the rarest foods, while we must be content if we can clothe our families in raiment that is presentable and feed them as best we can.

Yet, once we were equal. We studied under the same master. We played in the same games. And in neither the studies nor the games did you outshine us.

And in the years since, you have been no more an honorable citizen than we have. Nor have you worked harder or more faithfully, insofar as we can judge. Why, then, should a fickle fate, single you out to enjoy all the good things of life and ignore us who are equally deserving?”

The wealthy man said to them, “If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since we were youths, it is because you either have failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth, or you do not observe them.”

There are no excuses for staying in the same predicament. Start your process of change by changing your attitude about money. Just like you learned about everything else you presently know, if you will just make a choice about money and how it grows; your financial situation can change in an instant.

Remember, all you may know is not all there is to learn. Learn to respect money and you will attract it.

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Building the Life of Your Dreams

Low standards will always equate to poor quality.

~ Dr. Mikel Brown

your-dreamsAre you overscheduled and under rested? You can improve the quality of your life with the right strategies to free up time for what you really want to do. There are different ways to overcome goal-challenging weariness and accomplish your objectives, which may seem like shortcuts to reach your goals. However, they really aren’t shortcuts at all. These so-called shortcuts are simply better avenues and methods of doing something when you were originally using the long version or the wrong technique.

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Motivating Insights

Are You Dying Because Of What You Eat Or Are You Dying Because Of What’s Eating You? What keeps you in the game when you know someone else has accomplished

insights-200x150Are You Dying From What You’re Eating Or Are You Dying Because Of What’s Eating You?

What keeps you in the game is when you know someone else has done what you are endeavoring to accomplish, than you know you can do it to. It’s easy to see someone else do something and then believe you can do it to. But what happens when there is no record of anyone ever accomplishing or even attempting what your dream has inspired you to do?

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How Do I Escape Out Of This Maze?

MazeFeeling lost in the maze of routines? Have you been looking to become happier and improve your life by networking with people you think can help inspire you, only to discover that the net doesn’t seem to work? And, by the close of the day, the only thing you’re catching is a headache?

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Four Principles of Life

Four Success Principles
How would you like to achieve virtually any goal you envision? Do you want to be the success you were meant to be? The Four Principles of Life will help you turn stress to your advantage and turn fear into confidence.

It is not how good you are; it is how good you want to be. It matters very little where you are when you are not interested in going anywhere. The hustle and bustle of life has misdirected more people than one can possibly imagine. Generally, people start doing one thing, but end up doing something very different from what they started doing. They get so busy living life, that they have forgotten how they want their lives to be lived.

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What is Your Attitude Toward Making Money?

Making Money
Making Money
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A Revolutionary Reaction

Change is inevitable. Change is durable. Everything is subjected to change. Change is a powerful agent because it has the ability to stage-manage all forms of structures, including the human body. Where change is not forced, but left to its own judgment, it reduces the quality of things to its lowest common characteristic.

God gave to man the ability to monitor change, to slow down its progress or to speed it up. For instance, aging and death is inevitable, but maintaining good health slows the aging process and possibly defers death for a time. In other words, good health, due to eating right and exercise is the slowest possible rate of death. Imagine what happens to the human body when exercise is abandon and eating right is discarded; the body slowly deteriorates and the rate of death accelerates. Well, this is what happens to our finances. Our money problems cannot be fixed left to its own. Anything left to its own weakness will eventually be devoured by the devastating power of change to reduce its quality to its lowest possible condition.

Forcing change to increase the probability of something changing for the better takes a well thought-out and calculated effort on the part of the individual. Ignoring bills will not make them go away, but acknowledging them and attacking their onslaught of attack, will weaken its defenses. When bills are dealt with and paid, one payment at a time, despite the amount, it neutralizes their effects.

You have the ability and authority to impinge upon change the direction you want it to go. Impose your will onto your negative financial situation. Making calls to your creditors and informing them of what you will do, will cause them to negotiate with you because they want their money. Do not be intimidated about writing all your bills down on a sheet of paper. Moreover, do not avoid any of them despite how shocked you are with the amount you owe. Remember, it not how much you owe that matters, what matters is how much you own. When you owe, it creates a deficit, paying off what you owe generates an asset.

I also believe that if you act poor, then you must believe you are. Believing is more important than knowledge. How you see yourself and your situation will certainly become the lifestyle you will live. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Change the mental photograph you have in your mind of your finances, marriage, or education and watch your world begin to change. Now, please understand, trying this is not a full commitment to doing it. If you only attempt to test and see if it works than all you will produce is a warped concept of an unclassified imagination. Good habits will attract good things. Bad habits attract bad things.

You can give more, live more, do more and become more then you ever thought, if you will only believe more! Start Believing TODAY!

I’m Deep in Debt, and I Can’t Swim

deep-debtOne day I went to a local drug store scanning the aisles for some shaving products and noticed a woman I had not seen in years. I said, “How are you doing?” “Not so well, I feel a little under the weather,” she replied. “Why don’t you take off work for the day,” I could see that she was not feeling well. Her eyes were puffy, as she spoke she sounded like she had a nasal clog, and her posture was as though she was extremely weak. “Go home and get some rest,” I said. Her reply was shocking, “I would, but I have to go to work because I have too many bills to pay.”

People who are forced into parsimony because of the loss of a job, divorce, death in the family or their debt is out of control usually experience the common financial stress syndrome. This debt syndrome can often lead to feelings of insecurity, anxiety, anger or even depression. It results in a hopelessness that perpetuates poor money management decisions that can lead to a vicious cycle of fear and panic. A person under such financial stress can be tempted to commit suicide, thinking that this will be the answer to ending it all. Instead, their families will have to face the debt they left behind, including the anxiety, grief, and unanswered questions of why. If you notice someone with symptoms like the ones previously mentioned, reach out to them with comfort and reassurance that you will be with them as they tackle their debt problem.

According to the United States Federal Reserve, 45 percent of households in America spend more each month than what they earn. Keep in mind that this figure is a conservative number and can most likely be higher. This cycle of having more ‘month’ at the end of your money has created a debt problem for many American families, who are often unable to keep their heads above water. Getting out of debt, or even managing it, is difficult. It requires financial discipline and patience. Nevertheless, whom do you turn to for help? Of course, there is credit card debt help, Christian debt help, mortgage help, families in financial crisis help, debt free government help, debt consolidation help, and the list goes on.

I do not believe that people have a shortage of information concerning debt; what people lack is a strong relentless desire to become disciplined, to not only get out of debt, but stay out of debt. Because after they have read all the booklets on how to get out of debt, hire a debt consolidation company to assist them in getting out of debt, the larger percentage of people will regress back into the same ruthless debt cycle.

A financial coach can help you first acknowledge your weaknesses and then point you in the direction of your strength. People should volunteer to be tutored on how to help themselves. Before a person usually experiences having a shortage of money to pay their bills, it is preceded by the lack of discipline to control their spending habits. I believe that every person should incorporate their own system of checks and balances. Make yourself accountable to someone else other than you. If you are not married, but you have children, let them in on the checks and balances system so that they can help you. They may not keep you from spending money ridiculously, but a word of reminder from them would help you consider the consequences.

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

[amazon asin=1930388179&template=image&chan=dr. mikel brown] [amazon asin=0800721454&template=image&chan=dr. mikel brown] [amazon asin=0312377746&template=image&chan=dr. mikel brown] [amazon asin=1932450807&template=image&chan=dr. mikel brown]
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7 Destructive Financial Habits

Money problems can be traced back to a lack of self control. Discover if you operate in any of these seven destructive financial habits.

How can people account for mindlessly spending money, earmarking funds for big-ticket items such as a big screen television or other such items when they complain about being so deeply in debt? On the other hand, let us strongly consider the person who spends money without the thought of how much they actually have to spend. Both of these individuals are robotically controlled by their impulsion to selfishness.

I can respect the person who owes a debt and pays it before they splurge money on themselves, especially when that debt has to do with God, a relative or a friend. I am not undermining the importance of debt owed to department stores or credit card companies as though they should be lastly considered.

Pay Day! Yippee!
Usually when married couples are experiencing financial problems, it is because one of the spouses is looking to spend money just because it’s payday. Payday does not suggest that money is available before bills and needs are taken into consideration. If spouses have this impulse, they are usually in denial.

Who’s to Blame?
They will blame their spouse, their IRS income tax refund for not coming by a certain time; the dog ate their checkbook, and a list of other ridiculous excuses. However, one thing is certain among people that are debt-ridden from their lack of control; they will not fully accept the blame for their problem. Although a person is single and in debt, this characteristic is pervasive with people that continue to repeat the same financially destructive habits. Here are a few indicators that may help you assess if you are one of these people:

7 Financially Destructive Habits

  1. You become unusually happy when you have money.
  2. You start spending money before you get your hands on it.
  3. You become protective and defensive when money is the focus of discussion.
  4. You look at family income as your portion.
  5. You seldom ask about the family bills.
  6. You inwardly think that your spouse is hiding money from you.
  7. You are judgmental on how others manage their money.

These are just seven markers, but I can name more. Some people may periodically slip back into a state of sanity just long enough to get a glimpse of their problem, but not long enough to do something about it. This is when you need to cry out for help without bashfulness.

Now What?
What if you can understand and change 10 of your most common, annoying, puzzling, self-defeating behaviors and habits? If you were unconscious, you would not feel the pain of a cut or the insult of a naysayer. However, if you were completely conscious, you would feel the discomfort and seek to stop the cause immediately.

It is not that you want to cause yourself pain, you just are not always aware of the significance and detriment of your actions. When you are no longer in the dark about your behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs, you will no longer act out of habit. Do not be afraid to examine yourself on a daily basis. If you are fair and honest with yourself, you will not only help yourself, but you may possibly save your marriage or friendships.

The U.S. economy and your family

What should the American people be focusing on for the next five years? I know that five years may be inconceivable at this time, especially with the present economic condition in our nation. However, this is all the reason why people you should be looking ahead.

The national unemployment rate is approaching the double digits and it is slotted to hit these figures by June 2009. Some of the major cities are already in the double digits with their unemployment rate and people are starting to panic.

President Obama is pushing his proposed stimulus package through Congress that can potentially reach 920 billion dollars; which Congress does not seem to be biting on. What financial genius initially thought of the stimulus package? Whoever he is, he ought to be slapped for insulting the American public. This nation can do without quick fixes that only result in patch jobs, but it defers the real issue.

Our government bailouts have only bailed out the large banks and large conglomerates. America has become more vulnerable to the world’s economy and with our present housing market plummeting, we have moved from a crisis to a catastrophe. What has happened to this nation is that it has become dependent upon debt.

For anyone to preach living debt free can easily become a target for ridicule because Congress is pushing people to spend and create more debt. American families should push to lower their debt structure as much as possible and this will help our economy. It may not do anything immediate for the large companies that depended on supply without demand and hired new workers and built new factories based on projections, but it will help your family. The American public should start focusing on three things:

  1. Sincerely pray for the nation and your family.
  2. Prioritize your needs vs. your desires.
  3. Pray for the strength and wisdom to get out of debt and stay out.

Large companies will be forced to realistically budget, just as the small businesses have done for years. The majority of small businesses know how to operate on a shoestring budget and still meet salaries. God has not abandoned America, but America must not abandon God. The United States has on its currency the phrase stamped, ” In God we trust.” America must Trust in God and not in money.