Don’t Suppress What You Possess: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

PossessOne day, I was listening to a speech by Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, who said something that caught my attention. He said that when he was a young boy, whenever he had a problem, he would be apprehensive about going to his mother for an answer. He knew that with his question, she would ask him a question, such as, “Son, do you have a brain?” He knew that when he would answer with a resounding yes, she would then say, “Well, go figure it out!” This was the beginning of his quest for knowledge and his pursuit of wisdom. We often ask God for things He has already given to us. Our challenge only exists because what we have isn’t immediately identifiable or we are looking for something else other than the thing we are asking God for which He has weaved into the fabric of our being.

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Reaching Your Dream Destination

How do you fulfill your dream? The answer is simple but not always obvious. Discover the simple answer here.

One day I was traveling and had to catch a connecting flight in Dallas to reach my final destination. I met an author who was having a book signing at one of the bookstores in the airport. When I went up to him to see what his book was about, he greeted me with his name and this phrase, “Hi, I’m living my dream.” I used to say that as I was writing one of my books, Beyond Ordinary. Nonetheless, it takes more to live your dream than to speak it. It takes perseverance and creativity to live your dream. It is easy to say it, but it takes more to perform it. To effectively live your dream, you must help others to live theirs. It is the law of reflection set in the earth that first enables you to live your dream. What you make happen for others, others will make happen for you.

Reaching the Destination of Success

There is a reason why I mentioned reaching my travel destination at the beginning. I could have walked to my destination, but it would have taken me weeks or months to get there. I could have driven a car to my destination, which would have taken less time. Trying to live my dream without any outside help would take me a long time. By the time I reached my dream destination, I would most likely be too tired and too old to live it. If I had allowed my car to take me to my dream, I could have reached it in a day and a half; but unfortunately, I would still be exhausted by the time I got there. There is another way to reach your dream destination in a much quicker and less stressful way: Allow others to help you. Learn to use what others have achieved, and you will avoid most of the pitfalls along your success journey.

Helping Others, Helps You

It was a person’s dream to own a fleet of airplanes design to help you reach your destination without all the hassle and strain of you having to walk or drive. If you decide to avoid the airlines, it may not cost you as much money to walk or drive at the offset to reach your destination, but it will cost you more time, energy, creativity, and plus additional hidden cost. When you buy an airline ticket, you are helping someone to live his or her dream with just spending a little more money than it would cost you to drive or to walk. To walk or drive to your destination will cost you more in food cost because you have to eat to keep your energy up and to stay alert. When you fly, it cost you less in buying food because you actually reach you dream destination in a few hours. In fact, you can sleep on the plane, but you cannot sleep while you are driving. Spend a little more money and help others to live their dream, and you will be able to use their dream to reach your own.