Be Careful What You Ask For…!

MB_textImagine being blind from birth—never been able to see, and you’re trying to describe a person’s features. Or, perhaps you’re deaf from birth and you’ve never been able to use your imagination to try to imagine what sounds are like. When sight is given or sounds are realized, how do you think you would then view your life, the world and the people around you?

The gift of sight and sound is a phenomenal ability that opens the world to you in so many ways. Think of the beauty of the various flowers, the mountains, the ocean and seas, the trees and the stars in the universe. I assure you that the sounds would be equally as incredible when you hear the roaring waters of the ocean pushed by the wind, the voices of those you love, the amazing sounds of instruments and singing voices, and finally, the greatest three words ever spoken in human history; I Love You! How much would those three words mean to you now that you can see the person who says them to you?

Let me help you with the true ability and gift of sight and sound by starting with a simple question. What features would be considered beautiful if you have never been able to see and define for yourself, what is beautiful? Would color or race matter if there were no words that could be heard or image that could be viewed?

Let me tell you a story of a blind and deaf man who encountered a man with amazing ability. This man could communicate to the deaf and blind man relatively easily. The man with such incredible gifting granted the man three desires of his heart.

The deaf and blind man was amazed how he could understand this amazing gentleman and communicate what he really desired in his heart. He pointed towards his eyes, indicating that he wanted to see. When the gifted gentleman granted his desire by opening his eyes, the deaf and blind man was mirthful and in awe of what he could see. He looked at the different people, and every one of them was beautiful.

The man once blind went everywhere touching everything he could see, however, his understanding was still in a world of silence. He went back to the man with amazing ability and pointed towards his ear. The gentleman granted his second wish. Suddenly, with the same excitement he expressed about his sight, he becomes just as jubilant about his ability to now hear. The sounds are incredible, voices are melodious and to put sound with what he is now able to see was incredible.

A year passed and he came back to the man with this incredible gift and asked if his third wish can be granted. The gentleman said “Sure, what would you like me to do for you?” The person who experienced these awesome gifts said, “Please make me the way I was before I met you.” The gentleman said, “Why on earth would you want that?”

The man said, “When I first experienced sight and sound, everything was beautiful and great. Then, I saw the ugly side of people that I thought was incredible. I heard words that depicted prejudice, hatred, lies, and words too vulgar to mention. I saw the homeless, the battered women and abused children, and after hearing and being able to see, I experienced a world without peace. When I couldn’t see nor hear, my heart was at peace, and God was with me all alone. However, my peaceful world became violent, discouraging, and even hopeless. Sir, make me the way I was, and I will be content in the world without sight and sound—and God will be enough for me.

Sometimes, we end up getting just what we’ve always wanted, but when we see what comes with it, it oftentimes unwelcoming. Learn to be content at whatever station you are in life, and remember life doesn’t have to be for you what it seems to be for others.

It is harder to be what you are not, than who you really are. A person trying will experience stress and toil because it takes a lot to hang on to an image that is not you. However, a person will experience zero stress and labor by simply letting go. Holding on takes energy, letting go uses next to no strength at all. DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

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Gifting, Training or Both

There are many things during your lifetime that will capture your eye and pull your attention, but only a few things will seize your heart and encapsulate your dreams. These quality traits of life are necessary to pursue because they are designed to create balance and wholeness. Be careful of what you say to yourself because you will respond to whatever you say. It is not as critical to know who you presently are, as much as it is for you to know who you want to be.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

I am personally acquainted with people who have exceptional oratory skills-some are professional speakers, others are clergymen, some are CEOs and people in top managerial positions, and yet, these well-trained and qualified speakers rave about me having a magnetic gift to communicate. I am astonished at their personal admiration, but sometimes I cannot help and wonder if the adoration is for my so-called gift of gab or for the words I share that seem to narrow in on the innermost recesses of the listener’s heart. Personally, I survey my speaking as imparting which I view as entirely different from one who simply eloquently articulates.

What is your gift? Do you believe you have a gift? Can you identify what your gift is? Do you believe that your gift needs no additional grooming? I believe everyone has a special gifting, but not everyone is as talented as others. Many people can sing, but there aren’t as many that can lead a song. Now, we can it narrow down to those who can be the lead on a song, but only a few have a special gift to sing with such emotion that they inherently move their audience to tears. Identifying your gift or talent is relative to how you train. Those who can recognize their ability can employ the right person to help them develop it.

It is difficult to know who you want to be until you see what you can actually do. Michael Jordan almost forgot who he wanted to be because of the death of his father. After Michael Jordan’s father pasted, he returned to his childhood desire of playing baseball which was spurred by his father’s passion. Michael had only a desire to play baseball, but his father had a passion for the game. After MJ went to the baseball minor league and miserably failed at playing the game, he became absolutely certain of his deep passion to play basketball. For those who watched him while he won his individual basketball accolades and his six national basketball championships (two three-peats), he became ‘the’ Michael Jordan.

Lack and limitation can only exist when we make room for them in our mind.

~Bob Proctor

When you plan to be who you want to be, you do not plan for incidentals. You work to develop your gift and passion. Life is a series of lessons, which must be lived to be understood. Motivation is the engine to move you to start your dream, but habit is the oil that keeps your engine lubricated and operating smoothly.