Just Do It

Mb-text_1 If you want more out of life, discover your inherent potential. Within this writing are hidden tips on how to discover your potential, which will allow you to make a dent in the universe. If you find them, they will make you wise; overlook them, and you may remain unproductive. Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” However, Edison went on to hold more than one thousand patents and invented some world-changing devices, like the phonograph, practical electrical lamp, and a movie camera.

People who truly succeed in life are those who don’t just do their best, they just do it! Your best efforts will never secure your success. It takes more than effort, it takes passion.

Wasted talent and ability is the humiliation of humanity. The worst thing a person can do is have such great potential but so little confidence. The lack of confidence is a by-product of how a person sees him or herself, especially during times of extreme pressure, frequent letdowns, and difficulty. Pressure in life exposes the weaknesses in the armor, which causes cracks and breakages when people wear the face of pretending to appear strong. It is extremely easy to hide behind the thin paper veneer of words, but words without history are simply chatter without power.

What is a person’s invaluable commodity? What makes a person great and their personality standout? Is it because he or she is funny or because they are smart? I would love to say these are important qualities of a self-assured person, but this is not usually the case. Many smart and funny people are undisciplined and irresponsible when it comes to performing on the grand stage of life. Life often produces challenges which reveal our ability or inability to handle timidity. What is actually absent from the majority of people with great potential, is personal leadership or mentorship. Avoiding a person who can possibly help channel your strengths and diminish your weaknesses, is a waste of your commodity.

Believing that simple effort is effective in accomplishing a person’s goals, may reveal that you are the kind of person who usually takes short routes which lead to nowhere. Millions never reach their full potential because they choose not to maintain their posture of discipline. While a few people do realize their dreams, the young and the goalless have reclined in the comfort of their frail attempt at realizing theirs.

In other words, they liquidate or reduce their God-given ability to weak efforts that are only produced from feeble attempts. Potential is the intrinsic ability one might have, which for whatever reason, they have not come to realize. I am convinced that most of us are content with just trying to live better lives, instead of living better lives.

Force yourself to establish habits that are conducive for you to produce the life or business you want. To reach your full potential or to get close to fulfilling it, you must unlearn many of your bad and unproductive habits. Your chief deterrent, inhibitor, or restraint, is the lack of passion—I mean having a deep fervor to not become a narrator of your dream, but the architect of it. Potential is the full intrinsic capacity which constantly expands a person’s ability to do more than what they may think they are capable of.

Let’s figure out other reasons why these talented people spend their wheels and end up nowhere. Maybe, just maybe, we can awaken the giant within, and cause these giants to rise. Most people have been tutored and motivated to give their best efforts in school, sports, and other activities. However, many of us lack the encouragement that we are more than capable of consummating any goal or task. Therefore, our ability is not limited, but our knowledge is.

Effort points to trying your best to do something even though you don’t reach your full capacity. Humanly, we rest on this premise of effort, only to secure the feeling that we gave it our best shot. Unfortunately, your best shot usually proves to be inadequate for the task. People who do not realize their potential will be satisfied with their efforts and promote their efforts over their potential.

The people who usually claim they are never able to get over the hump, are the ones who are simply afraid to push themselves to step over the hump and experience what they can really do. In other words, the time, energy, and resources needed to push hard to realize or to reach their goals, is too much of a price to pay. They want others to pay the price, but they want to collect the dividends.

Oftentimes, what hinders many potentially great and powerful individuals, are their predetermined limitations. The reason for this dominance of fear, is taught restrictions. Whether these restrictions were learned voluntarily or involuntarily does not matter because regardless, they are very real. Efforts are learned limits, while potential is unlimited.

Never ever settle for getting close, while never finishing. I fully believe potential can only be realized if God is placed in the equation. When you accept God’s divine image in your life, you will never settle for reaching a goal line when you know winning requires that you cross over it.

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Develop Your Full Potential

Do you ever question yourself on why you do not reach your full potential? I am certain that at one time or another, you can recall a teacher, a coach or mentor tell you about the great potential you have. It all sounds so promising but oftentimes people do not feel like they have as much potential as others have claimed they have.
Many people struggle with low self-esteem and other mental defective processes because of their past occurrences.

Potential vs. Talent
Potential is not something that sits on the surface as though you can just pick it up and use it. Potential is hidden deep within the crevices of a person’s natural ability called talent. Talent is the natural ability to do things almost as second nature. However, potential is unrealized ability that goes far beyond talent. This simply means that the ability is present but it takes a lot more to first realize it and second, to tap into it. Potential is not easily accessible because it takes believing in yourself to push beyond your failures and disappointments.

Wanting More…

“I feel like I can do and be anything in the world that I want. I see other people far less talented than I am succeeding and enjoying the good life. It is not that I am lazy, but something holds me back from going full steam ahead. It’s become so frustrating, wanting more out of life but not going for it.”

Does this sound like you? You believe that you are different from those who sabotage their success because of an underlying feeling of no self-worth. Your lack of success is not based on incompetence or low self-esteem. It may be that you are among the more talented people with great potential to succeed. However, your challenge is that while you may have a passion pushing you in one direction, you also have other interests pulling you in another.

Less Talented but More Successful
A lack of focus leaves you experimenting in areas that keep you from being as productive. Therefore, you have very little to show for your short-lived efforts. Although there are people out there less talented than you, their advantage is their ability to remain focused by becoming frozen on one goal until success has been achieved. Accomplishment of any magnitude is difficult without follow-through.

Potential Scattered
Your weakness is not the lack of passion. It is just that your energy and attention is scattered. In addition, to compound your situation, you are probably prone to dwelling on ideas constantly and insatiably so that you force yourself out of your previous project leaving it oftentimes undone. Potential means nothing if it cannot be used.

Fix It

To remedy your problem all you have to do is stay emotionally connected to your passion behind your objective. When other ideas and interest comes to your mind, you do not have to dismiss them; categorize them from least to the most important. Your brain is simply craving variety, but you must remember to force focus in order to be mentally stable to continue on your present objective. This will help you realize your greater potential to succeed.