Don’t Half Live Your Dream

MB_text_3-13-15I’ve discovered that Success is not a simple matter; it cannot be determined merely by the amount of money and material possessions you have. Things can make you happy temporarily, but they are a poor substitute for inner peace and happiness. To achieve one’s ultimate purpose should be one’s earthly pursuits.

We all want to be happy and successful, especially financially. We work at it. We strive for it. We know it when we have it, and we know when we are not happy. It seems so elusive sometimes. We often seek happiness in all the wrong places. We run to substitutes for happiness that often makes us feel even more unhappy.

A millionaire who is not personally content with his or her life is not truly successful. I do not mean that if you have a billion dollars you cannot be considered a success however, we usually make the mistake of thinking that happiness is related somehow to our financial condition, or we think if our circumstances get better, we will be happy.

Happiness has absolutely nothing to do with circumstances. Two people with identical circumstances can have vastly dissimilar levels of contentment. One is happy and the other is not. You can have a bias for depression or a bias for happiness. When you get up each morning you will make a pre-decision for or against happiness.

Every person who succeeds in life does so by persevering in the face of adversity and by continually applying themselves to their vision. No one comes into this earth with their talents and abilities fully functional, but instead they dedicate years of their lives to developing them. Faith is a necessity for your purpose to come to fruition. Remember, faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes things possible.

When you are fed a steady diet of cynicism and skepticism, it may be hard to speak anything positive. This constant intake of negativity affects your perspective and your communication. The way you see things is what you come to believe about them.

If you are progressive in your thinking, then always enduring and overcoming challenges is the evolution of your unadulterated self. You are more powerful when you know who you are, and you are then more courageous. Once you conquer one mountain, you will know that another one stands in your way. Every time you have a top of the mountain experience, you then find yourself at the bottom of another mountain. Life is full of challenges, and dreams make the journey that much more pleasurable when achieved.

The key to living your dream is meeting limited circumstances with thoughts without limits. It’s not about how little you have; it is about the amazing things you can do with what you do have. Jesus turned 2 fish and five loaves of bread into a full course meal for 5,000 men, and He fed 4,000 with 7 loaves of bread and fish. It’s not about how much you have; it is about God’s ability residing in you to multiply what you have.

Stake claim to your dream and stop haphazardly pursuing something you were created to do. The present moment is the only time there is. No matter what time it is, both the past and future exist when you bring them into your present moment. You can decide to live your life from your past pain or you can live forward. Understand this moment, NOW! Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow. There’s nothing more powerful than a person who knows how to contain and control their personal power and not let it seep out.

Every time the present moment is ignored, there is enormous loss; and every time the present moment is seized there is immense gain. If a person advances with self-confidence in the direction of his or her dreams, and believes they are possible, and endeavors to live the life which he or she has imagined, they will meet with uncommon success at an unforeseen hour.

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The Intrinsic Quality of the Successful

iqs-200-postIf you are waiting for someone to substantiate that you are a success, you are waiting for the wrong information. If you are looking around to see the symbols of your success to validate whether or not you are a success, you are looking at the wrong things.

Internal success far outweighs external success. Knowing who you are and living a life of fulfillment is far more valuable than all the money in the world. In fact, having a powerful sense of self-awareness, and an intuitive knowledge of who you truly are without the need of outside influences to help you secure your mental sense of self-worth, is a priceless commodity.

I am not saying wealth and material things are not important, because that would not be true. On the contrary, money and material things are an absolute necessity if one is going to survive in this world. Riches may not bring permanent happiness, but neither will poverty. I have seen wealthy people miserable and unhappy, though they possess all the money and material things a person can dream of having. I have also seen people living with just the bare basic necessities of life, and they are just as miserable and unhappy as the person with everything.

Therefore, money and material things are not the true symbols of success. The Good Book says that a person who cannot rule their own soul is like a city without walls. This means that the person’s life and all they may have built throughout their lifetime is completely vulnerable and open to assaults. These people usually end up losing everything because they most likely have stepped on (not over) many friends and associates just to get what they thought would validate them in the eyes of people. A person succeeding in making money is not an indicator that the person has succeeded with controlling their insatiable appetites of lasciviousness.

Your self-image is a product of your experiences, failures, triumphs, humiliations, and breakthroughs. Through these experiences, you create a picture of yourself and most importantly, you believe that it is a true depiction of who you are. Because you believe your self-image is accurate, you base your actions on it. If your actions lead to failure or success, your self-image is then is responsible. There is a reason why willpower does not work, and why it is like a snap-back effect. Your “will” is powered by something other than you simply making a decision to do something. Your mind controls your body, but your will controls your mind.

When people use willpower, what they are actually doing is going to battle against their self-image. However, the self-image is always stronger because it is their subconscious belief. To further explain my point, I want you to view yourself as a rubber band. When you stretch the rubber band, it is similar to your willpower. If you think you can go around for a full day as a fully stretched out rubber band, you are sadly mistaken. At some point during the course of the day, something will distract you—and you will let up on the pressure. When that happens, the rubber band snaps back to its true shape. This is what happens when you use your will power to mentally change what you think about yourself without you changing your intrinsic core belief of who you are. Woody Allen said, “My only regret is that I’m not someone else.”

What a sad way of thinking about yourself. You can make all the money your little heart desires, but you better know why you are trying to make money, because money itself will not be the remedy to your lack of fulfillment. This is one of the reasons why so many people experience the yo-yo effect. The will is designed to do what it does, but it does not make you who you are. If you learn to re-engineer your self-image based on a God-consciousness, you will permanently expand it, and there will be no more snap-back effect.

A neighbor was befriending a child in the neighborhood.
“I understand that you have twins in your home. Are you one of them?”
The boy slowly put his head down and said, “No sir! I’m just a spare.”

Once you learn how to activate and release God’s power in every situation, you will find yourself moving beyond obstacles that previously frustrated you. You will actually develop an unstoppable God (self)-confidence and a heightened excitement about your future. Like most people, your will is to be successful, but it does not mean because your will is for success, that you will obtain it. You have to go further than just to will it; you have to believe it so that no approval would be necessary to make your life work. There is no doubt in my mind that if you are a success; the only thing I must do is to believe that you are.

Now, let me re-address the subject of money. It’s right to make money and even ethically there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Money may not grow on trees, but it does grow from talent and knowledge. Concentration, Creativity, and Negotiation are three important elements of having a successful business. The ability to take an idea, analyze business opportunities, and evaluate business options is a major attribute use. When your heart is balanced, it takes a conscientious effort to ensure that your mind coincides with your heart.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

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The Secret To Discovering Solutions

solutions-post-630 Are you overlooking the solution by only focusing on the problem? Understanding the origin of life’s situations holds the key to discovering solutions to every problem.

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Why Do What You Always Wanted To Do?

wanted200When will you be ready to live the life you really believe you were destined to live? When will you finally decide to get up from your slumber and get on with the business of losing weight? When will you go back to school and get the college degree you always wanted to earn, or start that restaurant with your proven family recipes, or even open that merchandise store?

It is a travesty when I hear all the stories of people who found and used every excuse to avoid reaching for that one thing they always wanted to do. I can only imagine how it must feel to arrive at the end of your life, and realize how much you cheated yourself out of your best life. I say, I can only imagine because I decided over thirty years ago, I will only die once, but I get an opportunity daily to reach for my goals, to go to places others only dream of, and to enjoy the life I have. Why would I want to be stagnated by others whose only desire is for me to be as underachieving as they are?

I make no apologies for the amount of money I make, the best hotels I’ve stayed in, the cars I drive, the many books I’ve written, the famous and wealthy people I’ve met and spent time with, the amount of money I’ve given to religious charities, …the list goes on. And, I will continue doing these things and reaching for more until I have exhaled my last breath.

Why not go for it? Why not do all you believe God has placed in you to do? What are you afraid of? I believe one of the reasons why most people are so sad and unfulfilled is they have not figured out their happiness is attached to their purpose. I asked one middle age woman once, when do you feel you are at your happiest? To my surprise, she said when she is crocheting. When I looked at all the creative designs she has crocheted, I was amazed. In fact, I actually purchased several from her. I asked her if she ever thought of selling them since it could help her with the extra income she needed. She said she had only thought of giving them away. I replied, that sounds noble, but did you know the thing you love to do most is designed to feed you? Therefore, your labor of love is supposed to support you financially. She later took my advice, started selling her crocheted quilts, and averaged an additional $1400 a month in income.

Why stay miserable, settling for a life you know brings you no joy at all? Don’t give up on your dream because that would mean you’ve given up on life. You have so many awesome intrinsic qualities. Don’t sentence your life to a life of mediocrity because a few years have passed without you accomplishing anything worthwhile. Get up, and refuse to sit on a couch of ease. You shouldn’t want to stay in your house with your window shades down, blocking the sunlight; hoping someone will come by and spend some time with you in your misery. In case you haven’t noticed, you may be deliberately trying to make other people feel responsible for you making a decision to do nothing with your life.

I understand it is your life to do with as you please; however, it is not your right to make other people feel guilty because they don’t want to live their lives alongside yours. It is difficult to follow a parked car. If you are not going anywhere in life, can you please move out of the way so others can get by you without the threat of tripping over you? If you want to waste your time, why would I want to give you the opportunity of wasting mine? Stop suffocating your dream under the pillows of discouragement and disappointments. Both of these are a part of life. Haven’t you heard all success begins with failure? If you never give yourself the chance to fail, you will never reap the rewards of knowing how to get up again.

Let me tell you a story about John, a young man who really loved to run. John lived in a small town with a population of approximately 15,000 people, along with a couple of hogs and cows. John ran about three to four times a week. He didn’t do it simply to stay in shape; he did it because he loved it. At the ripe old age of 87 years, John decided to run the marathon hosted in a large city located about 220 miles away from where he lived. John first started entertaining the thought of running the marathon when he was about 55 years old, however, he was too busy making a living to take care of his family. He kept putting it off, and putting it off, although he would runs for miles for enjoyment. At seventy-five years old he decided he was going to enter the marathon, but his wife fell ill. Several years later, John’s wife died. John continued to walk and run for miles during the course of a week just to stay in shape.

One day, John’s only son came to visit him and told him about the marathon kicking off in two months. John thought for a moment and sighed, “I’m 87 years old; what can I do at my age?” “Dad, you are in better shape than most 40 year olds. Why don’t you go for it?! I took the liberty and signed you up.”, John’s son said. John said, “I always wanted to run a marathon, but I’m too old now and it will take too long for me to finish.” His son said, “Dad when I was only 10 years old, you taught me one of the greatest lessons of all, when you spoke to me about finishing last in a race.” You said, “it matters not how long it takes to finish what you’ve started, what matters is that you finish.”

So at 87 years old, John fulfilled his lifelong aspiration and ran and finished his first and only marathon. John died later that year with running shoes on his feet, as he sat on his porch in his chair, ready to run that evening. After running the marathon, John would hardly speak of anything else. John died doing what made him happy.

It matters not how long it takes to finish what you’ve started, what matters is that you finish.

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MAYDAY! MAYDAY! …happiness losing altitude!

Are you happy? I mean, are you really happy? In this hustle and bustle society, I don’t believe people have the time to think about being happy. Yes, I said it. I do not believe people have the time to be happy. People have no clue to how their minds are searching throughout the day for opportunities where it can relax and enjoy the moment.

Let me make an attempt to define what I believe ‘being happy’ actually means. Happy or happiness is characterized by or indicative of enjoyment, pleasure, contentment, or joy. It is a mood, a frame of mind or a state of being. Being happy is a worry free zone where anxiety has no invitation. Happiness is how you spell RELIEF. There is no place that can imprison a person when they are truly happy with him or herself and has chosen to be stress free. Happy people celebrate life and love to take vacation moments during the course of a day—choosing to be rapture by the moment of enjoyment.

When you are bombarded with problems such as financial, health, job security, family, gossip, etc, your mind is racing one hundred miles per minute trying to find solutions. Our culture does not facilitate long periods of happiness because making a living is our number one priority. We are acclimated to a system that encourages activities of busyness that may not involve real work at all. The old adage is true to this day, “Look busy, even if you’re not.” This mindset robs people of the ability to enjoy their job, especially when one has to engage brainstorming and pondering in order to put things into perspective.

One of the things that can damage your state of happiness is when your happiness is dependent upon others or circumstances that are favorable. There is no doubt that these things can cause you to feel good, but they should not be the root cause to you feeling good vibrations. Most people are aware that there are no anxieties in good fortune. However, there should not be any overall loss of excitement when situations are trying to get the best of you. Perspective is the key to maintaining your state of happiness. If you cannot remedy bad situations, and keep your happy state levels high, then all you have is happenstance. Happenstance is when your happiness is conditional. You cannot control every situation or choose the ones you want to encounter. However, you can control yourself and how you act or react when these circumstances occur.

Don’t Worry! Life Happens! Being Happy is a State of Mind.

The Rhythm of Life

Have you ever listened to a live band that was sounding so good that you found yourself patting your feet to the rhythm of the beat, and then that ‘odd sound’ happened; someone abandoned their note or one of the musicians played the wrong cord? Did you suddenly feel something was wrong, especially if they continued to play that way? The problem was easily recognizable—the rhythm was broken. The continued sour notes and playing the instruments out of key becomes unbearable. To sit throughout the entire performance would be a sacrifice. Unless, of course, if it were your child after their initial music lessons giving their first recital.

There is a rhythm to life that can easily become broken and that is when life’s priorities are out of sync. When people find themselves unhappy after achieving success, getting the girl or guy of their dreams or after landing that six figure job, it is because they are finally awaken to the reality that having things or accomplishing one’s goals does not necessarily translate into happiness. The disharmony in their life creates a repugnant and unpleasant feeling. They were under the assumption that happiness is the ultimate reward of success, but that depends solely on the priority the individual gives to their success.

Generally, people think that their dreams and priorities will automatically synchronize, but this is the furthest from the truth. True synchronization is when a person deliberately places their wants, needs and desires in the correct order and are completely content with that sequence. You may ask, “What is the correct order?”

There is a general order to the rhythm of life, but not all arrangements fit all. The order of your priorities may not be the exact order for me. The Rhythm of Life is putting life’s priorities in perspective.

Two men looked out through prison bars. One man saw the mud; the other man saw the stars! It is often just a matter of perspective. Before you consider changing jobs, churches, or spouses in hopes of finding the fulfillment you seek, examine your attitude. If your attitude is not right, then it does not matter where you work, how much you are compensated or even what you do.

There is an innate quality that is in every human being and when that quality is disrupted, so is life. God is that quality which gives life its quality and rhythm, not things. Counting numbers is just not the same starting with the number two. It is virtually impossible to sincerely start your day with God and end up out of sequence.